Nigel’s story: Upgrading family experiences by downsizing the cars

    Nigel sold both family cars on Motorway for more money, and created unforgettable family memories.

    Like most people in the UK, Nigel and his wife have been feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis. Having always made very sensible decisions surrounding their cars in the past, they’d worked hard for the luxury of a high-trim, high-spec family car. 

    Admitting that he is fastidious when it comes to car maintenance, Nigel kept his Volkswagen Tiguan as clean as a whistle, since it also sometimes doubled as office space when on the go. Acknowledging the care he puts into his car, Nigel jokes that a clean car goes faster.

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    The family prizes experiences over material possessions, and their Tiguan made many of these possible. In the Volkswagen, they travelled to concerts and theatre shows, including to see Coldplay at Wembley. However, Nigel and his wife couldn’t justify the monthly outgoings on two cars, especially when at least one was normally sitting on the driveway. 

    A good friend recommended using Motorway after they’d sold several cars through the service. Nigel took out competing valuations, and Motorway came out on top. In fact, he was so pleasantly surprised with the quote for his Tiguan that they valued his wife’s car too. Impressed, the family decided to proceed with selling both.

    Following Motorway’s step-by-step guide, Nigel found profiling two cars in near-mint condition straightforward and easy. When the dealer’s representative came to inspect and collect one car, they had a laugh having to look so hard to find the scuff marks Nigel had reported on the exterior. 

    With the cars sold and finance cleared, Nigel and his family had extra money to pay off some outstanding bills. Even better, they had the funds to take not one, but two trips to Corfu, a place that holds a special meaning for the family.

    Nigel's Motorway story

    When Nigel and his wife first met, they holidayed on the Greek island and fell in love with the place. With their daughters now growing up, Nigel was conscious they may not be able to take another trip as a family again soon. With the funds from their cars sales, the four of them enjoyed a family holiday full of experiences that last a lifetime: dinners, excursions, and plenty of relaxing under the Grecian sun. To celebrate their 20-year anniversary, Nigel and his wife took a second trip to Corfu, enjoying some time away just the two of them for the first time in a long while.

    Back home and looking at their outgoings, Nigel and his wife were able to downsize from two cars that weren’t being driven all the time to a more economical and green hybrid. A comfortable family car, the hybrid is a great set of wheels for ferrying the family to even more unforgettable experiences.

    See how many new memories you could make with your family: sell your car with Motorway today.