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    How does the MOT check work?

    • Motorway’s MOT Checker works by running an instant DVSA check on your reg to check your vehicle’s current MOT status.
    • It checks your MOT history and the expiration date of your MOT certificate to see how long it’s valid. You’ll then know when to book your next test when it’s due.
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    What's included in a free MOT check?

    • When you use Motorway’s MOT Checker, you’ll have all the info you need to stay on top of your car’s MOT certification, due date, and validity.
    • Check your MOT status online and we’ll tell you whether it’s still valid, and if so, how long is left on it.
    • We’ll let you know how much time you’ll need left on your MOT when you’re ready to sell your car.
    Checking your MOT certificate

    Why is it important to check your MOT?

    • Without a valid MOT certificate, it’s illegal to drive on UK roads.
    • Checking the validity of your MOT is crucial for avoiding penalties including points on your licence, a fine of up to £1,000, and a potential driving ban.
    • When the time comes to sell your car or van, you won’t be able to sell on Motorway without a valid MOT certificate.

    What does an MOT check for?

    Safety features

    • Ensures all car safety elements are up to DVLA legal standards
    • Includes seat belts, dashboard warning lights, and brakes


    • An MOT tests that crucial car components work properly
    • Vehicles must be deemed roadworthy to drive in the UK


    • Verifies that your vehicle’s emissions are in line with government standards
    • Not complying with environmental standards can run your car off the road

    Existing issues

    • MOT exams identify and investigate potential faults and issue areas
    • This helps prevent breakdowns and accidents
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    How to book an MOT test

    • Use Motorway’s free MOT Checker to find the expiration date of your MOT certificate, then book your next test at a garage near you, certified by the DVLA.
    • You should get a reminder letter, email or text message from the DVLA when it’s time to book your next MOT test.
    • For vehicles over three years old in England, Scotland, and Wales, you’ll need an MOT test annually. Cars less than three years old are exempt. However, in Northern Ireland, you need annual MOT recertification once a vehicle is four years old.
    • To find out when you need to book your next MOT, use Motorway’s MOT Checker for a quick, free online MOT check
    • Book your next MOT test at a certified car garage, testing centre or dealership that displays a blue sign with three white triangles.

    Frequently asked questions about MOT status

    What is an MOT?

    The MOT test is an annual car examination run by the UK’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) linked to a registry operated by the DVLA. In England, Scotland, and Wales, all cars over three years old are legally required to pass the MOT to drive. In Northern Ireland, all vehicles over four years old must pass this annual examination. 

    The MOT assesses vehicle safety, emissions, and overall roadworthiness. It ensures that vehicles meet legal standards for operation on UK roads and helps maintain road safety and the latest environmental standards.

    How do I check my MOT status?

    To check your MOT status online, use Motorway’s free MOT check or visit the official DVLA website and enter your vehicle’s registration number. You’ll see the vehicle’s MOT history, including pass or fail statuses, advisory notes, and the expiry date. You can then book your next MOT test when it’s due.

    Why is my MOT expiry date incorrect?

    If you notice that the expiry date on your MOT certificate is incorrect, it could be due to delays in the MOT system updating, administrative errors, or issues with the MOT testing station inputting data. Contact the DVLA as soon as possible if you believe there’s an error.

    Can I drive my vehicle if it fails an MOT?

    To legally drive in the UK, all vehicles need to have valid MOT certificates. 

    If your car failed the MOT, you can only drive it if you are going to:

    • A pre-booked MOT retest appointment
    • A garage for necessary repairs

    How do I correct a mileage error on my MOT certificate?

    To rectify a mileage error on your MOT certificate, contact the MOT testing station where the certificate was issued. They will guide you through the corrections process, which usually involves providing evidence of the correct mileage and completing additional paperwork.

    How do I report a vehicle with no MOT?

    If you spot a vehicle on the road without a valid MOT, you can report it to the police. You will need to provide the vehicle’s plate number (registration number) , make, model, and colour, as well as its location. 

    If the car was abandoned, the police cannot handle it. Instead, contact your local council.


    Is my vehicle exempt from an MOT?

    All passenger vehicles, motorcycles, vans, campervans, and specialised vehicles are required to pass the MOT. However, check the government’s guidelines to see if your vehicle qualifies for exemption.

    Some vehicles that are exempt from MOT requirements include:

    • Electric goods vehicles
    • Tractors
    • Vehicles over 40 years old (if registered as historic)
    • Vehicles used only for specific purposes (e.g., agriculture, road construction)

    What does an MOT test check for?

    During an MOT test, inspectors assess various car components to ensure roadworthiness and compliance with the latest emissions standards. These include:

    • Brakes
    • Doors
    • Electrical system
    • Exhaust emissions
    • Exhaust system
    • Fuel system
    • Lights
    • Mirrors 
    • Registration plates
    • Seatbelts and seats
    • Steering and suspension
    • Towbars 
    • Tyres and wheels
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Vehicle structure and body condition
    • Windscreen 

    How do I book an MOT test?

    Booking an MOT test is simple:

    1. Find an approved MOT test centre near you. This could be at a garage, car dealership, or a dedicated MOT testing station.
    2. Contact the centre to schedule an appointment.
    3. Provide your vehicle’s registration number.
    4. Arrive at the test centre on time with your vehicle and necessary documents, including V5C logbook.

    How much does an MOT test cost?

    As of 2024, the maximum fee for a passenger car MOT test is £54.85. While the national average is approximately £45, costs can vary based on several factors, including location, vehicle type, and if other repairs or services are required. Consult your testing centre beforehand for accurate pricing. 

    Do new cars need an MOT?

    In most cases, new cars do not require an MOT test until they reach the third anniversary of their registration. This is true in England, Scotland, and Wales; in Northern Ireland, vehicles do not need an MOT until the fourth anniversary of their registration. After these dates, vehicles must undergo yearly MOT tests to remain roadworthy and legally compliant, so it’s always worth being aware when yours is due.

    How long does an MOT last for?

    Your MOT certificate lasts for 12 months from the date of issue. It’s essential to renew the MOT before it expires to continue legally driving on public UK roads.

    After passing your MOT test, you’ll receive a certificate valid for one year from the test date. You’ll need to renew your MOT before it expires to ensure your vehicle remains road legal and safe to drive. You risk receiving penalties including a £1,000 fine and three points on your licence if you drive a car without a valid MOT certificate.

    Can I drive without an MOT?

    No. It is illegal to drive without a valid MOT certificate. The only exception is if you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test appointment or to a garage for repairs following an MOT failure. Failure to comply with MOT regulations can result in up to £1,000 in fines, penalty points on your licence, or even vehicle seizure.

    Can a free MOT check help me verify the authenticity of a vehicle's mileage?

    A free MOT check can provide information about your vehicle’s history, including its mileage recorded during the annual MOT examination. 

    While this free check can help identify discrepancies between reported mileage and official records, it’s not a foolproof way for verifying authenticity. For peace of mind, consider additional checks such as service history records and a professional vehicle inspection.

    How early can I get an MOT for my car?

    DVSA rules in the UK mean that you can get an MOT test done on your vehicle up to a month, minus a day, before the current MOT validity expires.

    As an example, if your MOT expires on October 1st, you can get it tested as early as September 2nd. However, if you get your MOT done early (before it’s actually due), it does not affect or change the expiry date of your new MOT certificate. So, when you get your updated certificate, it will still be valid for 12 months from the original expiry date.

    This flexibility on dates allows you to ensure your car meets the required standards without risking any days driving it without a valid MOT certificate. That said, if you get your test done early, before it’s due, it means you will be paying for an MOT test before you legally need to.

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