Frequently asked questions

Have a question about selling your car on Motorway? We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions from Motorway customers.

Our FAQs

What is Motorway?

Motorway helps hundreds of people every day to sell their cars quickly and easily, by finding the car dealer that’ll pay the most for your car.

Unlike your other options, we won’t make you choose between price and convenience – you can have both, with no extra effort. We’ll guide you through the process to get a great result.

We work with over 4,000 verified dealers nationwide and use our smart technology to connect you with the right buyer in a few simple steps. By removing the middlemen and moving the process online, we help everyone get a better deal – quickly, safely and without leaving home. 

Based on your valuation and the car details you share with us, we’ll help you to create a professional online profile for your car, establish a realistic reserve price and then share your car with thousands of verified dealers across our nationwide network in an online daily sale.

We will then provide you with the best offer your car receives, which you can then accept to confirm the sale, and we’ll arrange collection and payment quickly and securely. Selling on Motorway is 100% free for sellers, including home collection and safe payment by bank transfer. It’s easy to sell your car the Motorway way.

We don’t get paid for clicks and advertising, instead, dealers pay us a fee to buy cars through our platform. This means it’s always completely free for you.

Is it complicated to sell through Motorway?

No. To complete the entire process, all we need you to do is enter your reg, provide the details and photos requested, accept your highest offer from our verified dealer network, then arrange the collection with the dealer at a time suitable for you. Motorway handles everything else for you. 

Is there a fee to sell my car through Motorway?

No, selling your car with Motorway is completely free! Dealers pay to buy your car, meaning you don’t have to part with a penny.

What about COVID-19, is it safe to sell through Motorway?

Yes. Motorway is safe and legal to use during the coronavirus pandemic. All vehicle collections are collected or handed over to the dealer contact-free for your safety. You can read more about contact-free car selling at Motorway here

What are the key steps to selling through Motorway?

1. Profile your car 

Enter your reg and mileage to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through creating a profile of your vehicle.

2. We get to work

We alert our network of 4,000+ verified car dealers about your vehicle and invite them to bid for it in a daily online sale.

3. Receive your highest offer 

We’ll present the highest offer from the sale for your approval, then arrange a convenient date for your car to be collected.

4. Complete your sale 

In most cases, you will receive payment straight into your bank account before your car is driven away. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car the Motorway way!

How long does it take to sell?

From the first enquiry to completing your sale, having your car collected and money in the bank generally takes around 2 to 7 days, though it can be completed in as little as 24 hours. You can agree to the timings of collection and payment with your buying dealer once the sale has been completed. Our support team is always on hand to ensure your sale goes like clockwork.

How much will I get? 

Every car’s value is different, depending on factors like make, model, mileage, age and condition. We use live market data and industry insights to provide an instant real-world valuation. 

This valuation is generated based on historic offers placed by dealers on Motorway for similar vehicles, together with real-time automotive market data. We then look at your car’s specific history, specification and condition to finalise a reserve price with you before placing your car in our daily sale.  

In our daily sale, dealers use data from the current used car market and their own trading insights to provide a fixed offer for your vehicle. At the end of the sale, we present you with the highest offer received. There are no obligations to sell your car at any stage.

What can impact the valuation and price? 

When you enter your car’s details on Motorway we will provide a valuation based on the basic details of the make, model, age and mileage of the car assuming it is in top condition. 

The key areas that impact the value of your car are:


Cars that have lower mileage are typically more valuable because it’s the best indication of how much the car has been used, and therefore the likely condition of the engine, interior and exterior of the vehicle. The average UK car driver drives between 8,000 to 15,000 miles per year for commuting and leisure purposes combined.


Driving cars on UK roads means that over time they often pick up stone chips, dents and scratches. Car parks and high kerbs can also create imperfections. Being clear and up-front about the condition of your car enables an accurate price to be identified quickly and reduces the risk of any disagreements over price down the line. Motorway helps you capture the condition of your car through our easy-to-use photo app and online questionnaire – this takes just a few minutes.

