Motorway launches refer a friend scheme

    • Lucy Talbot
    • 24th March 2023

    All Motorway customers now have the opportunity to split £100 in Gift Cards with our new refer a friend scheme here. This reward level applies to all referrals where a car is successfully sold and collected.

    Every time a customer refers a friend, who completes the sale of their car with Motorway, they will each get an Gift Card as a reward – worth £50 each. It pays to be a Motorway customer!

    To learn more about how our rewards scheme works and how to refer your friends, read on.

    Refer a friend to Motorway to receive a £50 Gift Card
    Split £100 with a friend, when they sell their car with Motorway

    How do I refer my friends?

    All Motorway customers can become referrers – you don’t even need to have sold your car with us! Simply sign up on our refer a friend page, powered by Mention Me, and you’ll be able to share a unique referral link with your friends.

    Remember – your friends have to sign up through your link before they start selling their car. We can only give you both your referral reward if they’ve taken this first step, otherwise we won’t be able to track the referral. 

    Want to know more? Read on!

    You can sign up to get your link by visiting

    Do I need to have sold my car with Motorway to start referring friends?

    No, you don’t need to have sold your car with Motorway to take part in our referral scheme. To start referring your friends, sign up at

    How can I distribute my referral code?

    When you sign up to be a Motorway referrer, you’ll have the option to share your code directly with your social media accounts, email, SMS, or Whatsapp. You will also be emailed the link, so you can forward it to whoever you like.

    For your friends to be eligible, they need to have not sold a car with Motorway within the last twelve months, they need to follow the link prior to selling their car with Motorway, and they need to complete the sale of their car, with their car collected by the dealer. 

    When do I get sent my referral reward?

    Both you and your referred friend will receive your £50 Gift Cards once your friend has completed the sale of their car, with their car collected by the dealer. If you are both eligible for our referral program, and used the referral link, you will both get your Gift Cards over email within seven days of completion of the sale. 

    How do I know I’ve received my reward?

    You and your friend will each receive an email from us with your £50 Gift Card and instructions for adding it to your Amazon account.

    Can I add a referral after I’ve sold my car?

    You can’t retrospectively use a referral link; in order to be eligible for our refer-a-friend scheme, you must share the link with your friends before they start to sell their car with Motorway. Equally, if you’re the one who’s been referred, you’re ineligible for the scheme if you’ve sold a car with Motorway in the last twelve months.

    Can I use the referral scheme if I’ve already sold a car with Motorway?

    Motorway customers can refer friends at any time.

    However, the friends you refer to Motorway are ineligible for our scheme if they have sold their car with Motorway in the last twelve months. 

    Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

    Nope! Please spread the word – we would be delighted to help all of your friends and family sell their cars.

    All referrals that end in the completion of a car sale, with the car collected and paid for by the purchasing dealer, are valid and will be rewarded with £50 in Gift Cards for both the referrer and their friend.

    Get your referral code now at