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    Here at Motorway, we’re big on cars and bigger on making sure customers get the best price when they sell! If the idea of selling your car, dealing with the DVLA, figuring out Clean Air Zones, or making the big switch to an electric car has you confused, we have a guide for you!

    Browse through our guide categories to discover everything you need to know about selling, valuing, running, and maintaining your car.

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    selling your car guides

    Selling your car

    Top 10 tips to sell your car
    Get your car sold for the best price in no time with our top 10 tips!

    How to sell a car privately
    Selling your car privately can get you a great price, but it can also mean dealing with time-wasters and a great deal of stress. Here’s how to do it the right way.

    How to sell a car with free collection
    Because you shouldn’t have to leave your home to sell your car, right?

    Should you sell your diesel car?
    The clock is ticking on diesel cars, our guide will help you decide if it’s time to say goodbye.

    Should I sell my hybrid car?
    Hybrids are already half-way to electric. Should you go all in and sell your hybrid for an even greener choice?

    Should I sell my petrol car?
    Petrol cars are still extremely popular, but they’ll soon be a thing of the past. Here’s what you need to consider if you’re driving a petrol car.

    Top 5 ways to sell a car
    Everything you need to know about the most common ways to sell your car.

    Companies that buy cars
    There are many types of companies that buy cars. Find the perfect buyer for your vehicle.

    How to sell your van online
    There’s always enormous demand for quality vans – here’s how to sell yours, online and for free.

    How to part-exchange your car
    Part exchange can be convenient, and you can find out more about how it works here.

    Should I part-exchange my car?
    Part exchange, or trading-in, is traditionally an easy way to sell your car. But will it get you the best price?

    How to sell a car for parts
    A car is valuable, even in pieces – learn how to scrap your car for parts and get the most for your money.

    Car scrappage schemes
    Cars at the end of their life still have scrap value. Explore the top scrappage schemes.

    WeBuyAnyCar alternatives
    We take a look at other car buying sites as well as other routes and alternatives.

    Auto Trader alternatives
    AutoTrader is the original online platform for classified car listings, and there are plenty of similar sites out there too. We compare the alternatives here.

    Gumtree alternatives
    Both platforms offer opportunities for sellers to connect with buyers, but there are distinct differences in their business models and how they help customers sell their vehicles.

    Alternatives to Facebook Marketplace for car selling. Which is better: Motorway or Facebook Marketplace?
    Both are free to use & connect car sellers with car buyers – but they have very different models.

    Selling a modified car
    Learn about selling a modified car, and how much money modified cars are worth, before you start selling one.

    How to become a car dealer
    Interested in becoming a car dealer and joining the Motorway dealer network? Here’s how.

    How to sell a car at auction
    Learn about traditional car auctions, and how Motorway is building a better alternative.

    What are the best-selling used cars?
    Learn which are the best-selling cars on Motorway.

    Safest ways to accept payment when selling a car
    Learn more about safe payment methods you can use when selling your car privately.

    How to safely sell your car online
    Staying safe online is extremely important when you’re selling your car and sharing personal details online. Learn how to protect yourself here.

    How to sell your car: step-by-step guide
    Here’s everything you need to do to get your car sold, step by step.

    Can you sell a car without an MOT?
    The answer is yes, but not with Motorway. Explore tips for selling your car with no MOT here.

    Car selling scams and how to avoid them
    Don’t get scammed when selling your car! Follow these tips to feel at ease when selling to strangers, from your home.

    Where can I sell a mobility or wheelchair accessible vehicle?
    Mobility and wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) can fetch a good price, although modifications can be a tough sell.

    The UK’s bestselling cars – what cars were selling well in 2022?
    What were the major trends in the UK used car market in 2022? Find out in our guide.

    How to sell a car in Northern Ireland
    Find out your options for getting a great price when selling your car in Northern Ireland.

    Can I sell my car without insurance? – the ultimate guide
    Find out the best time to cancel your insurance when selling your car.