Service history

Cars that have had all services completed in line with the required manufacturer service intervals are more valuable as they will have been checked and maintained by a qualified mechanic or engineer. Therefore, if your service history is full and up to date, a dealer can assume the car is of good quality and is ready to drive. The value of a car with a full-service history will be higher than the same car with a partial or missing service history.


All cars must have a valid MOT. Recent MOTs provide accurate information of the car’s overall condition at the present time and give dealers more confidence to place offers.

Number of previous owners

Typically, the lower the previous number of owners, the better it is for your valuation. If your car has only been owned by you, then that is the best situation, however, it is not uncommon for a car to have had 1-4 owners over an 8 year period. We can find offers from dealers irrespective of the number of car owners. You should see the number of owners of cars in your V5C document.

Car colour

Colour can play a small part in the valuation of your car as some colours are more desirable than others and this will reflect the price of your car. Neutral or standard colours such as blue, grey, or black are popular and sell in high numbers in the used car market – pink or orange cars may not be, and that might affect their value!

Your location 

The car’s location might impact the valuation – vehicles in remote locations are more costly for the dealer to collect and subsequently move around the country to their next point of sale.

Insurance write offs 

If your car has been involved in an accident, then it may be classed as being a ‘write off’ by your insurance company and given a ‘category’ status with a single letter. What this means is that your car cannot be fixed economically and so repairs are not worthwhile. The car may be worth more as parts or by selling it for scrap metal. 

Dealers who work with Motorway do not buy category A, B, S or N cars, but we can recommend an online buyer who will buy written-off cars. If you are unsure about your car’s status, enter your reg and we will provide more information, and you can talk to our Customer Sales Team at any time.

What is the difference between valuation and sale price?

There are a few steps in getting to the final sale price for your car. 

Start with an instant valuation

First, Motorway will provide an instant real-world valuation based on live market data and the info provided by your registration and mileage, such as your car’s make, model and age. 

A reserve price is set

By adding more details about your car’s specification, service history, condition, and any damage, we will agree a reserve price with you, which is tailored to your car. This can be higher or lower than the initial valuation, based on the specifics of your vehicle.

Once the reserve price is set. Your car will then be shared in our daily sale, and dealers in our nationwide network will make offers for your vehicle. 

Proceed with your best offer

You can choose to accept and proceed with the highest offer we receive, which becomes your final sale price.

We work hard to price vehicles as accurately as possible at every stage to ensure your final sale price hits your reserve price. In some instances, the best offer we find from our network will actually exceed your reserve price and you can proceed with this higher amount, however, your final sale price will depend on dealer demand on the day of sale.

On average, consumers achieved £1,125 more with Motorway than their part exchange or initial dealer quote. 

Why do I need to take photos of my car?

Accurate photos are key to getting the highest possible price from our dealers, enabling them to understand the condition of the car and any issues or imperfections. All offers we secure are guaranteed in part on the basis of the photos and information provided. Because we negotiate the price of the car using the photos you provide, the dealer needs to be able to see the car in full prior to making a confirmed offer collection.  Good quality photos of the whole of your vehicle will increase demand for your vehicle, make it more attractive to dealers, avoid any issues on collection, and ultimately achieve a higher price.

We have developed an easy-to-use app to guide you through taking the specific set of photos and angles we need, to ensure we can secure you a fixed and guaranteed offer. Our Customer Sales Team is also carefully trained to assist you with taking photos.

What photos do you need?

To list your car for sale we need 16 photos of your car, covering the exterior, interior, wheels and tyre treads; plus photos of any imperfections. Our easy-to-use photo app will guide you through taking the specific shots we need, ensuring we receive great, high-quality photos.

Our dealers are very specific about the photos they need to see, so providing great photos will help maximise the offer you get for your car.

Please note that we are not able to accept photos taken from third-party websites such as Auto Trader or eBay.

How do I take and send the photos you need?

You can take photos on any smartphone using our simple photo app. 

The app includes on-screen guides and prompts, making it quick and easy to capture the specific shots we need.

