Danielle’s story: a swift sale for a growing family.

    Danielle sold her car just in time for her new arrival, who came a little earlier than expected. 

    Danielle had been happy with her Vauxhall Corsa for years. A small, three-door car, it had reliably taken her from A to B without any issues. When she found out she was pregnant, though, she and her husband worried about the safety implications of having a baby’s car seat in the back without good access, and decided to try to upgrade to a bigger car with more safety features. 

    They visited some dealerships to research their next car, and got a few trade-in offers, but ultimately decided they’d rather sell their car for the best price possible, to have money available to put down a deposit on a vehicle to suit their growing family.

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    Danielle looked at a few car selling sites, and her best initial valuation was on Motorway. When she proceeded to profile her car on the app, she found it very quick and easy. Feeling tech-savvy, it took her just 10 minutes one afternoon to get her interior and exterior shots, after she’d carefully washed her car to have it looking its best, and then to take pictures of her ownership documents.

    It was with excitement that Danielle and her husband waited the 24 hours that their car was in Motorway’s online sale. Then, when their best price came through and matched their initial valuation, they were ecstatic. Being six months pregnant at this stage, they wanted to move fast. They had their eye on a car they were keen to purchase next, but it unfortunately sold overnight.

    Danielle's story

    Knowing that they were looking for a highly desirable car in a competitive market, they were thrilled that their buyer was able to come and inspect their car quickly. She carried out the appraisal on the driveway and spoke to her colleagues at the dealership, and by the time the dealer knocked on Danielle’s door, it was to say she’d already paid the money straight into Danielle’s bank account!

    That very same afternoon, Danielle went straight back to complete the purchase of another car she had her eye on. And lucky too, since her daughter was born five weeks early. It made the couple glad they’d benefitted from a fast sale, so they were ready to focus on welcoming their daughter and adjust to being first-time parents.

    Danielle’s husband drove her and their newborn girl home in a larger, safer car with easy carseat access and enough space for all of their new baby gear – a real relief after spending 12 days in hospital having their premature baby cared for. The car’s first important outing was taking the new family home for the first time, but soon they’ll be packing it up again for a restful holiday in the Lake District!

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