Vikki’s story: Stalled by her running costs, she needed a safe way to sell her car.

    The upside to selling a beloved car: Vikki got a much higher price than expected. 

    Vikki built precious family memories for 10 years with her dream car, a Volkswagen Golf. From bringing her youngest son home in it as a newborn, to taking her boys camping, and working hard to pay the car off, it meant more to her than simply being a nice car to drive. 

    Being an older car, its running costs have increased over the last couple of years to the point where Vikki decided she simply needed to switch to a younger car and benefit from the cheaper running costs of a lower-emission, Euro 6 compliant vehicle. 

    Vikki had kept her car extremely well-serviced and the mileage on it was good for a 10 year-old car. She hoped to be able to sell her car to another family who would make the most of having a pleasant and reliable car to drive, and continue to make memories with it. However, as a single mother working shift hours, she was extremely put off by the experience of arranging for strangers to come to her house after dark to see the car, and didn’t want to get stressed haggling over their lowball offers.

    When her older son suggested Motorway, she ran an instant valuation for her car the very next day. Vikki was shocked that it suggested a higher price than she’d initially been looking for, since all the other companies she’d checked had offered much less.

    Profiling her car next, she found the process extremely easy, but almost too quick since she didn’t have another vehicle lined up to buy. Having always taken good care of her car, it didn’t take much to get it sale-ready. 

    The most important part of the process for Vikki was fitting the sale and collection easily into her busy schedule, as a single working mum of two. When her buyer came to inspect and collect the vehicle, he took her through a simple step-by-step process to complete the sale without putting any pressure on Vikki. She was particularly impressed that he stayed on her driveway until she saw the payment in her bank account. 

    Excited and overwhelmed with the great price she’d received, Vikki was able to take her time to choose her next vehicle carefully. Her advice for anybody considering selling their car on Motorway is to feel reassured that the whole process is simple, clear, and step-by-step, and that there’s always somebody at the end of a phone call. 

    Worried about your running costs as we get closer to the 2035 switchover? See what your car’s worth today with a free, instant valuation.