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Top 10 Best Cars For New Drivers

You’ve completed the theory, passed the test – now comes the real driving. Buying your very first car is one of those special moments you’ll always remember. But the headache of choosing it? Probably something you’d rather forget.

We’ve made things a little easier by rounding up the nine best cars to buy as a new driver. Some come in under £5,000 for the most sensitive of wallets.

These cars are economical, affordable to maintain, great on real-world MPG and won’t break the bank when it comes to insurance. Perfect. They also all rank highly when it comes to safety too.

So whether you’re a teen who’s just qualified, a mature new driver or a parent looking for something for their kids, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this ultimate guide to cars for new drivers. Ditch the ‘L plates’ and read on!…

cars for new and first drivers
The first car you drive is often your most loved. Forever. Choose wisely!

We’ve gone for new driver options on the smaller side that err towards efficiency, are easy to drive and are stepping stones to potentially bigger, more challenging cars to drive at a later date.

The best cars to buy for new drivers are reviewed below:

  1. SKODA Citigo
  2. MINI Hatch
  3. Ford Fiesta
  4. Hyundai i10
  5. Toyota Aygo
  6. Volkswagen Polo
  7. Fiat 500
  8. Kia Picanto
  9. SEAT Ibiza
  10. Suzuki Swift

1. SKODA Citigo

It’s no surprise that those sensible sorts at SKODA make the list for new drivers. Not exactly a newbie, the Skoda Citigo was launched way back in 2011 alongside the almost identical cars – Volkswagen UP! and SEAT Mii.

Since then it’s gone on to win a host of awards – including ‘Best First Car’ in the 2015 Car Buyer Awards.

The reason the Citigo reigns over its siblings is down to the fact that it came top of the table in Co-op Insurance and Thatcham Research’s list of safest used cars for young people.

It ticks all the boxes. Small, but practical. Safe, but fun to drive. Cheap to buy and cheap to run.

All of this means the SKODA Citigo is inexpensive to insure – most models fit into group one or two (that’s a good thing, you want your first car to be in groups one to three as they’re the cheapest).

SKODA even boast stats like 67.3mpg with CO2 emissions of 96g/km.

The Skoda Citigo makes a great car for new drivers.
Skoda’s Citigo ranks as our top car for new drivers.

So let’s talk roominess. A lot of cars claim to be Tardis-like, but the Citigo genuinely surprises with its space. The interior has been efficiently designed.

In fact, when the back passenger seats are folded down, you can fit objects as long as 1.75 metres back there. Perfect for going back and forth from university.

And what about the big one – safety? As previously mentioned, the Citigo has come top in lists of the safest cars to drive. It was also awarded the maximum five-star rating in its EURO NCAP testing.

There are the practical qualities, but how does it fare on fun? It may not be a race car by any means, but it feels quick when you’re behind the wheel.

It’s performance is perky and characterful. And because it’s such a compact car, it’s a doddle to park (something you’ll be grateful of during your first year of driving, that’s for sure).  

SKODA gave the Citigo a refreshed look in 2017 and it came out the other side looking sharper, more modern and chicer thanks to a more prominent grille, redesigned bumpers and angular headlights.

Skoda no longer sell the petrol version of the Citigo, you can now only get the Citigoe IV which is fully electric, prices start at £20,455.

Price: From £2,000 used


  • A lot of car for little money
  • Practically identical to the VW UP! at a lower cost
  • Multi-award winning car


  • Interior is a little minimalist
  • A little basic

2. MINI Hatch

Sitting at the more premium end of the scale, the MINI Hatch isn’t the cheapest option on the list – but it’s hard to top as a memorable first car.

This isn’t just a car you buy to run around in, it’s a car you fall in love with. There are also a host of practical reasons you might go for a MINI too, but before we get into those let’s talk about the drive.

The MINI really feels like no other car. It has what MINI like to call ‘go-kart handling’ thanks to its low centre of gravity – which makes it a joy to drive.

Its interior really adds to that sense of fun too, there’s the iconic oversized speedometer, a 6.5” screen set within a round control centre and a steering wheel with control functions built in.

That iconic MINI look hasn’t changed much since 2001 but it’s great for new drivers

It’ll win your heart easily, but what about your head? The good news is that MINI’s are typically reliable these days, easy to maintain and fairly cheap to run. The entry-level ‘One’ model claims to be able to achieve 47.9mpg.

Add to that, MINIs make for a sensible investment. Few cars hold their residual values quite as well. That means when it comes to selling and sizing up, you can expect it to retain half its original value at three years or 60,000 miles.

