Car dealers take centre stage once again in new Motorway TV advert

    • Jennifer Reeves
    • 19th August 2022

    Motorway, the UK’s fastest growing used car marketplace, has launched a new TV ad with a campaign bringing to life selling your car the Motorway way, in a fun and engaging advert. The new TV advert sees car dealers compete to secure the best price by dancing on epic, larger-than-life calculators. 

    The ad opens on a family in their living room, with the kids playing on a dance mat in front of the television. Their mother, sitting behind them, is using her phone to sell her car on Motorway and is instantly transported into a vast, imaginary dance arena. Missy Elliot’s iconic dance track, ‘Lose Control’ gradually gets louder, as car dealers take to the stage to compete in a circular dance-off on giant calculators situated around the car.

    Motorway TV Ad Still 3
    Car dealers enter the vast, imaginary dance arena with ‘Car Dealers Compete’ displayed on the jumbotron.

    One by one, dealers submit their highest bid. The winning dealer with the best price hot-steps his way to win the vehicle and throws his arms up in celebration. The film then transports the viewer back to the living room with the mother effortlessly announcing she has “just sold the car”, while the kids celebrate in unison. The film ends with the line ‘Motorway, the way to sell your car’.

    Motorway TV Ad Still 1
    The winning dealer throws his hands up in celebration, having just secured the car at a great price.

    Lloyd Page, Chief Marketing Officer at Motorway, said:

    “We have a real focus on innovation at Motorway and are committed to helping our customers sell their cars easily, for the best possible price. As a result, we’ve experienced a record-breaking year to date – we’re now selling up to 1,000 cars a day with a sale agreed every four minutes.  

    “With this new campaign, we wanted to focus on explaining how Motorway delivers such great results for car sellers, while celebrating the car dealers that form the backbone of our business. With our new ad, we bring to life the Motorway way to sell your car, where dealers compete to give you their best price, in a fun and engaging way for viewers at home.”

    In addition to the new TV ad launching today, Motorway’s new campaign includes nationwide radio, social media and outdoor advertising.


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    About Motorway

    Motorway is the UK’s fastest-growing used car marketplace. We connect people selling their car directly with our network of more than 5,000 verified car dealers, matching each seller on our platform with the dealer who most wants to buy their car. We help car owners sell their cars 100% online for a great price in as little as 24 hours, with their car collected from home for free, while supporting our car dealer partners to easily acquire the best used car stock.