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Motorway service update

  • Tom Leathes
  • 6th May 2020

Updated 01/08/2020: All buyers on our platform are completing transactions in a contact-free way.

This post outlines how our service is affected by the current coronavirus situation, and what you can expect if you sign up to compare prices on our website at this time.

Motorway works with major online car buyers and thousands of individual dealerships around the UK to provide a range of instant offers for your car with a single search – helping you find your best deal as quickly as possible.

After the government’s announcement in March of restrictions on movement, much of the car industry stopped trading. These restrictions on movement have now begun to lift, and buyers and dealers are slowly starting to purchase vehicles again.

Many online car buying firms (including those normally listed on Motorway) have resumed their service, and are now providing valuations and offers to buy cars again.

We are in constant contact with all our buyers, and will be enabling them on the Motorway website as soon as they are able to trade again in a contact-free manner that keeps our sellers safe. You can read more about our guidelines for no-contact car selling here.

As well as online car buyers, our Premium Service is also purchasing vehicles and has been expanded to work with more types of vehicle. Using this service, we are able to profile your vehicle, and search for the highest offer from our network of over 1,000+ dealers across the UK.

Some dealers are still closed, but most are beginning to trade with online-only transactions and no-contact collection, and we expect this to increase further on 1st June when car showrooms and forecourts open for business. We’ll do our best to find you the best offer we can from these dealers once your vehicle is profiled. As always, our team are on hand to talk to you about the process at any point, and answer any questions.

If you don’t receive any valuations after conducting an enquiry, we’ll email you once more car buyers are enabled in the weeks ahead.

We will update this page regularly as our service changes and more buyers are enabled. Thank you for your patience.

Please continue to sign up on Motorway here or you can email our team with questions at any time.