Where the MINI Hatch falls down is on space in the back and the boot. But if you were buying a MINI and expecting space, then that’s really not the car’s fault now is it.

You’ll be able to seat four just fine and fit a suitcase and some bits in the boot, but that’s about it.

Price: From £16,195 new, £5,030 used


  • Iconic design
  • Fun drive
  • Good residual values


  • Small boot
  • Premium price tag

3. Ford Fiesta

Owning a Ford Fiesta is a rite of passage for all drivers. And you could make far worse decisions than choosing one as your first car. The Fiesta is highly praised and a household name for good reason.

In short, it’s fun to drive, loaded with quality features and has a good selection of engines to choose from. It also does extremely well in our list of best small cars. There’s lots of reasons why it’s the UK’s best selling car.

Let’s start with the drive. Fans of the Ford Fiesta will rave for days about its precise steering, weighted grip and supreme suspension. Together, these things all make the Fiesta a really fun car, whether you’re winding down country roads or navigating city streets.

What it does well is match all that driving fun with the sophistication of a car from a different class. Because the Fiesta is well-controlled, it makes for a refined drive.

It feels spacious and road noise is barely noticeable. It’ll give you the confidence you need while you’re getting used to driving solo.

The Fiesta looks sportier than ever and it’s great if you’ve recently learnt to drive

Young hearts will be won over by the Fiesta’s amazing array of technology features.

Aside from the entry-level model, all trims come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to sync your smartphone and control selected apps through the car’s touchscreen, including sat nav and Spotify.

What’ll win parents – or more sensibly-minded sorts – over is the incredible range of safety tech. The MyKey system allows the maximum speed of the car to be restricted to a set number – and the stereo volume can be limited too.

To that, the Fiesta also comes with seven airbags as well as driver assistance features like Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Aid and Traffic Sign Recognition.

When it comes to choosing an engine, the EcoBoost petrol options are pretty efficient, seeing returns of up to 65.7mpg. Not bad going.

And as with every car on this list, if you opt for a lower-powered Fiesta, you’ll find it sits in a more competitive insurance group.

Price: From £16,115 new, £7,410 used


  • Soft touch plastic makes it feel more premium
  • Fun to drive


  • A little predictable
  • Top end models get pricey

4. Hyundai i10

The i10 is the smallest car Hyundai make, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in value, refinement and comfort. And boy does it win big on refinement.

When you sit inside, the i10 doesn’t really feel like a small city car. It’s well laid out – clean and modern – and comes with premium-feeling finishes.

It’s the perfect car for city driving, thanks to its good visibility and poised handling. And because it feels light under your feet – nippy, some might say – it’s fun to drive. Made even more fun by the ability to hook your phone up to the sound system via Bluetooth.

The i10 isn’t just made for tucking down tidy city streets. It’s a great car for building confidence, which makes it ideal for new drivers.

It can take on motorways with ease, thanks to its impressive build quality. And where other cars feel unsure, the i10 feels self-assured.

While we’re on the subject of motorways, if you think you’re going to find yourself spending a lot of time on them then the 1.2 litre with 86bhp is the way to go. It has a quicker 0-62mph of 12.1 seconds and handles longer journeys best.

hyundai new drivers
The Hyundai i10 is a real confidence builder for new drivers

The i10 will win some points with friends as you can fit five in, but if we’re talking comfortably it’s more like four. Especially if you’re on a drive that’s longer than 45 minutes.

There are only two engines to pick from in the i10, but both the 1.0 litre and 1.2 are small and efficient options, which means it’s cheap to run, tax and insure.

The entry-level model sits in insurance group one. Impossible to beat. That five-year warranty is a nice touch for new drivers too, well above the standard three-year warranty most other car makers offer.

Hyundai have just released an all-new i10, prices start at £12,49; but stick with the old one, it’s cheaper after all.

Price: From £10,025 new, £2,865 used


  • Comfortable
  • Fun to drive


  • Not particularly exciting
  • Trim is basic

5. Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo makes the list thanks to its frugal qualities. Fuel economy is good, insurance options are optimistic and road tax is tiny. Tick, tick, tick. But can it win over new drivers with its handling and styling?

What’s really fun about the Aygo is its design. It has that typical sharp styling Toyota is known for. The iconic ‘X’ frontal design may be polarising, but if you like it, you’ll really like it. You can’t argue that it’s distinctive and eye-catching.  

It’s definitely been designed for the style-conscious. There are dozens of personalisation options, paint options and ways to make it your own (but be mindful of resale values when you’re choosing those colour combinations).

