Jeep on the cheap! Ten cool cars you can buy for less than an iPhone X this Christmas

    • Alex Buttle
    • 12th December 2017

    The iPhone X is the must have cool gadget this Christmas, but retailing at £1,000, this slice of cutting edge tech doesn’t come cheap. So, how about spending the money on a cool car instead?

    Car buying comparison site has researched the used car market and found 10 vehicles that possess a cool quality, whether it’s because they were classic cars of their time or because of their quirky design. All these vehicles can be purchased today for the price of an iPhone X or less.

    The Jaguar XJ is one of the most iconic British cars ever built, instantly recognisable by car aficionados. has found a 2004 XJ8, with 204,000 miles on the clock, currently for sale for just £595. It may not last another 100,000 miles, and it may not past its next MOT, but who cares when you’re cruising through town in a motor this cool?

    Or how about the sporty MG MGF, which was launched in 1995 to worldwide acclaim? It quickly shot to the top of sports car bestseller charts and Motorway has found a 1996 MGF on the market for just £690.

    The following table shows ten cool cars recently valued on that you can currently purchase for the price of an iPhone X or less (links to cars available on request):

    Ten cool cars cheaper than an iPhone X, Christmas 2017
    Brand Model Mileage Year Price
    Jaguar XJ8 208,000 2004 £595
    Chrysler PT Cruiser 78,000 2008 £655
    MG MGF 95,000 1996 £690
    Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet 154,000 2005 £690
    Alfa Romeo T Spark Lusso 147,000 2003 £795
    Jeep Cherokee CRD Sport Auto 147,000 2004 £795
    Mini Cooper Hatch 115,500 2002 £895
    Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin 129,000 2001 £995
    SsangYong Rodius 2.7 102,000 2008 £1,000
    Triumph TR7 57,000 1981 £1,000

    The £1k used car market has also had a look at the £1,000 or less used car market as a whole, to see the size of the market for anyone thinking a grand would be better spent on a car than a phone.

    On the Auto Trader website, there are just under 11,000 cars (10,792) for sale at £1,000 or less. Of those, the car makes that top the list in terms of numbers are Ford (1,817), Vauxhall (1,666) and Renault (1,005). It’s even possible to pick up luxury brands for less than £1,000, with Auto Trader currently listing 221 BMWs, 218 Mercedes, 175 Audis and 104 Jaguars.

    If you’re hoping to pick up a car for less than £1,000, then something has to give in terms of the condition and specification. Not surprisingly, the majority of these cars have been around the block a few thousand times. Half have more than 100,000 miles on the clock and just 95 have covered less than 35,000 miles.

    Alex Buttle, director of car buying comparison website, comments:

    “When we looked into the £1,000 used car market, we were surprised by the sheer number of cheap cars for sale that were cool when bought new a few years back and are even cooler today.

    “If you can see past a few miles on the clock and the odd mechanical failure, you can pick up a little piece of auto history for less than the price of an iPhone X. Not only that, but it may last more than a year before needing an upgrade!”