Car brands

    We all have different reasons for choosing a certain car. Sometimes it’s the performance, sometimes it’s just the colour, but usually, the starting point is the car brand. Whether you’re loyal to Land Rover or a fan of Ford, car brands are always creating new models to tempt their customers. Which means that eventually you might start thinking about selling your car and modernising your model.

    And you can do that easily with Motorway!

    Popular brands

    Used car values have been at record highs, so if you own a popular car brand, you might find it in high demand, even second hand!

    Other brands

    Which car brand can I sell with Motorway?

    Motorway can connect you with dealers who buy a wide range of car brands, so you can find the best offer for your car no matter what make or model it is!

    Selling your car the Motorway is easy:

    • Get an instant valuation
    • Create a car profile right on your phone
    • Wait for your best offer to roll in
    • Enjoy free home collection
    • Get paid fast, usually the same day as collection
    • Don’t pay a penny!

    Yep, it’s completely free and completely stress-free to sell your car with Motorway! You can receive your best offer in as little as 24 hours, so you can wave goodbye to your old car and start dreaming about your next.

    Motorway valuations

    Our valuations aren’t just guess-work, they’re smart estimations based on real-time data from our marketplace and industry trends. We look at what other cars just like yours have been selling for and use that data to create an accurate, up-to-date valuation.

    While our car valuations, like any valuation in life, aren’t guaranteed, 90% of our customers receive their estimated sales price or better! All you need to get started is your car’s reg and mileage, plus your name and email address.

    Car profiling

    You can profile your car right from your phone. Our process is super easy and our customer sales team is always on hand to help. In your profile, you’ll need to list key information like colour, upholstery, and any damage. Motorway is all about making a transparent and fair way to sell your car — that means customers being clear on both the good and the bad of their car, and dealers making informed, serious offers.

    With everyone working together to sell the Motorway, customers and dealers alike can minimise time wasters and stress-makers, and everyone can walk away with a great deal.

    Best offers for your car

    Motorway’s nationwide network of dealers have all been verified, so you’ll only ever deal with pros. Your car will be entered into an online sale and our dealers will make their offers. When the sale is over, we’ll be in touch to let you know your best offer, for you to accept (or not, there’s never any pressure to sell).

    Collection and fast payment

    Your car will be collected right from your home by the winning dealer — you don’t have to do a thing! Your dealer will check the car to make sure everything is in order and you can enjoy speedy payment, usually the same day.

    Selling an older car model

    Age plays a part when it comes to selling your car, but it doesn’t mean old cars can’t find an eager buyer as well! Obviously, a service history can help dealers see how well cared-for a car is, and a quick wax and polish can help keep your car looking new.

    Our dealers have a wealth of experience buying all sorts of used cars, no matter their age or model. They can also help you to sell your car on finance, so you’ll have even less to worry about!

    Car brands and resale value

    Depreciation is something that affects all cars, even top-of-the-line luxury models. Like we said, 2022 has had one silver lining to it in the shape of higher used car prices, so it could be the perfect time to sell your used car.

    Generally, your car will be worth around 40% less than its value as a new car after around five years. That said, depreciation can affect different makes and models in different ways, premium cars, for instance, may find they bear the brunt of this change more than your standard family sedan.

    There are external factors to consider as well. Newly imposed fees like the ULEZ or CAZ, for example, may suddenly make some cars too troublesome to keep, and this can impact resale value. Keep in mind that the 2030 petrol and diesel car ban is on its way too, so demand for these cars will likely start to fade while electric cars will be centre stage.

    Take car(e)

    Taking care of your car will always show when it comes to finding a seller. Whether you’re looking to sell privately or to a dealer, a well looked-after 5-year-old car will likely draw more eyes than a beat-up car of just a couple years.

    For a dealer, everything you didn’t do to care for your car is something they have to do before they can sell it. So, if you're selling a car with scratched paintwork, worn-out wheels, and a cracked windscreen, a dealer may only offer you what they think the car is worth, minus the labour costs of getting all that fixed. The lesson here? Looking after your car quite literally pays off.