The Aygo’s design is distinctive and personaliseable. And great for first drivers

While the Toyota Aygo’s 1.0 litre engine may not be big, but it is characterful. It’ll happily rev and perform with heaps of enthusiasm. It feels ample on city streets thanks to sharp steering and suspension, too.

Toyota recently updated the Aygo and made improvements to CO2 emissions (which have been reduced by 5 g/km to ensure best-in-class efficiency) as well as drive and handling by improving the engine’s response.

While it doesn’t beat the Citigo or i10 in terms of cheap insurance, the entry level model sits in group six – not bad at all. The rest of the range sits in group seven.

Price: From £9,495 new, £3,150 used


  • Unique, fun design
  • Frugal performance
  • Personalise the look until your hearts content


  • Limited engine range
  • Small boot

6. Volkswagen Polo

Like the Fiesta, the Volkswagen Polo is a household name. It’s known for its astounding build quality, stylish looks and strong residual values.

So the Polo is by no means the most thrilling car on this list, but it excels in almost every other department. The Polo won’t let you down as your first car.

Being such a small car makes it easy to maneuver and park. Trust us, you’ll be grateful for that in your first year of driving.

t’s also supremely comfortable thanks to its spacious cabin, plush materials and heaps of technology.

Volkswagen Polo Beats edition is one of the great small cars on sale.
The Volkswagen Polo is an absolute classic first car for all ages

Volkswagen have really stepped up their game when it comes to tech. The features found on the Polo help drivers, new and experienced, feel more confident behind the wheel.

There are advanced safety systems like Pedestrian Detection and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking that help to minimise your risk of an accident. And the optional Adaptive Cruise Control helps to reduce the stress of long drives.

Oh, and the Polo also features effortless smartphone connectivity which makes taking and placing audio calls easy.

Pound for pound, the Polo is a sound choice. Volkswagen claims it can achieve 64.2mpg for the 94bhp version with CO2 emissions of 101g/km.

Opt for the basic ‘S’ and ‘SE’ models (with the 1.0-litre MPI engine) and you’ll find yourself in insurance group one. Cheap as chips.

Price: From £15,390 new, £9,495 used


  • Spacious boot
  • Comfortable drive


  • Extras add up
  • More exciting alternatives on offer

7. Fiat 500

Fiat’s little 500 is a popular choice amongst young drivers thanks to its stylish design and cheap price whether buying or leasing. Its retro styling and funky colours make it a great budget alternative to the MINI Hatch.

The Fiat 500 has the ability to win folks over before you even put the key in. Some will fall in love with it as soon as they see it. For others it’ll be when they get behind the wheel.

Inside is cheerful and funky, featuring a 5” infotainment screen. There are also aux and USB connections as standard. So streaming your favourite playlists from your phone won’t be a problem.

If you find yourself doing most of your driving around town and in the city, then the 500 will suit you perfectly. It’s compact, easy to maneuver with light steering and good visibility.

The Fiat 500 is the cheapest new car PCP deal on the market.

Youngsters love the Fiat 500’s retro look

500 drivers love their cars – as proven by their win in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey back in 2017. The folks at Fiat took silver in the Best Premium Supermini category and were absolutely over the moon about it.

This award means so much as it’s based on real feedback from our customers and shows we continue to produce a model which really appeals to them.”

The Fiat 500 isn’t the cheapest car on our list when it comes to insurance, but the costs are still low. Our recommendation would be to opt for the 1.2 litre engine which fits into insurance group seven.

And while we’re talking about rational reasons to opt for the 500, Fiat offer a unique warranty that covers unlimited miles for two years (extending to three years as long as you haven’t exceeded 100,000 miles). Not bad at all.

On top of that you get three years’ cover for the paintwork and an eight-year warranty against rust.

Another great thing about the Fiat 500, like the MINI Hatch, is that it holds its value well. So if you’re thinking of leasing instead of buying, you should be able to bag a pretty neat price per month.

Price: From £12,010 new, £1,455 used


  • Quirky design
  • Good warranty


  • Safety rating isn’t as good as other cars on the list
  • Ride is a touch too firm

8. Kia Picanto

Kia’s Picanto has total youth appeal thanks to its sporty looks, compact frame and peppy performance, but it also has a lot of practical qualities too.

The Picanto has grown up a lot over the years. It looks more sophisticated thanks to its longer and wider body. Also, it’s now comes with five doors as standard, which makes it one of the most spacious and pal-friendly cars on the list.

