Gender pay gap

    • Jennifer Reeves
    • 1st January 2024

    In 2023, Motorway continued to help thousands of UK car owners to sell their vehicles, quickly, easily and for a great price whilst supporting our network of more than 5,000 dealers to acquire premium, used-car stock.

    At the same time, we have continued to focus on cultivating our culture of equality, diversity and inclusion among our teams, and on continuously shaping the company behaviours, processes and policies required to do this.

    In 2023, we put in place strategic initiatives to drive more inclusive hiring, in an effort to close our gender pay gap, which included:

    • Conducting a full review of our benefits, with the aim of improving our employee value proposition (EVP) in order to target top female talent. From this review, we  enhanced our maternity offering at the beginning of the year, going even further by expanding the package in October 2023, to six months fully paid maternity leave. Alongside maternity leave, we have introduced a workplace nursery scheme, allowing working parents to pay their nursery fees via salary sacrifice and save on tax. And finally, we have enhanced pension scheme offering. 
    • Job levelling across the business, to ensure clarity of standards and expectations at the ‘Head of’ level and above. This new levelling scheme will support Motorway with an unbiased promotion process moving forward.
    • Launching partnerships with Black Girls in Tech and She Can Code in order to advertise all our engineering roles with their networks, through their careers pages and newsletters. In 2023 we made one hire through our partners at Black Girls in Tech and in 2024 will continue investing in the gender balanced engineering teams of the future. 

    However, like many other tech companies, our gender pay gap continues to be impacted by an ongoing shortage of women in the engineering sector. This inevitably limits the number of female candidates applying for open roles and has led to a gender imbalance at Motorway, specifically in our upper quartile, where 18% of the roles are made up of female talent. This unfortunately means that our mean gender pay gap is higher than we would like, at 21.4%. 

    What will we do to change this in 2024?

    Our purpose at Motorway is to build a better car market for tomorrow, for everyone. This of course means we need to continue to build a pipeline of talented women entering the business, particularly into specialist tech and leadership positions, as well as supporting our existing female employees to develop their careers and progress into more senior roles in the company. 

    In 2024, we will:

    • Leverage our EVP by communicating the experience of female talent working at Motorway. This will enable us to attract candidates who are a natural fit and value the benefits they’ll receive in return for their skills and experience. 
    • Introduce a mentorship programme aimed at supporting female talent at Motorway. 
    • Increase our focus on data, which will provide a better understanding of the diversity in our recruitment pipeline. This will allow us to make informed decisions on where to focus our diversity efforts, and ensure an equitable process.
    • Introduce company wide diversity & inclusion training for leaders and managers. Alongside interview training, this training will raise everyone’s awareness of their unconscious biases and this is the starting point to change behaviours. We will then roll out to all our employees.

    We will be reviewing our plan to reduce our gender pay gap on a quarterly basis and our hiring plans monthly at executive level, to ensure we remain focussed on taking action and improving over the next 12 months and beyond.

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