    Top 11 tips for advertising your car
    Learn about the key areas of your car advert to focus on when selling your car online, from taking great photos to front-loading key spec info.

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    cash return

    Valuing your car

    Car depreciation – the ultimate guide
    Car depreciation is a simple idea in theory – but what does that mean for your car’s value?

    How much is your car worth?
    Learn how to find the value of your vehicle, whether you’re ready to sell it now or thinking ahead.

    How to get the best price for my car
    Lots of factors can impact the value of your car, some of them more surprising than others!

    Van valuation – the ultimate guide
    Learn how to find the value of your van so you can sell it for the best price.

    Car trade-in value – get your highest offer
    Trading-in (or part-exchange) sets your current vehicle off against the next. Learn how to value your car and evaluate whether trading-in is a good option.

    How much does mileage affect car value?
    When it comes to finding your car’s value, just how much of a role does mileage play?

    Is my car worth less after an accident?
    Buyers need to know whether your car has been in an accident when you sell – here’s what that could mean for car value.

    What is diminished value?
    A car’s value can change after an accident, even once repaired – here’s why.

    HPI check – the ultimate guide
    Find out what a HPI check is and if it’s worth getting one for your vehicle.

    Used car prices – the ultimate guide
    Used car prices and the used car market itself, are subject to constant fluctuation. Find out what it all means for the value of your car.

    The 10 best and worst cars for holding value
    Find out which cars make the cut, with tips on car depreciation and resale value.

    How does rust affect car value?

    Learn how much rust can devalue your vehicle, ways to prevent it and the cost of getting it removed if it has appeared.

    Does debadging a car affect its value?

    Find out whether debadging a car affects its value, if its illegal or not, and the reasons why people do it.

    What are the most expensive parts of a car to replace?

    Discover what parts of the car are the most expensive to replace and what prices you will be looking at for parts and labour.

    Car anatomy: what are the parts of a car?

    Learn the different components that make up a car from the engine and gearbox to the suspension and braking system.

    How to remove car scratches?

    Read our easy to follow guide on how to remove car scratches and the costs involved if you want to hire a professional.

    How much does it cost to replace a gearbox?

    Find out how much a gearbox costs to replace, factors that affect the price and common signs to look out for.

    How much does it cost to replace a car engine?

    Learn what costs are involved when it comes to engine replacement, how to spot signs of wear and how to choose a reliable mechanic.

    How much does it cost to replace a car suspension?

    Discover the costs involved when you replace your car suspension and what signs to look for regarding wear and tear.

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    car documentation guides

    Car documentation & the DVLA

    What documents do I need to sell a car?
    There are documents that are essential to have to hand if you want to sell your car.

    V5C – the ultimate guide
    The V5C logbook is one of the most important documents about your car, learn more about this key piece of paperwork.

    Service history – the ultimate guide
    Your service history proves that you’ve taken good care of your car, so it’s a crucial document. Learn more here.

    Selling a car without a V5C
    Learn what to do if you’re selling your car and don’t have your V5C logbook.

    How to replace lost car documents – the ultimate guide
    Where and how to replace all those vital car documents. From V5C logbook to your MOT certificate.

    How to check your car’s road tax
    This guide shows you how to check your road tax, why it’s important, different tax bands and the cost of vehicle excise duty.

    How to tax your car
    It’s a legal requirement to tax your car in the UK. You’ll not get very far if you don’t pay your road tax! Learn how to do it and why it’s so important.

    How to buy or sell a private number plate
    The perfect way to customise your car, how do you deal with private plates when you want to sell? Read on to find out.

    The ultimate MOT guide
    Learn all about MOTs, how often you must MOT your car, and how they are used to ensure your car is safe for the road.

    Proving your car is ULEZ-compliant with a Certificate of Conformity
    A CoC is a document you can request from your car’s manufacturer. It has several uses, including verification of ULEZ, CAZ and LEZ compliance.

