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Sell Your Mercedes – FREE Online Mercedes Valuation

At Motorway, we can buy any Mercedes, whether new or old. We can purchase a nearly new 2016 A-Class, an older S-Class saloon or a weathered 1999 model with 60,000 miles on the clock. We are set up to be able to buy any Mercedes, making it fast and easy for you to sell your car to us. Simply start by entering your car’s registration and we will be able to instantly value your Mercedes with an indicative price.

We are specialist Mercedes buyers and are able to offer a high price for Mercedes cars by selling through our network of partners and Mercedes dealerships. The premium we can fetch will be passed onto you in the high offer we can give you to buy your car. Mercedes is considered a premium brand in the used car market and unlike lesser, cheaper makes (such as Vauxhall, Ford or Fiat) can fetch a premium as a used car. It is no secret that Mercedes hold their value like few others alongside the likes of luxury car manufacturers like BMW, Land Rover and Porsche.

It is therefore no surprise that Mercedes is one of the most popular car makes to sell on Motorway. We buy many Mercedes that are 5-10 years old with multiple owners, newer, less run-down models aged 1-3 years, right up to nearly-new Mercedes that drove out of the car lot for the first time only a few weeks ago. It is our prerogative to give you an excellent valuation and price for your car!

Our mission to give you the best offer on your car stems for the fact that we are aware we are competing with the likes of eBay, AutoTrader and We Buy Any Car online, as well as Mercedes franchise, main and local car dealers who may have given you a trade-in or straight sale price to sell your car. Therefore, our online valuations instantly try and cut through and beat the prices you have recently received to give you a high, no-nonsense price to buy your car.

Instant online valuation of your Mercedes – sell your car:

  1. FREE Mercedes valuation – enter your car’s reg plate details on Motorway for a an instant online valuation. Via your number plate we are able to gather most of the details we need to effectively work out what your car is worth.
  2. Final quote to sell your car – after you have received your valuation, enter your personal details to get a call back from our car buying partner. They will ask a few further questions before they give you a final purchase price with a price match promise. Our prices are valid for 7 days and we can usually arrange the collection of your Mercedes within 1-5 days and answer any questions you may have about how the process works
  3. Car collection day – we then arrange a convenient time and day to collect your car (home or work). On collection day, we undertake a brief inspection of your Mercedes before buying it. If everything matches what we already know, we make an instant money transfer to your bank account to buy your car at the agreed price. You can then hand over your car keys and we will drive away.
  4. Cash in the bank – you will receive the money for your Mercedes in your bank account in less than an hour. Unlike some car buying companies, we do not make you wait – the money is in your bank account instantly to spend on what you fancy!

More about Mercedes cars…

Mercedes-Benz stands neck and neck with BMW as the 5th/6th most popular car brand in the UK in terms of numbers of roadworthy cars. There are approximately 1.7 million Mercedes taxed and on the road (as of October 2016). In terms of popularity, this puts them behind Vauxhall, VW, Ford and Peugeot, Volkswagen but ahead of the likes of Fiat, Nissan and Citroen. At a global level, Mercedes are one of the biggest and best-selling luxury auto manufacturer makers in the world.

Mercedes’ current new car line up is all about style, quality and luxury. The modern range is dominated by the ‘Class’ range of cars, from the slick stylings of the A-Class models, right up to the brute power on show with the G-Class set of motors. However, in recent years, long term Mercedes fans have found much to love in the countered awesomeness of the CLA and CLS autos and family Merc fans have been wowed by the SUVs offered by the GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS models. The range offers something for all needs and all types of driver.

Beyond their bread and butter big sellers, Mercedes produce a number of other cars to whet the appetite of sportscar fans. Buoyed by their astounding success of their Formula 1 cars in recent years, Mercedes have introduced several new models that offer speed, looks and substance for those who want power and slick, fast-looking body stylings. The Mercedes SL, SLC and AMG GT cars especially offer everything that speed freaks would find enticing. And with just one look at the new AMG GT R, many sports car fanatics have been re-thinking their longheld desire to own the latest Porsche or Ferrari! Mercedes’ company slogan ‘The best or nothing’ is a mission statement they have lived up to throughout the ages.

Looking back at its history, the Mercedes-Benz name actually goes back as far as 1926 when the name Daimler-Benz name was first used to describe an early version of the company. However, the company’s origins go back even further than that to 1901, when Karl Benz, an inventor and entrepreneur created the ‘Patent Motorwagen’ which is widely believed to be the first ever petrol-powered car ever constructed.

In terms of its corporate status, Mercedes (full name Mercedes-Benz) is a division of Daimler AG, a German company, where – as one of the world’s first ever car brands, its origins are very much intertwined with the early growth of German auto manufacturing. Mercedes-Benz is currently headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg where its base has resided for decades.

Mercedes models we buy

Below we list just some of the Mercedes models people have sold using the Motorway service, however, please be aware, we can buy any Mercedes car, not just new car models:

  • Mercedes cars: Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes B-Class, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes CLA, Mercedes CLS, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes E-Class Saloon, Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes GLA, Mercedes GLC, Mercedes GLE, Mercedes GLS, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes SL, Mercedes SLC, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes AMG GT and Mercedes AMG.
  • We buy hatchback, electric drive hatchback, saloon, estate, coupe, cabriolet, shooting brake, all terrain, SUV, maybach, roadster and MPV versions of the full range of models.