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    Here at Motorway, we’re big on cars and bigger on making sure customers get the best price when they sell! If the idea of selling your car, dealing with the DVLA, figuring out Clean Air Zones, or making the big switch to an electric car has you confused, we have a guide for you!

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    Car selling guides

    Selling your car
    Get in the fast lane to a successful car sale. Our collection of guides tell you all you need to know to sell your car for its best price here in the UK.
    Cars on finance
    From leasing to loans, financing your car or van can be tricky to navigate. Take the stress away with our in-depth guides.  
    More money stories
    84% of Motorway customers get more than market price for their vehicles on our platform. Meet real customers who sold their cars and vans for more money with us.

    Car value guides

    Valuing your car
    Mileage, age, condition, and more impact your car’s value on the resale market. Find out what else shapes vehicle valuation over time.
    used car prices
    Used car prices
    What drives the prices of used cars? Our guides lift the curtain on the UK’s used car marketplace and explore how you can maximise your vehicle’s value.

    Car ownership guides

    a man going through documents
    Car documents
    To legally drive in the UK, you need more than car keys and a driving licence. From MOT certificates to insurance paperwork, learn about the necessary documents every driver needs.
    car checking tool
    Car checking tools
    Is your vehicle MOT compliant? Are your insurance and road tax up to date? Motorway’s suite of tools gives you the information you need about your vehicle status.
    someone signing paperwork
    Car insurance
    Car insurance doesn’t have to be a head scratcher. Navigate the complexities of insuring your vehicle with our comprehensive guides.
    coins and the word tax
    Car tax
    Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), or road tax, is a legal requirement in the UK. Learn the ins and outs of car taxation, including different tax bands and how to pay your annual tax. 
    oil being poured into car
    Car maintenance
    Keeping your car in top shape protects its performance and value over time. Get our top tips for vehicle maintenance with our collection of guides.
    DVLA letter
    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency maintains information on all drivers and vehicles across the UK. Read up on the DVLA’s motorist requirements to legally stay on the road.
    mot certificate
    The UK Ministry of Transport makes sure all cars are safe and roadworthy before they hit the road. Find out about MOT requirements, including the annual MOT exam. 

    Vehicle types

    a selection of car manufactures
    Car makes
    Explore different car manufacturers and see which models hold their value over time. Whether you’re interested in Italian luxury cars or the latest in Japanese technology, we’ve got a guide for you.
    an open diesel cap
    Diesel vehicles
    There’s a lot to consider when driving a diesel vehicle in the UK today. We break down what you need to know about buying, owning, and selling diesel cars and vans.
    a red tesla parked and charging
    Electric vehicles
    EVs promise greener, more sustainable transportation for the 21st century. Ahead of the 2035 electric switchover, get in the know about the electric future of cars.
    the back of a white hybrid car
    Hybrid vehicles
    Hybrid cars are a halfway option between petrol and fully electric vehicles. We answer your biggest questions about hybrid ownership.
    someone filling their car with petrol
    Petrol vehicles
    Petrol is the most common fuel for cars and vans across the UK. But with new emissions regulations, will they become a thing of the past?
    There’s always demand for quality vans in the used car market. But there are also additional factors to consider when buying or selling – here’s what you need to know.

    Emissions and Clean Air Zone guides

    Electric and alternative fuel vehicles
    Demand for electric vehicles is booming, but there’s a lot to consider. Dive into the latest on EVs and alternative fuel cars and vans with our detailed guides.
    CAZ guides
    Emission zones
    To reduce air pollution across the country, the UK is expanding vehicle emissions regulations. From London’s ULEZ to Clean Air Zones across the UK, catch up on the latest requirements.
    Euro 6 emissions
    Euro 6
    Euro 6 emissions standards massively impact UK drivers, especially if you have a diesel car or van. Learn more with our guides.
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