The new Motorway radio ad featuring Neil Morrissey

    • Alex Buttle
    • 20th January 2020

    We are excited to announce that we have launched a new radio advert today across commercial UK radio.

    The ad features a voiceover by Neil Morrissey, one of the UK’s most well-known actors. Neil is familiar from numerous TV programmes including Men Behaving Badly, Line Of Duty, The Night Manager, Skins and Bob The Builder.

    The creative called ‘All In One Place’, puts you in the heart of a live car auction where the amount of money you get offered for your vehicle keeps on going up and up.

    The experience is explained as being just like selling with Motorway – the comparison site to sell your car!

    We are really pleased with the concept and production and would like to thank Neil Morrissey for his voiceover work and Space City who produced the advert from start to finish.

    You can hear the ad airing on commercial radio stations within the Global and Bauer Media groups throughout 2020. The campaign was planned by Rocket and Mark Helm Media.

    Listen to the ad by clicking here.

    motorway radio ad with neil morrissey
    You can hear the Motorway radio ad across various radio stations in the Global and Bauer Media groups.