I’ve got the wrong mileage on my MOT certificate. What do I do?

    Do you know how to check whether your car’s mileage is correct on record?

    Finding out that the wrong mileage reading has been put on your MOT certificate might not feel like that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s important you get it resolved ASAP. Things like mileage reports are crucial in maintaining accurate vehicle records and help avoid any potential issues when selling your car

    If you find out your MOT certificate states the wrong mileage – don’t panic. This guide walks you through how to sort the issue, including how to make sure the test centre updates the DVLA records so your vehicle history stays accurate and transparent

    The significance of correct mileage on MOT records

    Having the right mileage reading on your MOT records is key in keeping all your vehicle records up to date. Your mileage is closely related to your service history – the miles you clock can indicate the level of wear and tear that can be expected. 

    The more severe risk is that any discrepancy between your odometer and your MOT certificate could make it look as though you’re trying to scam your car buyers. It’s important for your car’s ongoing and future value to make sure that your records are consistent. 

    On top of this, car finance lenders and insurers may view incorrect mileage as a risk factor, which could result in higher premiums or loan rejections.

    Ultimately, precise mileage records build trust with potential buyers and future lenders, and ensure your car’s valuation is fair and accurate when it comes to selling. 

    Identifying incorrect MOT mileage

    Signs that your MOT certificate has incorrect mileage

    🕵️ It’s inconsistent with your car’s odometer and driving habits. 

    👀 Your annual MOT stated mileage is inconsistent year to year, and doesn’t match your driving habits. 

    📉 If your mileage decreases between MOT tests, there’s definitely an issue that needs addressing.

    Why discrepancies occur: Common reasons for wrong mileage entries

    Mileage discrepancies on MOT certificates can arise from several possible issues. 

    1. Human error

    The technician reviewing your car could mistype numbers by accident.

    2. Faulty odometers

    This means your car is recording the incorrect mileage.

    3. Deliberate tampering

    Some sellers manipulate the odometer to make the car look like it’s clocked fewer miles. 

    Potential consequences your MOT showing the wrong mileage

    Having a dodgy mileage reading or discrepancy can reduce your vehicle’s sale and purchase value. 

    If you were buying a car and saw that the reading from the odometer didn’t match the records, then you would likely start to question the sincerity of the seller. You’d also likely have concerns about the vehicle’s condition and history – and rightly so. No one wants to overpay for a car that has more wear and tear than you first thought. 

    Now, if that scenario was flipped and you were selling the car with the mismatched readings, then you’d expect to find the sales process more difficult. It may even result in you having to accept a lower price than your initial valuation. 

    For insurance, inaccurate mileage can affect your policy’s validity, potentially leading to denied claims or higher premiums. Insurers rely on accurate mileage to assess risk, and any discrepancies can be seen as misrepresentation, impacting your coverage and financial liability in case of an accident.

    How to check your recorded mileage is correct

    Step-by-step guide to verifying your vehicle’s MOT history online

    1. Visit the DVLA website

    2. Enter vehicle details

    3. Review MOT history: this includes past test results and recorded mileages.

    4. Verify mileage: Check against your records for accuracy.

    5. Report discrepancies: Contact the MOT test centre or DVLA to rectify them ASAP.


    Why is my odometer showing the wrong mileage?

    Odometer discrepancies can occur as a result of things like mechanical issues, human error, or deliberate tampering. Faulty odometer sensors or improper calibration may also contribute to inaccuracies in mileage readings.

    Is a mileage discrepancy illegal?

    Yes, mileage discrepancies can be illegal, as they’re classed as odometer fraud. Altering mileage to misrepresent a vehicle’s usage is punishable by law and can result in fines or legal consequences.

    How much does mileage correction cost?

    Mileage correction costs vary depending on things like the vehicle’s make and model, the extent of the correction needed, and the service provider. Generally, it can range from £100 to £300 for professional mileage adjustment services.

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