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  • Instant valuation

    Our valuation tech uses live market data to estimate your car’s value accurately.

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    We’ll find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car, without the hassle.

  • Free home collection

    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours, with free collection & fast payment.†

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    Dealers pay a fee to buy your car. That means it’s completely free for you.

The way to sell your car

With Motorway, you can sell your car for a great price, right from the bath (if you want), completely free. See just how easy it is in our TV ad!

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How it works

Ready to sell for up to £1,000* more? Enter your reg to get an instant valuation and create a car profile from your phone. Easy.

We alert the 5,000+ car dealers in our nationwide network and they make their best offer for your car in our daily online sale.

We'll present the highest offer for you to approve, then arrange a date for your car to be collected, for free, of course.

You receive fast payment† in your bank account within 24 hours of collection. Ta-dah, you've sold your car the Motorway way!

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Sell my Microcar

Selling your car doesn’t need to mean stress. Motorway has made it easier than ever to find a buyer for your Microcar, so easy, in fact, you can have agreed a deal in as little as 24 hours!

Selling your Microcar the Motorway way

With 5,000+ dealers on our network, Motorway puts your car in front of thousands of professionals all keen to make the winning offer on quality cars like yours.

  1. Get a valuation

    Valuations used to be about rough estimates and guess work. Not any more! Our valuation tool is based on clever data, so you get an accurate price that reflects the current car market and the way vehicles like yours really have been selling. It’s instant, and all you need to get started is your reg and mileage.

  2. Tell us about your car

    We’ll ask you simple questions about your car, able to be answered with a tap of your phone. These details make up your car profile — this is what dealers see on our marketplace and it's how they’ll decide if your vehicle is one they want to buy. With that in mind, be sure to be honest even about your car’s imperfections — if a dealer discovers you weren’t truthful, your deal may fall through at the last moment.

  3. Time to chill

    When your profile is complete, we’ll add it to our daily sale and invite dealers to take a look. If they like what they see, they’ll need to make an offer that others won’t be able to beat, and that means you always get the best price. All you have to do in the meantime is relax, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to haggle with a single dealer. As soon as the sale is over we’ll be in touch to let you know the highest offer that was made on your car.

  4. Collection

    Done right from your home! The winning dealer will come to your address and pick up your car. After a quick inspection to make sure everything is in order, you’ll be securely paid by bank transfer.

  5. Ta-dah!

    That’s it! You’ve just sold your car the Motorway way!

What model of Microcar can Motorway help me sell?

Motorway can help you sell all sorts of models of Microcar, including:

  • Microcar M.GO-3
  • Microcar M.Go
  • Microcar MC1
  • Microcar MC2
  • Microcar Family Luxe
  • Microcar Lyra
  • Microcar ALCO
  • Microcar NewStreet
  • Microcar Pratic Luxe
  • Microcar Virgo
  • Microcar Virgo Luxe
  • Microcar Virgo 3

A bit about Microcar

Microcar is a French car manufacturer established in 1984. A division of sailboat manufacturer Bénéteau group. As of 2000, the brand is owned by Ligier Automobiles, founded by French race driver Phillipe Ligier and currently headed by his son, Guy Ligier. The merger led to Microcar emerging as the second-largest producer of ultra-compact cars. They are also the largest producer of quadricycles, or rather, vehicles that do not require a licence to be operated.

Microcar’s range of models are notable in their variety. The M.Go, released in 2009 was made available in six versions: conventional, diesel, S PACK, MICA, SXI, and Sport, plus a fully electric version. Previously, the M1 and M2 models were also available with the flexibility of two or four-seat versions. In some cases, the engine type could also be customised to feature a Lombardini engine or a Yanmar engine, with the latter offering higher torque and both being capable of 45km/h.

Microcar has developed electric vehicles since 2006 with the debut of the ZENN EV, developed for the ZENN Motor Company and sold as the Microcar Zenn in Europe.

Sell your Microcar

Sell your car the Motorway way and get up to £1,000 more*!

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