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Here at Motorway we’re big on cars and big on making sure customers get the best deal for theirs! If the idea of selling your car, dealing with the DVLA or making the big electric car switch has you confused, we have a guide for you! Browse through our categories to discover everything you need to know about selling, running and maintaining your car!

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selling your car guides

Selling your car

Car depreciation — the ultimate guide
Car depreciation is a simple idea in theory — but what does that mean for your car value in reality?

Top 10 tips to sell your car
Get your car sold for the best price in no time with our top 10 tips!

How much is your car worth?
Learn how to find the value of your vehicle if you’re thinking of selling your car.

How to sell a car privately
Selling your car privately can help you get a great price, but it can also be a great deal of stress.

Van valuation — the ultimate guide
Learn how to find the value of your van so you can sell for the best price.

How to sell a car with free collection
Because you shouldn’t have to go anywhere to sell your car, right?

Should you sell your diesel car?
The clock is ticking on diesel cars, our guide will help you decide if it’s time to say goodbye.

Should I sell my hybrid car?
Hybrids are already half-way to electric, so should you go the rest of the way and sell it for a greener choice?

Should I sell my petrol car?
Petrol will soon be a thing of the past — here’s all you need to know about parting with yours.

Top 5 ways to sell a car
There’s more than one way to go about selling your car.

Companies that buy cars
Find the perfect buyer for your vehicle.

How to sell your van online
There’s plenty demand for vans out there, here’s how to sell a van online.

How to part exchange your car
Part exchanging can be a very useful way to knock a chunk off the price of a new car.

How to sell a car for parts
A car is valuable even in pieces — learn how to scrap your car for parts.

Car scrappage schemes
Old cars are still valuable cars, allow us to tell you why…

WeBuyAnyCar alternatives
We take a look at other car buying sites available.

Autotrader alternatives
Autotrader is the original online platform for classified car listings, but is it the best choice?

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car documentation guides

Car documentation & the DVLA

What documents do I need to sell a car?
There are documents that are essential to have to hand if you want to sell your car.

V5C — The ultimate guide
The V5C is one of the most important documents about your car, learn more about this key piece of paperwork.

Service history — the ultimate guide
A service history is a crucial look into the condition of any used car — here’s why.

Selling a car without a V5C
Learn what to do if you’re selling your car and don’t have your V5C logbook.

How to tax your car
You’ll not get very far if you don’t pay your road tax! Learn why it’s so important.

How to buy or sell a private number plate
The perfect way to customise your car, how do you deal with private plates when you want to sell? Read on to find out.

The ultimate MOT guide
Learn all about MOTs and how they keep car road-safe.

Is your car insured?
Our guide on how to make sure you and your car are protected.

What insurance group is my car?
Read up on how insurance groups impact precisely how much you pay for cover.

Cat A, B, S and N explained
Damaged cars could still have some life in them yet — our guide will tell you just how much!

The ultimate guide to Cat N cars
A Cat N car classification (previously known as Cat D) isn’t something to ignore, learn why in our guide.

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Motorway car finance guides

Cars on finance

HPI check — the ultimate guide
Find out what a HPI check is and if it’s worth getting one on your vehicle.

The ultimate guide to PCP finance
Could PCP finance be your gateway to a new car? Find out with our PCP guide.

Sell a car on finance — the ultimate guide
You can still sell a car if you have finance outstanding — here’s how.

Guide to personal car leasing
Leasing a car is a great way to get the vehicle you want even on a budget, find out how car leasing could work for you.

The ultimate guide to no deposit car leasing
Leasing a car without a deposit makes it easy to get a vehicle on the tightest of budgets.

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electric & alternative fuel vehicle guides

Electric cars & alternative fuel vehicles

Electric cars — the ultimate guide
Everything you need to know about the future of cars — the electric vehicle.

How to sell an electric car
Demand for EVs is booming, but there are a few extra things to consider when selling an electric car — here’s what you need to know.

Electric cars — should you buy or sell?
We take a closer look at EVs and if you should make the switch.

Selling your car and the 2030 electric car switchover
Change is on the horizon! If you’re considering selling your vehicle for an electric car, then our guide has everything you need to know.

What is a hybrid car and how do they work?
For those not quite ready to go full electric, a hybrid car might just tick all the boxes, our guide is here to help you decide!

LPG cars — the ultimate guide
Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a fuel alternative to traditional petrol or diesel, here’s all you need to know.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?
Find out how long it takes to get electric car batteries fully charged and ready to go!

How & where to charge your electric car at home and on the road
Keep range anxiety at bay by knowing exactly how to charge your electric car, wherever you are.

Do electric cars pay the congestion charge?
Heading into London? Then best to check if your EV is congestion charge exempt!

Do electric cars need servicing?
Every car needs to be taken care of, but you may be surprised by how easy it is to service an electric car.

How much does it cost to tax an electric car (UK)?
See how much you’ll need to pay in road tax every year as the owner of an electric car.

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car ownership guides

Car ownership

Car ownership — ways to own and finance a car
Saving up for years isn’t necessary anymore when it comes to owning a car, our guide explains all.

How to keep your car looking new
Showing a car some TLC is something that will be appreciated by more people than just the owner, learn why in our guide.

How to transfer car ownership
There’s more to giving your car away than just handing over the keys — here’s a rundown on the paperwork you’ll need to complete.

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on the road car guides

On the road

ULEZ — the ultimate guide
Learn why the ULEZ is so important if you plan to be driving in London.

The ultimate guide to the LEZ
The ULEZ and LEZ are NOT the same thing — learn their crucial differences.

The ultimate Birmingham Clean Air Zone (CAZ)
Birmingham has it’s own low emissions zone, here’s everything you need to know.

Euro 6 compliance & emission standards
Learn how Euro 6 emission standards effect UK city driving restrictions.

Car CO2 emissions guide
Discover how CO2 emissions can make all the difference to where you can drive, and how they might land you with a fine or two.

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car selling updates

Selling updates

Contact-free car selling with Motorway
We’re keeping it safe for you to sell your car with Motorway, learn how! Updated July 1st 2021.

Selling your car during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
Learn how the pandemic is impacting the way you can sell your car. Updated July 1st 2021.

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