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    Looking to sell an Austin-Healey?

    Got an Austin-Healey car you want to sell? Why not do it the Motorway way? It’s fast, easy, and 100% free!

    Selling your Austin-Healey car the Motorway way

    At Motorway, we work with a nationwide network of more than 5,000 verified dealers, so when you sell with us, you can usually find a car buyer the same day!

    1. Get a free valuation today

      With Motorway, you can get a valuation that is instant, free and based on real-time market information. We don’t just guess when it comes to valuations – they are based on wider industry trade statistics and our own online sales records. So, our car valuations are as accurate as possible – and based on how Austin-Healey cars just like yours have been selling. To get started, all we need is your reg and mileage. Because our valuations are based on online sales from the used car market it means that they can change quickly – so, the valuation you receive today may look very different to one you receive in a few months’ time. Once you’ve received your valuation, if you like what you see, why not start selling your car the Motorway way?

    2. Create a tailored car profile

      What is the best way to profile your car? How do you go about showing your car in the best light possible – whilst still being completely honest? Should you mention scratches or dents in the bodywork? How long should the profile be? And how much detail should you go into? With Motorway, we’ve made profiling a car a very simple process. You answer a few easy questions, and we guide you through which photos you should provide of your car. That’s it. Usually, it can all be done from your phone in a few minutes…

      When it comes to presenting your car to our dealers, you need to remember that they are all very experienced and so you really don’t have to worry about hiding dents, scratches or any cosmetic damage. In fact, they know that used cars are rarely perfect and will be expecting a few imperfections, so you should aim to be as honest as possible. They will expect your car profile to be accurate, if not, your sale may fall through.

    3. Sit back and wait to hear from us

      There are lots of things that our customers love about Motorway, but what gets us the most compliments is definitely how easy it is to sell the Motorway way! The complete lack of hassle and haggling is definitely a strong point. Once you’ve created a car profile, we alert our dealers that your car is entering our online sale and invite them to make their best offer. That’s it. No negotiating with dealers. No bluffing your way to a deal. Just sit back and we’ll send you your best offer. It really is that easy!

      If you like the look of your best offer – great! We’ll move forward to the next steps. If you don’t, that’s fine as well. We’ll never pressure you to sell – and you are never locked into the process. With Motorway, you’ll always be in the driving seat!

    4. The dealer with the best offer collects your car for free

      Unlike some online car-buying websites, we won’t make you drive your car to some out-of-the-way drop-off point and then ask you to arrange to make your own way home. With Motorway, your winning dealer will come to your chosen pick-up point. They’ll give your car a quick inspection to ensure it matches the details in your car profile – and then they’ll pay you the agreed price by secure bank transfer. Typically, the payment will arrive in your bank account the same day!

    5. And that’s it – you’ve sold your car the Motorway way!

      Just like that, your old car has been sold – and for the best price. Time to think about what you’ll buy next!

    What model of Austin-Healey can Motorway help me sell?

    Our nationwide network of dealers is interested in all sorts of cars, and all sorts of models. We can help you find a buyer for the following models of Austin-Healey:

    • Austin-Healey 100
    • Austin-Healey BN1 100
    • Austin-Healey BN2 100
    • Austin-Healey 100-6
    • Austin-Healey BN4 100-6
    • Austin-Healey BN5 100-6
    • Austin-Healey BN6 100-6
    • Austin-Healey 3000
    • Austin-Healey BN7
    • Austin-Healey Sprite
    • Austin-Healey Sprite HAN8 Mark III
    • Austin-Healey Sprite HAN9 Mark IV
    • Austin-Healey Sprite HAN10 Mark IV

    A bit about Austin-Healey

    Austin-Healey was a British sports car maker established in 1952 through a joint venture between the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and the Donald Healey Motor Company, a renowned automotive design firm.

    In 1952, Leonard Lord of Austin was searching for a car for Austin to build and market primarily to the US market, when he discovered a sports car called the ‘Healey 100’ being displayed at the London Earls Court Motor Show. A partnership was quickly announced – and this resulted in the newly-badged ‘Austin-Healey 100’ being taken to market.

    The 100 proved to be a popular, high-performance model, and between 1952 and 1956 several variations were launched – including the BN1, 100S, the BN2 and the 100M.

    The Austin-Healey 100-6 was launched in 1956. This two-seat roadster was announced as a replacement to the Austin-Healey 100, to which it had an increased wheelbase and a more powerful straight-six engine. The body lines were also more streamlined, and it featured a wider radiator grille and a fixed windscreen.

    In 1959, the company introduced the classic Austin-Healey 3000. During its production life, the 3000 changed from an open sports car to a sports convertible. Though regarded as a ‘Big Healey’, the car is not particularly large. The nickname came through comparison with the diminutive Austin-Healey Sprite models that came later. The 3-litre 3000 became extremely popular after winning its class in many European rallies. Indeed, the model is still raced in classic car competitions to this day. British Motor Corporation ended manufacture of the 3000 in 1967.

    The high-performance 3000 model was popular – but also expensive. Accordingly, Austin-Healey realised that they needed to produce a budget sports model which would sell in much greater numbers.

    The first of the Sprite models were launched in 1958 – and were an instant commercial success. The styling of the diminutive sports car was made as clean and aerodynamic as possible. This included retracting headlights that flattened down when not in use. However, these innovative headlamps proved too expensive – and in later models these were withdrawn and replaced with round lights – known as ‘eyes’ – which, together with the ‘smiling’ front grille, gave the Sprite its trademark ‘happy face’ aesthetic. In the US, the Sprite was nicknamed the ‘Bugeye.’

    The Sprites also pioneered a cost-effective unibody construction rather than using a body-on-chassis design of previous Austin-Healey models.

    In 1971, the partnership between Austin and Donald Healey came to an end. At the time, more than 1000 Sprites were still scheduled to come off the production line. However, they could no longer bear the Austin-Healey name – and were branded simply ‘Austin Sprite’ instead.

    Sell your Austin-Healey

    Looking to sell your Austin-Healey? Motorway's network of 5,000+ verified dealers compete to give you their best price* - and its 100% free.

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