Here is our checklist to prepare for taking your photos: 

  • Pick a dry a day and plan to take your photos in daylight hours.
  • Make sure your car is clean, inside and out.
  • Remove any clutter or personal items, such as car seats, shopping bags, food items and passengers!
  • Park somewhere with enough space that you can easily walk all around the car.

To take your photos to the next level and maximise the value of your car, we recommend:

  • Getting your car cleaned at a professional car wash.
  • Taking photos on an overcast day, to minimise glare and reflections.
  • Finding a location, such as a quiet car park, where there’s enough space to stand back and frame your car well.

Will the dealer collect my car? 

Once you have agreed the sale, the dealer will be in touch within two working days to arrange collection. You agree a time and date suitable to you both, and the dealer (or their driver) will come to your home or workplace to inspect and collect the vehicle. 

Our sales support team will ensure that this happens in a timely fashion and are on hand to help with any queries.

What do I need to have ready on the day of sale?

Once you have arranged an appointment to have your car collected or dropped off, you’ll need to have some documents ready so your chosen dealer can check the validity of your car, transfer the money into your bank account, and complete the transfer of ownership. By having these ready in advance of the vehicle handover, you’ll ensure the fastest and most hassle-free experience on the day.

You’ll need to have the following items ready…

If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle:

  • V5C vehicle registration document (your log book).
  • MOT certificate (if your car has had one, i.e. it is 3 or more years old).
  • All spare keys for your car.
  • Photo ID, such as your driving licence or passport.
  • Proof of address – a utility bill (gas, electricity or water), bank statement, council tax statement. The address shown  must match the address on the V5C document.
  • Authority from your finance company. If you have any finance on your car, we need a letter from the finance company confirming the final settlement figure.
  • Service record book, car handbook, locking wheel nuts (if you have them), radio and key codes if you have them.
  • Your UK bank details (or that of the registered keeper)
  • Fuel – car dealers don’t require a full tank of fuel, but please ensure there is enough in your car so that the fuel light is not on.

If you are not the registered keeper of the vehicle:

All the items above, plus:

  • Written authorisation from the registered keeper that you are able to sell the car.
  • Photo ID (driving licence or passport) of the registered keeper.

What happens on the day of collection?

When collecting the car, the dealer will Inspect the car to ensure it matches the details and photos you’ve provided. It usually involves a quick look over the bodywork, interior, and general mechanics, and may involve a short test drive. Once the dealer is happy that the car is as described, they will make the payment to yourself and/ or your finance company, sign over the paperwork, and then take the car away.

When do I get the money for my car?

You will be paid via bank transfer. In most cases, money is transferred on the same day the car is collected, always by online bank transfer to your nominated bank account. You will confirm these details once you’ve accepted an offer on your car. The time it takes for your money to be received can vary slightly depending on the dealer, and which bank you use. 

If there is any outstanding finance remaining on the car, this will be cleared first before you receive your money. For more information on clearing finance, please see here.

Please note none of our dealers will be able to pay you in physical cash (i.e. in bank notes).

What do I do if the dealer hasn’t contacted me?

We have a dedicated Sales Support team who are on hand at all times to deal with any issues that may arise after the car is sold – including a lack of contact from the dealer. This is very rare but can happen. If you haven’t heard anything within 48 hours, just let one of our Sales Support team know by contacting, or by calling 0203 988 3388.

One of our team will be able to assist you and will contact the dealer directly to ask them to contact you as soon as possible to arrange collection of the vehicle. In the event of repeated no contact, we can even find you a replacement dealer.

What types of vehicle are suitable for Motorway?

You can sell your car, van, and some other kinds of vehicles on Motorway. Please enter your reg on our homepage to see what offers are available from our dealers. Currently, none of our dealers are able to purchase motorbikes or scooters, but we hope to support these in the future

Can I sell my van via Motorway?

Motorway is a great place to sell your van. The process is the same as selling a car.  Enter your reg to start.  

