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Are you looking to sell a car to Evans Halshaw? Or are you just researching the best options for selling your vehicle?

If you have explored the many services for selling a car online, chances are you will have come across Evans Halshaw.

Part of Pendragon PLC (one of the world’s largest car retailers), Evans Halshaw are one of the biggest groups of franchised dealerships in the UK with more than 175 branches across their new and used car retailing portfolio. No matter where you live, you are never far away from a branch!

They are by far the most popular dealership to sell a car with in Great Britain. And with good reason…

evans halshaw uk
Ubiquitous across the UK, you are never far from a branch of Evans Halshaw

After launching their own nationwide online car buying service in the latter part of 2016, they quickly became a very popular car buying company and their popularity continues to this day.

Let’s explore their car selling proposition further…

Selling a car with Evans Halshaw explained:

  1. Who are Evans Halshaw?
  2. How do I sell my car with Evans Halshaw (step-by-step)
  3. What documents do I need when selling my car with Evans Halshaw?
  4. How do I part exchange my car with Evans Halshaw?
  5. Is selling with Evans Halshaw right for me?
  6. Evans Halshaw vs rival online car buyers

With so many Evans Halshaw franchised dealers available across the UK, they are the most reliable and widespread direct-to-dealer alternative to online car buying services. It’s worth knowing about their selling process as it is the same no matter which dealer you visit.

Here we take a look at the car dealing company itself, plus steps involved in selling a car with Evans Halshaw…

Who are Evans Halshaw?

evans halshaw branches and franchises
Evans Halshaw have franchised partnerships with many car manufacturers, including Ford, Vauxhall, VW and Peugeot.

Evans Halshaw is now locked in as one of the famous brands that make up Pendragon PLC, a large operator of franchise dealers across the UK. Their roots, however, stretch far back into the early decades of the twentieth century.

PJ Evans, a Midlands based dealership, was launched way back in the 1920s. In 1978, having already expanded over the previous fifty years, it acquired the Halshaw Group. Since then they have traded as Evans Halshaw.

In 1999, it was bought by Pendragon who now trade under both the Evans Halshaw and Stratstone brands.

Since then, they have continued their growth. Evans Halshaw have 10 franchise partnerships with car manufacturers, including Nissan, VW, Citroen and Peugeot to name a few, but they will actually buy cars of any manufacturer.

As well as their many dealership branches, Evans Halshaw also have 80 drop-off points across the country for selling your car to make selling as easy as possible.

They don’t yet offer free home collection, so if you don’t live near one of these drop-off points, it can be a difficult to sell to Evans Halshaw.

If you want to sell from home, you may prefer to sell to an online car buyer that offers free home collection. You can compare offers from companies like this at Motorway.

How to sell your car on Evans Halshaw

Step 1 – value your car online:

The first step to selling a car with Evans Halshaw is to get a valuation. You can then confirm and enter additional details about your car, including information about the its service history and previous owners.

Firstly, you’ll need to enter your car’s registration number. This means Evans Halshaw can find out your car’s brand, model, year, and other specific information.

Once you have confirmed that these details are correct, you can fill in additional information about your car.

If they are unable to find your car, you can enter all these details manually.

Finally, you’ll then be asked for information like the car’s colour and mileage, along with its service history. This enables them to give you a more accurate valuation, as a vehicle’s mileage can drastically alter its value.

Step 2 – receiving the valuation.

Once you have filled in all your car’s details, you’ll be required to enter some personal information. This includes stuff like your name, telephone number and email.

Once you have completed this, you can click “request valuation.” You will then see your online valuation.

You will also receive the “indicative valuation” via email after a few minutes. The email will point the way to the nearest Evans Halshaw dealership, so you can book an appointment.

Do note that the valuation from Evans Halshaw assumes certain details about the car, including that:

  • It has more than 6 months MOT
  • Has not been written-off in the past
  • Has no damage at all. This relates to both cosmetic and mechanical
  • There are two sets of keys with the car
  • Full service history.
  • You are the 1st registered keeper

If anyone of these doesn’t apply for your car, you’ll need to talk to a valuations advisor, and the price is likely to be adjusted accordingly.

3. Booking an appointment and finding your local Evans Halshaw dealer

When selling a car to Evans Halshaw, it’s important to know that they don’t do home collections. Instead, you’ll need to arrange an appointment, and go to a branch or dealership.

Once you have booked your appointment, you’ll have to drive there or put your car on a truck. When you get to a branch, a sales advisor will inspect your car, before giving you a final offer.

If you choose to accept it, you will be paid into your bank account by BACS within three working days. Though there are no transaction fees, you can pay a fee of £15 in order to receive a same-day payment, as long as it’s processed before 2pm. [Prices accurate as of October 2018].

Documentation required when selling your car with Evans Halshaw

Once you have decided to sell your car to them, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct paperwork. This includes making sure you have the V5C along with the vehicle’s service history.

You will also need to have a form of photo-ID (a passport or driving license), and a proof of address dated within the last three months. This could be a bank statement or a utility bill.

How to part exchange your car with Evans Halshaw

You can part exchange your car with Evans Halshaw, as they are essentially a large group of franchised dealers with new and used cars to buy. The part exchange means you can trade in your car for another car.

For many, this may seem like a quick and easy option, as essentially you can sell the old and buy the new car in one go in a simple transaction.

However if you decide to part exchange with Evans Halshaw, or anyone else, always make sure to do the research first.

Part exchange, though it may seem easy, will not always offer you the best value for your car. You can check out our guide to part exchange a car here.

It may well just come down to price and convenience, but now you know how to sell your car with Evans Halshaw, is it the right option for you?

There are so many different routes available when it comes to selling, it can be hard to find the perfect buyer. Is Evans Halshaw yours?

Let’s take a quick look to see how they compare with some other online car buying websites.

Evans Halshaw vs other online car buyers

One of Evans Halshaw’s key messages over the years has been that they will consistently beat the prices offered by rival online car buyers by cutting out the middle man. Here is an ad from March 2019 explaining this…

Video explaining why selling direct to Evans Halshaw can get you more money for your car.

The crux of the claim in the ad is that online car buying sites and car auctions act as middlemen and mean lower prices for you the seller. With Evans Halshaw, you are selling direct to the car dealer.

As a group of franchised dealers, Evans Halshaw claims to cut out this ‘middlemen’ step (auctions sell most of their cars to dealers) and as a result they claim they can offer higher prices.

Once you have valued your car on Evans Halshaw, you will then need to book an appointment with them to get a final offer.

However, though higher prices will always be appealing, there is one key factor to consider. Firstly, there can be some driving required to get to a branch if there is not one near your home and prices are not guaranteed until an inspection has been carried out.

So, if it’s convenience you are after, there may be a better route…

Many other online car buying websites, like The Car Buying Group, or Money4yourMotors, provide home collections. And The Car Buying Group can usually guarantee their prices on the phone.

When selling to Evans Halshaw, you’ll need to take the car to them to get your final offer. It may be a toss up of time versus convenience as well as the final amount in your bank account.

evans halshaw versus online car buyers
Evans Halshaw’s service is highly rated and your offer from them might be highly competitive, but it may be easier to sell to an online car buying site who can collect for free.

To conclude, selling to Evans Halshaw can get you a higher price, but it can be time-consuming once you factor in background comparisons and the need to get on the road – especially if you live a long way from your local branch.

So next time somebody asks ‘should I sell my car at Evans Halshaw’ – just send them this guide!

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