    What is my car’s VIN and how do I find it?
    Need to know your car’s VIN number? And just what is a VIN? Find out more about the vehicle identification number.

    Is your car insured?
    It’s illegal to drive on UK roads without insuring your car. Find out how to check if your car is insured and how to insure it if not.

    What insurance group is my car?
    Read up on how insurance groups impact precisely how much you pay for cover.

    Cat A, B, S, and N explained
    Damaged cars could still have some life in them yet – our guide will tell you just how much!

    The ultimate guide to Cat N cars
    A Cat N car classification (previously known as Cat D) isn’t something to ignore. Learn why in our guide.

    Car tax refunds: a guide
    Learn how to cancel your road tax and get a refund if you don’t plan to drive your car for a significant period.

    How to cancel road tax – the ultimate guide
    A step-by-step rundown of how to cancel your road tax. Find out what documents you need and how to contact the DVLA.

    Retain my number plate – the ultimate guide
    Learn how to retain your vehicle’s number plate when selling your car.

    When did the ’71 number plates come out?
    Twice a year, the DVLA releases new plates. In September 2021, the ’71 plate came in.

    What is a V11 Reminder?
    If you’re due to pay road tax, you can expect a V11 to land on your doormat. Here’s what that means for your vehicle.

    How to update or renew your driving licence
    You’ll need to update your driving licence once every ten years until the age of 70 – here’s how.

    Selling my car with a private plate – the ultimate guide
    There are several options when selling a car with a private plate. Our handy guide has all the info to help you decide which is best for you.

    Car write-offs – the ultimate guide
    Having your car written off doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Learn about the options available to you here.

    When did the ’22 number plate come out?
    Find out when the 2022 reg plates came out.

    When did the ’72 number plate come out?
    Find out when the ’72 reg plates came out.

    When did the ’23 number plates come out?
    New reg plates came out in March 2023. Get the answers to all your reg plate questions here.

    When do the ’73 number plates come out?
    New reg plates drop twice a year find out when they arrive on the market as they will usually affect the value of your car.

    When do the ’24 number plates come out?
    New reg plates drop twice a year – and the new ’24 plates are set to come out on 1st of March 2024.

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    Motorway car finance guides

    Cars on finance

    The ultimate guide to PCP finance
    Could PCP finance be your gateway to a new car? Find out with our PCP guide.

    The ultimate guide to HP car finance
    Get all the info on how HP finance works.

    Guide to personal car leasing
    Leasing a car is a great way to get the vehicle you want even on a budget, find out how car leasing could work for you.

    The ultimate guide to no-deposit car leasing
    Leasing a car without a deposit makes it easy to get a vehicle on the tightest of budgets.

    How to part-exchange a car on finance – the ultimate guide
    Part-exchanging your financed car can be done, but will it get you the best price for your car? Our guide has all you need to know.

    How to sell a car on finance – the ultimate guide
    You can do it, but how? Our guide has all the info on selling your financed car.

    Car finance – frequently asked questions
    Discover our car finance FAQs covering credit scores, settlement figures, and much more.

    7 myths about car finance – busted!

    Make sure you know the truth about these commonly-misunderstood aspects to car finance contracts, so you can get the best value for your money.

    How to check if a vehicle has outstanding finance?

    Learn how to check if a vehicle has outstanding finance and what to do if you want to sell one.

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    electric & alternative fuel vehicle guides

    Electric cars & alternative fuel vehicles

    Electric cars – the ultimate guide
    Everything you need to know about the future of cars – the electric vehicle.

    How to sell an electric car
    Demand for EVs is booming, but there are a few extra things to consider when selling an electric car – here’s what you need to know.

    Electric cars – should you buy or sell?
    We take a closer look at EVs and whether you should make the switch.

    Selling your car and the 2035 electric car switchover
    Change is on the horizon! If you’re considering selling your vehicle for an electric car, get our top tips here.

    What is a hybrid car and how do they work?
    For those not quite ready to go fully-electric, a hybrid car might be a great compromise. Our guide can help you decide!

