26% of UK car buyers expect to be purchasing an electric or hybrid car within six years, compared to just 4.2% of new cars sold being AFVs in 2017 Green credentials are the most significant reason for those looking to move away from fossil fuels, with 45% citing electric being ‘better for the environment’ as …

Prices for used petrol cars, 5 years old and less, up 9.4% over past 12 months Equivalent diesel car prices fell 5% between beginning and end of 2017 All major car brands saw a fall in used diesel prices with most seeing a clear increase in valuations of petrol variants

The iPhone X is the must have cool gadget this Christmas, but retailing at £1,000, this slice of cutting edge tech doesn’t come cheap. So, how about spending the money on a cool car instead?

Today we’re pleased to announce a collaboration with Compare and Recycle.

Bringing reviews and maps to Motorway

8th December 2017 | By Harry Jones

At Motorway our mission is to help you get the best price for your car with the least hassle. To help make choosing a buyer even easier we have just released two exciting new features on our website:

40% more supercars on UK roads than 5 years ago, while the broader UK car market has declined by 9.3%* 69% rise in Ferraris and 54% rise in Lamborghinis registered compared to 2013 There are 40% more supercars on UK roads than there were five years ago, according to research by car buying comparison site …

Do you own a diesel car? Then this may be the most important article you’ll read all year. Because it could save your HUNDREDS, or even THOUSANDS of pounds. Here’s why…

Average value of diesel variants of most popular car models falls by 5.7% in Q3 vs. Q1 2017, while equivalent petrol models increased by 5% comparing same period Diesel variants of some popular cars fell in value by up to 26% Car scrappage scheme announcements and impending toxin taxes to blame for dive in diesel …

London, 6th July 2017 — Motorway.co.uk has today launched the UK’s first price comparison service for selling your car. The platform enables consumers to compare instant offers for their car from leading online car buyers, enabling a much faster and more informed selling decision.

Motorway Car Buyer Comparison

4th July 2017 | By Alex Buttle

We are excited to announce that we have (soft) launched the UK’s first car buyer comparison service!