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Sell my van

There are many ways to sell a used van. But with so many options, how do you know which route to choose? This is where Motorway can help, we were the UK’s first comparison site to sell your car, and can now help you sell your van too. Use Motorway to compare instant offers and sell your van fast. 

Finding the right offer for your van can feel like a painful process. It’s often easy to sell a van, but as many have high mileage, it can be tricky to find a good price. Most popular selling routes also present various issues. Selling on classified websites can take time to get decent offers from serious trade or private buyers, while driving between buying van dealers can also take up valuable time, and waste diesel too.

Whichever route you try, dealing with offers that don’t quite match up to your expectations can often be part of the process. There could be a better way…

As a business or sole trader, your van will likely be one of your most valuable assets so it’s important to get the right price when it comes to selling. At Motorway, we work with a national network of specialist van dealers alongside a number of instant van buyers to find our highest price. With Motorway you can compare offers for your van in seconds and sell it in as little as 24 hours.

We also make the whole process transparent and fair. We’ll be here throughout the process to guide you through any questions you may have. We do everything in our power to make the van selling process quick, easy and hassle free so you can sell your van and get back to work!

sell my van

How do I sell my van?

After deciding it’s time to sell your used van, you’ll be wondering which way to turn. What is the best way to sell? The number of routes to a van sale are endless and it can be overwhelming trying to understand which is the best option for your unique circumstances. 

A lot of van owners choose to explore the private route to sale to either a trade or another private buyer. For example, you could sell your van on classified sites like Auto Trader, Gumtree or eBay. These ‘classified’ listing websites, allow you to create an online advert for your vehicle. Creating your ad usually involves taking lots of photos and writing a detailed description. If you’re not the most savvy van seller, this can be a challenging experience and to write a great listing with great photos, you really need to know your stuff.

If anything is inaccurate, this can lead to a lot of wasted time trying to answer questions from prospective van buyers who spot your van on the web. There’s also no guarantee of a sale with the classified route. 

Another route to a van sale is via a dealership. This is the more traditional route to sell, but tread with caution. Many van dealers will offer both to purchase your van outright or offer a part-exchange deal for a new one. This can mean a great price for your van if you find a dealer that’s in the market for your specific make and model, but often this will not be the case and you risk ending up with a bad deal.

Instant online buyers are the third option. Some instant buying companies can sometimes buy vans and in many cases, the sale can happen fast, sometimes on the day of enquiry. This is the most hassle free way to sell, but prices can sometimes be lower than other options for selling. Some of these buyers also do not specialise in vans, so you risk not getting a price at all.

how do i sell my van?

Best ways to sell a van

So what is the best way to sell a van? Well, that depends entirely on your specific situation. Factors like the mileage, condition and age of your van all play a huge part in determining the best route to a sale at a good price. In most cases, it’s a choice between getting the highest possible price and achieving a quick, hassle free sale for your van.

Selling your van privately by exploring classified sites will often achieve the highest price – especially if your van is in excellent condition and is reasonably new. However, if you choose to this way, the process can be fraught with difficulties. Once you’ve created an ad for your van it could be seen by potentially thousands of prospective buyers which sounds great, but it can present issues.

You could be contacted by all manner of time wasters that show interest, ask endless questions that don’t go anywhere, or opportunists may just offer you much less than you asked for. If you choose to sell privately, be prepared to wait for up to a week (or even longer) to find the right buyer. 

If fast cash is a priority then we would highly recommend going with an instant van buyer. This type of buyer will purchase any van or car and can often pay cash the same day, directly into your bank account. Many offer free home collection with zero fees too. If you sell via the ‘instant’ route, the process is usually quick and transparent with little risk of the sale failing if the price is agreed in advance of the day of sale.

Here at Motorway, you can compare offers from instant van buyers and specialist dealerships in seconds. Just enter your reg at the top of this page to value your van and sell it quickly.  

best ways to sell a van

Online van valuation

Before you start the process of selling your van, it’s always extremely useful to have an idea of your van’s value. Getting a valuation for your van is a relatively simple process, but in reality it’s difficult to get an accurate valuation from just one source. Try a few! There are many online van valuation tools out there including our own here at Motorway at the top of this page.

Other companies that provide online valuations include Parkers, Regit, Auto Trader, Honest John and more. But be cautious, all online valuations should only ever be treated as estimates. The vast majority of online valuation tools will be completely free to use and feature on most websites that allow you to sell a van.

Be aware that all valuation tools work in subtly different ways, using different data sets. The valuation tool from Auto Trader gears you up for a private or trade sale on its platform for example. You will get a very different set of valuations on Parkers who look at a range of prices from retailers and buyers.

As most valuations can vary dramatically, we highly recommended using a number of websites to get an accurate valuation for your van. You will want to piece together the info you receive to get a target price in your head. However, do remember that none of these valuation tools have actually seen your van, and have no way of physically assessing any damage or wear and tear. For this reason, online van valuations should always be seen as indicative rather than factual.

free online van valuation

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