Emma’s story: moving forward in a shared car that’s just right

    Emma sold her car on Motorway to start a new chapter with her partner.

    When Emma’s younger sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in her early twenties, their family worked together to come up with ways to keep her spirits high in between treatments. 

    Emma’s mother suggested buying a runaround car for the two girls to share – and for her younger daughter to use to learn to drive. Emma often took her sister to doctor appointments in their Toyota Aygo. The two would blast Beyoncé, sing at the top of their lungs, and make up silly dances; As Emma put it, their time together in the Aygo offered, ‘moments of joy in a really turbulent time’.

    Happily, Emma’s sister’s cancer went into remission. The compact car became more Emma’s than her sister’s, seeing her move from her twenties to her thirties, and start a new chapter with her partner.

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    At 6 foot 5 inches, Emma’s partner was quite a bit taller than your average Aygo driver – and Emma couldn’t stand seeing him curl himself up to use her car! Even more frustrating was the constant readjustment of the driver’s seat position. With the prospects of getting a pet and starting a family on the horizon, Emma decided it was time to size up.

    The amount of time it would take to sell her car seemed daunting. On a friend’s recommendation,   Emma tried Motorway and was excited that she’d be able to conduct the entire sale from home, quickly, and free of charge. Describing herself as ‘time-poor’, Emma got the ball rolling and took out her initial valuation.

    Emma's Motorway story

    According to Emma, Motorway’s end-to-end car sale was so easy that the hardest part was taking the Aygo to the carwash and clearing out the interior! Nostalgic after getting her car washed one last time, Emma quietly thanked her car for its service. 

    Emma and her partner put those additional funds towards a new ‘spaceship size’ car complete with a heated steering wheel, automatic driver’s seat adjustment, and plenty of storage space – including room for a dog… Let the adventures begin!

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