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Diesel car prices are falling

The value of used diesel cars in the UK is crashing.

In fact, the average value of a used diesel is down 5.7% since the beginning of 2017.

While the average value of a used petrol car is up 5% in the same period.

But that chart doesn’t tell the whole story.

Because some of the UK’s most popular diesel models have seen their resale value drop by as much as 26%

  • A Vauxhall Corsa, which was worth £2,160 at the start of the year could now be worth just £1,592.
  • An Astra, which was worth £2,949 in January, might now fetch just £2,426.
  • And you’ll currently get just £4,766 for an Audi A3 which was valued at £5,373 in January.

Now the really bad news:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Diesel prices are expected to plummet further in the final quarter of 2017. And 2018 looks bleak for diesel owners.

So what’s behind the drop?

UK drivers are dumping diesel. FAST.

It’s been a rough couple of years for diesel.

First there was the VW emissions scandal in September 2015…

Then came reports that diesel engines are more harmful to the environment (and human health) than petrol…

And this year diesel owners were hit with news of a forthcoming ‘toxin tax’, which could see daily charges of £20+ for driving diesel cars in the UK’s major cities…

Suffice to say, the writing is on the wall for diesel.

And savvy UK motorists have been paying attention.

More and more diesel owners are looking to offload their cars, before their value falls even further.

But of course, more diesel cars on the market + less demand for diesel means…

Prices will continue to tumble.

But now for some good news.

It’s not too late to sell your diesel car (yet).

Make no mistake.

There’s only one way the value of used diesel cars is heading. And that’s down.

In fact, once the full details of the toxin tax are revealed, it’s not an exaggeration to say that used diesel cars could become effectively worthless.

But we’re not quite there yet.

There’s still time to sell your diesel car.

And… if you’re quick you might even get close to the price you would have got at the start of the year.

How diesel car owners are still getting up to £1,000 more for their car.

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  • Average value of diesel variants of most popular car models falls by 5.7% in Q3 vs. Q1 2017, while equivalent petrol models increased by 5% comparing same period
  • Diesel variants of some popular cars fell in value by up to 26%
  • Car scrappage scheme announcements and impending toxin taxes to blame for dive in diesel values

London, 11th September 2017 — Data from car buying comparison website has shown a sharp decline in the value of popular diesel cars, with average values down 5.7% in Q3 2017 compared to Q1 2017. Valuations for some of the UK’s most popular diesel models are down by as much as 26%. analysed more than 24,000 used car valuations made since the start of the year, of ten of the most popular cars in the UK. Valuations for diesel models were then compared to valuations of equivalent petrol models. The data reveals that the average price of the petrol variants has increased by 5%, as demand for ‘dirty diesels’ falls away.

Recent months have seen a constant stream of negative news for diesel vehicle owners. From the VW emissions scandal last year; to new scientific evidence on diesel’s impact on air quality; to continued announcements of ‘toxin taxes’ and diesel scrappage schemes. But this new data shows it is only in Q3 2017 where significant changesin diesel car values have begun to hit. The trends point to this drop accelerating further as the year progresses.

The analysis shows a sharp drop in the average value of particular diesel car models – comparing Q3 prices with Q1 – such as the Vauxhall Corsa (26% drop) and the Audi A3 (11% drop). Consumers will feel the impact as significant value has been wiped from hundreds of thousands of UK cars.

The following table shows average valuations for some of the UK’s most popular car models, comparing diesel and equivalent petrol variants.

Alex Buttle, director of car buying comparison website, comments:

“Our analysis shows clearly that used diesel car prices are only going one way – and that’s down.

“This year has already been a total shocker for diesel owners. And now that most major manufacturers have launched diesel scrappage schemes, it doesn’t look like it’s about to get any better. Diesel cars are really starting to look like white elephants.

“We are now seeing savvy motorists choosing petrol, electric or hybrid used cars over diesel, and that’s already reflected in the value of second hand petrol vehicles starting to rise. That said, for those purely after cheap deals, it is definitely ‘bargain bucket bonanza’ time in the used diesel market.”

For further information please contact:
Jonny Stevens, Rhizome PR on 07977 119 579
Alex Buttle, Marketing Director at

Data methodology
To compile these figures, took a sample of 24,338 vehicles valued through its website for 10 of the most popular used car makes in the UK car market. All ages and variants of each model were included in the analysis. The valuations used were provided in real-time by online car buyers compared on the website.

London, 6th July has today launched the UK’s first price comparison service for selling your car. The platform enables consumers to compare instant offers for their car from leading online car buyers, enabling a much faster and more informed selling decision.

UK motorists are increasingly choosing to sell their car to an instant online car buyer[1], where prices may be lower than via a private sale, but the transaction is quick and hassle-free. However, with multiple companies to choose from, finding the best deal can be confusing.’s price comparison service solves this problem, bringing transparency and choice to a sector that is growing rapidly year-on-year, but which to date has been dominated by one major player – We Buy Any Car.

Using’s easy-to-use price comparison website, consumers enter their car’s registration number and mileage, then compare instant offers from multiple online car buying websites in seconds. The site shows the various prices offered along with other variables – such as independent customer review scores, car collection and any admin fees charged by the car buyers. has five car buyers providing offers at launch, including WeWantAnyCar, The Car Buying Group and WeBuyCarsToday, with more partners to be added in the coming weeks. Although We Buy Any Car is not included at this time, consumers can compare the leading challenger websites, which combined have more than 40% of traffic share[2] in the online car buying space. These companies often offer better prices or lower fees than the market leader.

Tom Leathes, Managing Director and co-founder of, comments:

“More than seven million second hand cars are sold each year, and a massive number are now sold to online car buying sites. But with multiple companies offering similar services, it’s a confusing process for consumers. We’re solving this by providing powerful, instant price comparison with a single search.

“Price comparison has become the standard way to find the best deal in most consumer sectors and it’s about time that same transparency was applied to selling your car. The choice of company isn’t just about the amount offered for the car – we clearly show customers the fees charged, car collection and review scores for every buyer.

“We believe the car industry is behind many other sectors in using technology to make online transactions fast and straightforward. With, we’re proud to be the first platform ever to offer instant price comparison for car buyers. As we grow, we plan to add many more services, tools and features to become the best possible platform for anyone looking to sell their car.”’s founding team are serial technology entrepreneurs. Tom Leathes, Alex Buttle and Harry Jones have been working together for 13 years. During that time they have started, built and exited businesses in commercial property, finance, travel and telecoms. This includes the UK’s biggest broadband and mobile phone comparison site, which was acquired by uSwitch.

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Notes to Editors 

  1. ‘We Buy Any Car sees 13% rise in used car volumes’ link
  2. SimilarWeb web traffic data on the leading online car buying websites (May 2017)
  3. Download visual assets here

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Jonny Stevens, Rhizome PR on 07977 119 579
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