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How Motorway makes money

Motorway’s business model is simple and aligns our interests with both car sellers and our car buying partners. It’s designed to be as fair and simple as possible.

Truth and transparency is at the heart of everything we do, so this guide outlines how we get paid, and answers a few frequently asked questions about our business model from sellers and buyers alike.

Last updated December, 2019.

How do you make money?

Motorway is paid a commission fee by the buyer of the car, once a successful car sale has completed.

This means our service is 100% free for car sellers, and we’re only paid a fee if we enable a successful sale for both the seller and the buyer.

Do sellers get charged a fee too?

No. Only the buying firm is charged a fee. Our service is free to use for anyone selling their car.

If the buyer pays Motorway a fee, will that reduce my car’s valuation?

No. Commission fees paid by car buyers will never reduce the amount of money offered to car sellers.

The offers and valuations shown by online car buyers in Motorway’s comparison tables will match what they offer customers that visit their services directly.

How much are your fees?

Our fees are variable based on:

  • The value of the car sold – fees are higher for the most valuable vehicles, and lower for lower value cars
  • The condition of the car – for example scrap cars are worth less than those in showroom condition
  • The way in which it’s sold – sales via our Premium managed route involve higher commission fees

We aim to keep our fees as low as we can to make Motorway an efficient way for our buyers to purchase stock.

Keeping fees low means we can make Motorway an amazing service for hundreds of car buying firms nationwide, and helps them offer as much money as possible for your car.

Why do you charge a fee?

When we started Motorway we set out to build a sustainable business for the long term.

We charge buyers a fair fee to cover our marketing activity and operational expenses, and cover the costs of our talented and hardworking team.

Do you earn money by driving ‘leads’ or ‘clicks’ to partners?

No. We only charge commission once a sale is completed. We are not incentivised to accept advertising or promotional payments, and we’re not paid to drive ‘clicks’.

This makes us completely aligned with sellers in helping them find the best deal for their car; and aligned with buyers in helping them access the cars they are looking to buy.

Are you impartial?

Of the buyers we compare on Motorway, we do not favour or promote one buyer over another. We always order offers with the highest price first (as decided by our TruePrice technology).

We always present offers in a clear and transparent way and we leave it up to you to select the best option for your circumstances.

However – we only show deals from buyers that we have a commercial relationship with, and do not currently show every possible option for selling your car. We are adding new buyers to the platform all the time and our eventual aim is to compare the entire market.

In terms of our popular guides and editorial content we include both Motorway partners and other buying services that don’t currently work with us.

These pages provide a comprehensive resource for everyone looking to sell their car. You’ll find everything from lists of the UK’s most popular car buyers, to reviews of private car selling websites.

Where any of our guides reference individual online car buying companies we clearly state whether the companies shown are commercial partners or not, so that everything is fully transparent.

How can I get more information?

We update this page regularly with any major changes or developments to our business model.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please email us at, or call us on 0203 988 4333 at any time.