Pricing claim verification

This page was last updated on 15th September 2021.

The aim of the Motorway service is to provide vehicle sellers with a simple, online way to get the best offer for their vehicle from Motorway’s network of car buying partners.

The claim “You could get £1,000 more” is based on a survey of 2,079 customers who sold their car on Motorway between 1st March and 22nd July 2021, analysed and independently verified by Blue Yonder Research in August 2021. This revealed 42% of consumers achieved £1,000 or more with Motorway than their initial quote from other companies.

We analysed sold prices achieved by individual Motorway customers, cross-referencing this with data they have provided in response to a Motorway survey, asking whether they received an alternative offer for their vehicle. We analyse this data, and the claim “You could get up to £1,000 more” is based on an analysis of the final sold price on the Motorway platform relative to offers received from other companies. 

Any claims relating to this research are subject to change over time and variance in samples. Research and related claims are updated regularly. For more information, please contact us at