Lee’s story: upgrading to a seven-seater to fit the whole family

    Lee sold his car so that he, his wife, and their five kids (including newborn twins!) could fit into just one vehicle.

    With twins born just two days before a house move, Lee and his wife were desperate to stop splitting their three older kids and two newborns between two cars. Paying double for fuel and parking, not to mention doing twice the driving, was just too inconvenient. They decided to sell their cars and upgrade to a roomy and comfortable seven-seater.

    Lee started out looking at comparison sites and competitors, wanting to find the best deal possible. Motorway gave the highest valuation for his Mercedes B-Class, which was consistent with Lee’s expectations, and reassured him that he wasn’t aiming too high. Encouraged by the level of the valuation, Lee proceeded with Motorway’s online selling process.

    Lee and his wife had customised their Mercedes with little touches such as swapping out the dealership edition plates. As much as it meant to them, travelling from A to B as though they were two separate families was not a lifestyle they wished to lead any longer. In a big hurry to have the funds available to renovate their new house and upgrade their vehicle, it was quick and easy for Lee to profile his car on Motorway’s app, which made the transition of letting it go much easier. 

    Working as a nurse means that Lee has a busy schedule and appreciates honest and transparent customer service. His experience of having the buying dealer’s representative meet him at the hospital where he works to complete the sale exceeded his expectations. He found them to be flexible and communicative, making the task of selling his car amidst so many big changes for his family much easier. Lee described the service as ‘second to none’.

    Lee emphasises that selling his car on Motorway had a profound impact on their family dynamic. With the funds from the sale, they were able to import a Japanese seven-seater vehicle, creating an opportunity for the entire family to travel together in a single vehicle. This transition, brought them closer as a family, eliminating the need for constant coordination between two cars.

    Sneaking glances into the rear view mirror, he says he can already see the kids deepening their bond during longer drives, such as on their recent trip to Yorkshire.

    If your car no longer suits your lifestyle, why not see what you could get for it. Run a free, instant valuation today to get started.