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    Our valuation tech uses live market data to estimate your car’s value accurately.

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    We’ll find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car, with no haggling or hassle.

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    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours, with free collection & fast payment.†

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    Dealers pay a fee to buy your car. That means it’s completely free for you.

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How it works

1. Profile your car

1. Profile your car

Enter your reg to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through making a profile of your vehicle.

2. We get to work

2. We get to work

We alert our network of 3,000+ verified car dealers about your vehicle, and invite them to bid for it in a daily online sale.

3. Get your best offer

3. Get your best offer

We’ll present the best offer from the sale for your approval, then arrange a convenient date for your car to be collected.

4. Complete your sale

4. Complete your sale

Receive fast payment† in your bank account before your car is driven away. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car like a pro!

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3,000+ verified dealers ready to buy your car

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Sell a car to a dealer

When selling a car, the first option that comes to mind for many is to sell to a car dealer – either directly or as a part exchange. Dealers have been buying cars from motorists across the UK since the dawn of the combustion engine. As long as there’s been used cars on the road, there’s been car dealers and garages ready to buy them. 

Selling to a dealer at a dealership forecourt or car showroom usually takes the form of a part exchange for another car, but it can also be a direct sale. For the seller, finding a dealer who will offer a good price can often be a time-intensive process. Owners can sometimes end up talking to many different dealers to find the right offer with no guarantee of a great deal. This is where Motorway can help. With Motorway, you can sell directly to a dealer online without leaving home. Our smart technology matches your car with a nationwide network of 3,000 verified dealers looking for a car just like yours. Simply enter your reg to start. 

However, selling to a dealer is only one option amongst many. There are now numerous online services offering to help you sell your car. There are instant online buyers who will buy any car fast after an initial online valuation, as well as numerous specialist auto classified ad sites, auction platforms and online marketplaces.

All these other routes work differently to Motorway. We’ll take your car to thousands of dealers, they’ll make competing offers for it and we’ll present the best offer to you. Once you’ve accepted, payment and collection happens fast and securely, in as little as 24 hours. By cleverly matching your car with professional dealers looking for one just like it, we’re able to secure you an industry leading price and reduce the time and effort it takes on all sides. Why go elsewhere?

Sell my car to a dealer

How do I sell to a dealer?

We work with a UK-wide network of verified car dealers who buy cars directly from sellers on Motorway. Our service is designed to find you a great offer – you don’t have to trade your car in for a new one and the process is designed to be simple and hassle free.

When you agree to proceed with the best price we find, a trusted, verified dealer will come to collect the car and you’ll usually be paid the same day with an instant bank transfer. It’s quick and simple, and can often mean more money than selling to an instant online car buyer or part exchanging.

At Motorway, we’re focused on building the best way to sell a car. Unlike your other selling options, we won’t make you choose between price and convenience – you can have both, with no extra effort. Dealers compete for your vehicle which could mean more money for you than a private sale.

How do I sell to a dealer?

How to choose a car dealer

Without any prior experience, choosing the right car dealer yourself can be a tricky business and there are many factors to consider before proceeding with a sale. Car’s are complicated pieces of machinery with many potential points of failure, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve done your research and understand the value of your car before putting it out for sale. You can also ask yourself a few questions before proceeding.

How do you find a car dealer or local garage who will buy fairly? How do you know that the price they are offering is competitive? And what about an online valuation? Is it worth valuing your car online before you start? We can help with all of these questions. You can value your car at Motorway, then sell fast for a great price to a vetted dealer in our nationwide network. We are always transparent with the best offer we find and there are no obligations to proceed.

How to choose a car dealer

Tips for selling to a dealer

Before you sell your car on Motorway or drive it to your local dealer for a sales appointment you’ve arranged yourself, it’s worth doing some groundwork. Firstly, it’s good to know your car’s value. It can be wise to do a number of online valuations to make sure you have a ballpark figure to aim for with any dealer sale.

Preparing your car to sell is essential too, as how it looks is important. Make sure your car is tidy and as clean as possible. Remove any rubbish and make sure your car is hoovered, washed, polished and looking great. Remember, many dealers will look at the car from the outside first before checking out the interior. It’s worth making it looked loved and cared for before you present it at a dealership or take photos to sell it online.

Finally, make sure to collect together all essential documents and accessories. This includes all sets of keys, the V5 logbook, service history, paper MOT certificates if you have them, the wheel locking bolt, insurance records, spare parts and any relevant receipts. We cover this topic in detail in our ultimate guide to documents you need when selling a car, and if you need further advice, you can explore more tips here.

Tips for selling to a dealer