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In 2019 so far, more than 42,000 people have had their driving licences medically revoked Over 7,000 drivers had their licences revoked because of seizures or blackouts Alcohol (5,450) is the most common reason for a licence to be medically revoked Almost 1,000 domestic vehicle drivers have had licences revoked for sleep conditions, including narcolepsy …

Buckle up! The Motorway tube ad is here

  • Alex Buttle
  • 9th September 2019

Buckle up Londoners, there’s a new Motorway ad on the tube… This week we are proud to announce we have launched our first tube ad across London’s underground train network. The advert features a pink-haired passenger whizzing down the road as she enjoys the rush of comparing prices with Motorway. The ad explains how you …