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    84% of Motorway customers get more than the market price*

    We found out what this extra money means for people who’ve sold their car on Motorway. Meet real customers, who all made the most of selling their cars the more money way.

    Danielle’s story

    “The offer made through Motorway was significantly more than anywhere else.”

    • Danielle was delighted to be expecting her first child, and realised her three-door car wasn’t convenient or safe for a baby seat.
    • She wanted to sell quickly, for the right price, so she could upgrade – and found Motorway to be both prompt and easy to use.
    • Her daughter was born prematurely, but luckily her husband drove them both home in the new car, as they’d been able to upgrade quickly.

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    Nigel’s story

    “The price was so good, we sold our second car too!”

    • Feeling the pinch, Nigel and his wife knew they couldn’t justify two cars anymore.
    • Having taken great care of his VW Tiguan, he got a much better price than expected, and they decided to sell their other car too.
    • The funds from downsizing their cars built new family memories on two trips to Corfu.

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    Sheila & Brian’s story

    • Sheila told Brian that it was time to get a dog and a campervan, and tour the UK.
    • Arriving to rehome Bruce and seeing his scruffy face, Brian fell in love, and the plan was in motion.
    • Selling their Kia Sportage funded the purchase of a campervan, and the trio have endless fun on walks and pub lunches together.

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    Emma’s story

    “Selling with Motorway was seamless, convenient, and I got a great price.”

    • Emma and her ex-rugby player boyfriend struggled to share her tiny Toyota Aygo. 
    • They were ready to upgrade the car and start their next chapter – and selling online, from home, was the best way to fit Emma’s busy schedule.
    • Selling with Motorway was seamless and convenient, and earned the couple additional money to put towards a big, comfortable car.

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    Vikki’s story

    “I found out about Motorway from my son, and I got the car straight on the website.”

    • Vikki loved her VW Golf, but the running costs were becoming unaffordable.
    • Being a single mum, she needed a safe solution to holding car viewings at home with strangers.
    • She got a much better price than expected, and the dealer stayed put until the payment was in her bank account.

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    Craig & Melissa’s story

    “When the money came through, we felt like we’d won the lottery!”

    • Craig and Melissa hadn’t initially planned to sell their dream car: a Mercedes GLA.
    • The costs of their dream honeymoon and necessary home renovations made it necessary to free up the capital invested in the car.
    • They were shocked at their valuation and proceeded with the sale, allowing them to book their safari trip straight away!

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    Ian’s story

    “I was over the moon.”

    • The real-life star of our latest TV advert, Ian sold his Ford Focus and became his own boss.
    • Blown away by the winning bid for his Focus on Motorway, Ian used the extra funds to turn his dreams of becoming a handyman into a reality. 
    • After investing in top-quality tools and kitting out his van, Ian’s business is up and running across Yorkshire.

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    Lee’s story

    “The service that we received through Motorway was literally second to none.”

    • With the twins’ due date and a house move all coming at once, Lee and his wife had to sell their cars fast and upgrade to a seven-seater.
    • Working as a nurse, Lee appreciated the easy and swift sale, completed at his hospital for ultimate convenience.
    • Lee and his wife now share the driving load – and can watch the kids deepen their bond in the back of the car.

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    Bisi’s story

    “The offer I got from Motorway was not only the best, it was the best by a long shot.”

    • To help reduce her carbon footprint, Bisi decided to sell her glamorous Mercedes soft-top.
    • Motorway’s seamless process made selling a breeze, a relief to the busy mother of three.
    • With the unexpected extra funds earned with Motorway, Bisi embarked on an eco-friendly Parisian adventure with her youngest son.

    Dan’s story

    “I was really chuffed at the price.”

    • With a toddler and newborn, Dan’s family was outgrowing their Ford Fiesta fast.
    • Thanks to Motorway, he and his partner sold their hatchback without another sleepless night.
    • Dan used the money from his car sale to finance a three-week-long Tenerife holiday for his young family.

    Motorway’s marketplace

    The UK’s fastest-growing used car marketplace, Motorway is changing the game for both consumers selling their cars, and dealers acquiring high-quality vehicles. The fully-online platform allows over 5,000 verified car dealers to compete for each car, and at the end of the online daily sale, each seller is sent their best price. Facilitating car sales across the whole of the UK, Motorway’s platform is fast, easy, and free to use, supporting customers to get more money.