    LPG cars – the ultimate guide
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a fuel alternative to traditional petrol or diesel. Here’s everything you need to know.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?
    Find out how long it takes to get electric car batteries fully charged and ready to go!

    How & where to charge your electric car at home and on the road
    Keep range anxiety at bay by knowing exactly how to charge your electric car, wherever you are.

    Do electric cars pay the congestion charge?
    Heading into Central London? Then best to check if your EV is congestion charge exempt!

    Are electric cars cheaper to run?
    With rising electricity costs and changes to road tax, are electric cars still cheaper in the long term? Find out in our guide.

    Do electric cars need servicing?
    Every car needs to be taken care of, but you may be surprised by how easy and cheap it is to service an electric car.

    How much does it cost to tax an electric car?
    See how much you’ll need to pay in road tax every year as the owner of an electric car.

    What is a hydrogen fuel cell car?
    The future of motoring is hydrogen, or at least according to some people. Here’s why.

    What is a mild hybrid car?
    For those not ready to go fully-electric, there is the affordable option of a mild hybrid. Learn what these are and their benefits, here.

    Electric car depreciation – the ultimate guide
    Do electric cars depreciate faster? Get all the info on electric car resale value right here.

    Electric car grants – the ultimate guide
    Find out about all government grant schemes available to help you buy an electric car.

    Most frequently asked electric car questions
    Get answers to the most commonly asked EV questions and buy an electric vehicle fully informed.

    What is the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme?
    The CVRAS could be your way to emissions standards compliance. Find out what it is and if you’re eligible.

    The cities leading the EV charge
    We combined a variety of key metrics to uncover an EV-readiness index that reveals which UK cities and towns are best suited for electric cars.

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    car ownership guides

    Car ownership

    Car ownership – ways to own and finance a car
    Considering taking on finance to complete a car purchase? We explore HP, PCP and more options.

    How to keep your car looking new
    Showing a car some TLC is something that will be appreciated by more people than just the owner, learn why in our guide.

    How to transfer car ownership
    There’s more to giving your car away than just handing over the keys – here’s a rundown on the paperwork you’ll need to complete.

    The future of manual cars
    Will the electric car switch in 2035 force us to leave manual transmission in the past?

    SORN my car
    A SORN will pause or stop your road tax liability on a car you don’t plan to use on the road.

    What is car remapping?
    Want to make your car more powerful? The secret may be under the dashboard.

    Car engine size – the ultimate guide
    Need to check your car engine size? Here’s a handy guide to finding out how.

    How to look after & maintain a car
    Our top tips on keeping your car in best condition through all seasons, including the safest storage and parking options.

    What type of immobiliser and/or alarm does your car have?
    Keeping your car safe should be top priority – and so should getting yourself a car immobiliser.

    Winter driving: safety tips for snow and ice
    In adverse weather, there are extra measures you should take for safety and maintenance.

    Most popular cars on the road – what is the most common car in the UK?
    The latest statistics from the DVLA reveal the most popular cars in the UK.

    How to replace lost, broken, or stolen car keys – the ultimate guide
    The best, quickest, and most cost-effective methods to go about getting new or replacement keys made up for your car.

    Top 15 ways to cut your motoring costs
    Car ownership, like many things today, is getting more and more expensive. Here are 15 ways you can reduce those costs

    Smart motorways – the ultimate guide
    What are they? Are they safe? And are they being scrapped? Find out where they are and how they will affect your journeys.

    Speeding fines UK – how they work and what you need to know
    In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about being issued a speeding fine, and what you can expect. 

    How to sell a deceased person’s car
    If you’ve inherited a car from a deceased family member or friend that you wish to either sell or transfer, it’s crucial to know the proper steps.

    How to check if your car or van’s MOT is up to date
    In this guide, we’ll look at why MOTs are important, what they check, the potential costs involved, and the quickest way to confirm your vehicle’s compliance.