Instead of taking pictures of rear seats, we ask for pictures of the inside of the load-carrying area. Removing any graphics or signwriting is advised to achieve the best possible offer.  Where this is not possible, signwriting will be obscured in all photos but the cost of removal will be taken into consideration when dealers price the vehicle.

Does Motorway do part exchanges?

No. As we do not currently offer vehicles for members of the public to buy, Motorway does not offer trade-in or part exchanges.

Can I sell a car on finance?

Yes. Our dealers buy cars on finance, such as a PCP plan. On the day your car’s collected,  the dealer will settle the outstanding finance directly with your finance company, and the remaining amount will be paid to you via a transfer into your nominated bank account. 

In order to complete this process, a ‘settlement figure’ from your finance company is required. This gives you a final amount that must be paid before the finance contract can be ended. When you request this, your car finance provider is legally required to post or email a final settlement figure to you within 12 days – and, however, in practice the figure is usually given to you within 1-3 days. 

Once you have received your settlement figure, it is usually valid for 10 days. So you need to sell your car within this window, or otherwise, you’ll need to get a fresh settlement figure. The dealer will explain the simple process of paying off your settlement figure when you choose to go ahead. In the event that your settlement figure exceeds your offer (this is known as ‘negative equity’), you can either pay the difference to the finance company yourself or pay the dealer to write off the sum in one go. 

Unfortunately, we cannot buy cars on PCH finance.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Yes. If the registered keeper will be present to sign over the car on collection, and you are simply completing the process for them online and over the phone, there are no additional documents required.

To sell a car for someone who will not be present on collection, you will need a signed letter of permission from the registered keeper, along with a copy of their driver’s licence to verify the signature.

This is also the case if you need someone else to facilitate the handover of your car, such as a friend, colleague, neighbour, or relative on the day of completion.

Can I sell a car on probate?

Yes. ‘Probate’ is the term used when you are selling a car on behalf of someone who has recently passed away.  We are able to support this process but it is important to let us know the car is on probate when you first speak to us. 

We appreciate that handling the administration involved in cases like this can be very stressful, and we want to help support anyone in this situation as much as we can.

In the event that you are selling a car on behalf of someone who is deceased, you will need a copy of the death certificate.  Provided the car is worth less than £10,000, dealers in our network can usually pay the next of kin. If the car is over £10,000 in value then the buying dealer may need to have probate granted (allowing them to buy from the executor), or if not, they will need a letter of permission from the estate’s solicitor to sell. Please confirm this in advance with us, or ask our team for help or advice on this process if you have any questions.

Can I sell a company car?

Yes, but please let us know the car is a company car when you first speak to us. 

If the car is registered to a company, you will need a written letter of authority from an employee with authority to sell the car, along with a copy of their driving licence to verify the signature. We may also need to confirm with the company that you have permission to sell the car.

My car is scrap or a non-runner. Can I still sell it through Motorway?

Yes. While we do not sell scrap or non-running vehicles to dealers, Motorway works with a specialist scrap buyer who can buy broken down, written-off or old, non-running vehicles.

Our scrap partner will be able to offer you an estimated price for your non-runner in advance. They’ll also make the sale quick and hassle-free, and provide free collection too. 

What if my car is ineligible for Motorway?

If we cannot sell your car with our nationwide dealer network, we will let you know immediately after entering your reg and mileage, examples include cars that have been used for private hire, taxis and services including Uber. As an alternative, we will then recommend an instant online buyer to buy your vehicle. 

What if my car doesn’t sell with Motorway?

While we manage price expectations as best we can, sometimes cars do not sell on the first day with Motorway, this can be for a number of reasons, including the current popularity of your make of car or recent high volumes of a particular model in the market at the time. On these occasions, we will discuss with you whether an adjusted price would enable the car to sell to a verified dealer in our network, or if an alternative approach is required.

How does Motorway make money?

Motorway doesn’t charge any fees to customers looking to sell their cars. We only make money when sellers successfully connect with a dealer and we take a commission fee when that dealer purchases the vehicle.