Ian’s story: paving the way to business ownership

    Ian used the additional money made selling his car on Motorway to start his own business.

    When one door closes, another opens. After 35 years of service, Ian was made redundant from his role at a flour mill in Hull. “I’ve always wanted to become self-employed, but never had the bottle to do it,” he said. “When I became redundant, it gave me a chance to give it a go [and]…do something that I’d always wanted to do.” 

    Ian’s ‘something’ was to open his own handyman business. But funding this new adventure required additional funds. To put his dream into gear, Ian and his wife decided it was time to say goodbye to their trusty Ford Focus. 

    The two tried a variety of car sales websites, but nothing fit the bill. That’s when they discovered Motorway. Sceptical at first, Ian took the plunge after a thumbs-up from his wife’s financially savvy boss and was thrilled to receive a valuation that was “out of this world!” The extra funds from selling on Motorway would help get his business off the ground.

    The sales process was practically stress-free, a relief for Ian, who does not consider himself particularly ‘techy’. Ian simply snapped a few pictures of his Focus, uploaded its details, and entered the car into Motorway’s daily auction, where over 5,000 car dealers from around the country vied to offer their best price. 

    Within no time, Motorway came back with an offer leagues beyond what Ian was expecting. Even better, Motorway’s free collection service meant that the winning dealer inspected the Focus and deposited money into Ian’s bank account all from Ian’s driveway, before driving into the sunset.

    Ian’s savings from his Motorway sale helped him take his business to the next level. He transformed his van into a mobile handyman workshop, stocked with top-notch tools for any type of home repair imaginable, to service customers in Hull and beyond. Cruising up and down the countryside making house calls as a handyman, Ian’s now his own boss.

    Ease, efficiency, and more money for your vehicle – that’s the Motorway way. Cheers to Ian for using his savings to drive into his next chapter as a business owner. 

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