Sit inside and you’ll discover just how much there is on offer in the Picanto. There’s electric front windows, a two-speaker stereo, USB connectivity, automatic lights and touch screen sat nav with infotainment.

It’s an easy drive too, which will appeal to those who’ve just bagged their licence. The ride is smooth and the noise levels are low, with little road and wind noise to speak of.

Steering can feel a touch heavier than other cars on this list, like the i10 and Citigo, but it doesn’t ruin the overall driving experience.

Kia’s Picanto looks modern and fun. It’s also easy to drive.

As with every car on this list, the Picanto delivers strong results when it comes to running costs. The 1.0 litre engine emits just 101g/km of CO2 and Kia claim it can achieve 67.2mpg. Pretty impressive numbers.

Where other cars really can’t compete with Kia is on warranty. Kia are well known for their confidence in their cars, which is why they offer industry-leading seven year warranty. Something that should put new drivers’ minds at ease.

Price: From £10,195 new, £5,440 used


  • Spacious interior
  • An enjoyable drive
  • Unbeatable warranty


  • Firm ride
  • A less stylish option

9. SEAT Ibiza

Think of the SEAT Ibiza as the sportier, Spanish cousin to the Volkswagen Polo. For a new driver and first-time buyer, it’ll no doubt win you over with its exciting looks and bounty of equipment. But there’s more to this car than its racy appearance.

The Ibiza is by no means an underdog anymore. Look around on your next trip to town and you’ll start to spot dozens. In fact, over 5.5 million Ibizas have been sold since its launch in 1984.

And it’s easy to understand why. It doesn’t just look sporty, it acts it too. Delivering a rewarding drive that’s direct and responsive, thanks to the three-cylinder engine.

But don’t worry – that engine won’t cause issues when it comes to your insurance. Opt for a smaller engine, like the 1.2, and you’ll typically fall into middling insurance groups.

Practical and stylish the SEAT Ibiza is one of the small cars with a ton of value for money.
For those craving something sporty with their first drive

Built on the Volkswagen MQB A0 platform, which can only be a good thing. It means this Spanish wonder is packed with premium technology and safety features that you won’t find on other cars in its price range.

Tech like pedestrian detection with auto braking for example. And don’t forget a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

The SEAT Ibiza’s spaciousness will be welcomed by students. In fact, opt for the Ibiza and it’ll get you – and all of your things – to and from university without even breaking a sweat.

But what about running costs? The 1.0 litre engine can achieve around 60mpg. Pretty good stuff. Warranty is standard, but good; three years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Price: From £15,825 new, £7,245 used


  • Sporty looks
  • Spacious interior


  • Interior feels a little cheap
  • Extras can add up in terms of cost

10. Suzuki Swift

Suzuki’s Swift is one of the most underrated cars on our roads. A superb all-rounder it couples great handling, a potent engine, decent build quality and the tech most people seek these days.

Prices start at £10,867 for the basic ‘SZ3’ model. You may want to bump up to the slightly pricier ‘SZ-T’ trim if you want alloy wheels and an infotainment screen that can mirror your phone, this will set you back £12,533.

In the middle of the range is the new ‘Attitude’ model. This adds go faster styling so the Swift almost looks like it’s bigger brother the ‘Sport’.

If you want practicality and sporty looks head for the PCP deals page for the Suzuki Swift Attitude.
The latest Suzuki Swift Attitude adds a ton of ‘go faster’ styling to an already great looking car.

At the very top of the model line up you’ll find ‘SZ5’ which literally has everything on it you could ever want. It also adds a mild hybrid option, this saves you a few MPG here and there, but expect to pay at least £13,778 for the privilege.

A four wheel drive option is also available for an extra £800 on the top trim level. Ideal if you live in the countryside.

You can pick between a 1.0 litre turbocharged engine or a 1.2 litre non-turbo engine. The turbo model costs more, but stick with the 1.2 as it loves to rev and picks up speed with ease.

Handling is fun, you can throw the Swift around with ease and its 88 BHP means you have to work the gears to find the power. It makes for an engaging drive, either in town or through some winding country roads.

MPG is rated at 61, but expect around 50-55 across normal, everyday driving.

Price: From £11,485 new, used £8,000.


  • Incredibly wallet friendly
  • Decent spec from the start
  • Great handling


  • Entry level model goes without infotainment screen
  • Can’t spec options, all models come ‘as is’

Time to hit the road as a new driver….

There you have it. Nine of the best cars to start your journey as a new driver.

The main takeaway should be to go with your head as much as your heart – opt for a car that’s efficient, fun to drive but helps to build your confidence and keep your insurance costs low.

Happy driving!

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