    How to check tyre tread depth
    In this article, we explain three easy methods to measure your tyre tread depth, look at the legal minimum depth and the consequences of bald tyres.

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    on the road car guides

    Emissions & Clean Air Zones

    ULEZ Charge – how to pay a ULEZ fine & cut it in half
    Read our guide to find out what you need to do to avoid any surprise PCN post turning up on your doorstep, and how to minimise it if you do.

    Clean Air Zones (CAZs) in the UK – the ultimate guide
    Find out where, when, and what the rules are for every CAZ in the UK.

    ULEZ – the ultimate guide
    Learn why the ULEZ is so important if you plan to be driving in London.

    ULEZ expansion – latest news & map
    London’s ultra low emissions zone is set to expand in 2023. Find out when, where and what the new rules are in our guide.

    ULEZ-exempt cars
    We explore popular ULEZ-exempt car models. Find out if your car is exempt from the ULEZ charge.

    Find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the ULEZ.

    ULEZ-compliant cars – the ultimate guide
    Is your car ULEZ-compliant? Find out about compliance criteria.

    The van driver’s guide to London’s ULEZ
    Vans are more likely to incur ULEZ charges. With the zone soon to expand to all of Greater London, make sure you don’t get a penalty charge.

    What did the October 2021 ULEZ expansion mean for car owners?
    ULEZ rules changed from October 2021, see what it meant for you and your vehicle.

    Grants and scrappage schemes for ULEZ and other Clean Air Zones (CAZs) – the ultimate guide
    ULEZ expansion and other clean air zones around the UK offer scrappage grants. Find out who is eligible, how to apply, and how much you might get.

    The ultimate guide to the London LEZ
    The ULEZ and the London LEZ are NOT the same thing – learn their crucial differences.

    London congestion zone – the ultimate guide
    Don’t get caught out by the congestion charge when you’re driving around London.

    The ultimate guide to Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ)
    Birmingham has its own clean air zone. Here’s everything you need to know.

    Birmingham congestion charge zone – the ultimate guide
    Make sure you’re paying the Clean Air Zone charge when driving in Birmingham, to avoid getting a Penalty Charge Notice. Learn everything you need to know here.

    Cambridge’s congestion charge zone – the ultimate guide
    Find out everything about Cambridge’s proposed sustainable travel zone, estimated to come into force in the late 2020s. See the proposed scheme here and learn how to have your say.

    Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) – the ultimate guide
    Learn about the Oxford ZEZ scheme and whether you need to pay to drive in the city centre.

    Bristol’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) the ultimate guide
    The Bristol Clean Air Zone has been charging non-compliant drivers since 2022. Find out whether you’ll be affected in our guide.

    Bath Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – the ultimate guide
    Learn about the boundaries, charges, and exemptions for Bath’s CAZ, and check whether you could be subject to charges.

    Newcastle Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – the ultimate guide
    Newcastle has a CAZ in the city centre – find out whether you need to pay to drive through Newcastle and Tyneside.

    Sheffield Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – the ultimate guide
    The Sheffield CAZ launched in February 2023. Find out where the boundary is and which vehicles have to pay.

    Bradford Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – the ultimate guide
    Bradford’s Class C CAZ charges non-compliant van drivers in the centre of the city. Find out if you need to pay.

    Scotland’s Low Emission Zones (LEZs) – the ultimate guide
    Scotland has introduced low emissions zones in its four biggest cities. Find out where, when and what the rules are.

    Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) – the ultimate guide
    Glasgow’s LEZ started charging non-residential car and van drivers in June 2023, and handed out over £17,000 in penalties in the first month alone. Find out more about the LEZ in Scotland’s biggest city here.

    Edinburgh’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) – the Motorway guide
    On 19th May 2022, Edinburgh city centre’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was implemented. All part of Edinburgh’s efforts towards Scotland’s target of achieving net zero by 2045.

    Dundee’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) – the ultimate guide
    In an effort to enhance air quality, promote sustainability, and reduce pollution for a healthier urban environment, Dundee introduced a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in 2022.

