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    • 84% of Motorway customers between January 2020 and October 2023 sold their vehicle for more than the market price.
    • 5,000+ dealers compete to give you their best price on Motorway’s nationwide online marketplace.
    • The market price is based on two leading, independent market price guides, based on average vehicle condition.

    About Motorway’s more money claim

    Which sales on Motorway achieve more than the market price?

    The statistic of 84% of customers making more than market price is based on data collected for vehicles sold by individuals on the Motorway platform between 1st January 2020 and 11th October 2023. 

    What is the market price? 

    The market price for any given vehicle is calculated using the average figure from two leading, independent market price guides at the time of sale, based on a vehicle in average condition for its age.

    Do all cars have a determined market price? 

    The 84% statistic does not include vehicles sold on Motorway for which historical independent price guide data was not available, and those with too significant a discrepancy between the two independent price guides for the data to be considered reliable.

    How did you compare the Motorway price to the market price?

    We compared the sale price of vehicles sold on the Motorway platform to the market price, excluding vehicles for which an accurate market price cannot be determined. 

    I’ve got a valuation from Motorway, is that the market price? 

    No. When you value your car with Motorway, we give you an estimated sale price based on what we expect your vehicle to sell for. This is based on real-time data from thousands of vehicles that have been sold through Motorway recently, including vehicles similar to your own. The market price is a different figure, derived from two leading, independent market price guides. 

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    Here’s what real Motorway customers did when they made more money:

    “It was quick, it was easy, and they gave me the best price.”

    Once she’d sold her Vauxhall, Danielle could afford a bigger car to fit her baby seat.

    “I was over the moon. I would sell any car with Motorway.”

    Ian sold his Ford, then kitted out his van with the tools needed to start his business.

    “Motorway gave me an excellent price – more than I expected.”

    Vikki needed an easy, stress-free sale. Her son suggested Motorway, and the rest is history.

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