    Euro 6 compliance & emission standards
    Learn how Euro 6 emission standards (commonly applied to diesel vehicles) affect UK city driving restrictions.

    Car CO2 emissions guide
    Discover how CO2 emissions can dictate where you can drive, and how to avoid an emission fine or two.

    Diesel emissions claims – the ultimate guide (2022)
    Owners of any diesel car made between 2007 and 2018 may be entitled to £1,000s. Get all the info on the diesel emissions scandal.

    What are London’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)?
    Read up on everything you need to know about LTNs including how they work, why they exist and what are the advantages/disadvantages.

    Top 10 tips for improving fuel efficiency
    If you’re keen to keep your driving costs down, here are 10 top tips that will help you improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

    The 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel cars – the ultimate guide
    If you want to learn more about the 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, here is everything you need to know.

    What is AdBlue and how does it affect running costs?

    Learn what AdBlue is, how it works, whether your car needs it and how it can affect your running costs.

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    Car checkers

    How to check if your car or van’s MOT is up to date
    In this guide, we’ll look at why MOTs are important, what they check, the potential costs involved, and the quickest way to confirm your vehicle’s compliance.

    How to check the status of your vehicle insurance
    This step-by-step guide will help you learn why your car insurance is important and how to go about checking your insurance status for free.

    Checking your road tax – the ultimate guide
    Road tax plays a crucial role in maintaining the UK’s extensive road network and ensuring its safety and functionality.

    Car brands

    How to sell my Tesla – the ultimate guide
    Selling a Tesla? Get all the info on resale value and how the growing market for eco-friendly cars can get you the best price for your Tesla.

    How to sell my Porsche – the ultimate guide
    Make sure you’re getting the best price for your high-end car, and avoiding the time-wasters that these highly enviable cars can attract.

    How to sell my BMW – the ultimate guide
    It’s one of the most desirable brands out there, but how can you get the best price for yours?

    How to sell my Audi – the ultimate guide
    Audis are perfect candidates for selling after a few years of careful ownership – here’s how to get the best price for yours.

    How to sell my Land Rover – the ultimate guide
    These luxury SUVs can cost you dearly in maintenance fees and depreciation – learn how to get the best possible price for your Land Rover or Range Rover.

    How to sell my Mercedes-Benz – the ultimate guide
    A favoured brand, Mercedes attract a lot of attention. Our guide has our tips to get your best price.

    How to sell my Jaguar – the ultimate guide
    An iconic British brand, Jaguars attract a lot of interest. Our guide will help you get the best price for yours.

    How to sell my VW – the ultimate guide
    One of the most common cars on the road in the UK, and a highly trusted brand, read our guide to learn the best way to sell your Volkswagen.

    How to sell my MINI – the ultimate guide
    A British icon and one of the UK’s most popular vehicles, MINIs do well in the used car market. Our guide has the info you need to get the best price for yours.

    How to sell my Ford – the ultimate guide
    The US brand represents the most common cars on UK roads. But what does that mean for sellers?

    How to sell my Vauxhall – the ultimate guide
    Known for their reliability, Vauxhalls are often in demand. Check our guide for how to get the best price for yours.

    How to sell your Nissan – the ultimate guide
    From the Qashqai to the Micra, Nissan is known for reliable and stylish cars that hold their value well. Make sure you get the most value for yours with our guide.

    How to sell your Hyundai – the ultimate guide
    Our guide has all the info you need for getting the best price for your Hyundai.

    How to sell your Renault – the ultimate guide
    From depreciation rates to the ways you can sell, our guide has all the info you need to sell your Renault.

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    car selling updates

    Selling updates

    Contact-free car selling with Motorway
    We’re keeping it safe for you to sell your car with Motorway, learn how! Updated July 1st 2021.

    Selling your car during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
    Learn how the pandemic is impacting the way you can sell your car. Updated July 1st 2021.

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