How much does it cost to replace a car door?

    Car doors are a key part of your vehicle’s structural integrity. They also keep you and your passengers safe inside the car while on the road. 

    Keeping your doors in top shape helps maintain your vehicle’s safety and value over time, ensuring that you get the most competitive price whenever you’re ready to sell your car

    As doors are susceptible to damage from accidental dings to wear and tear, it’s important to understand repair and replacement costs. In the UK, car door replacement costs typically range from £200 to £1,000, considering parts and labour. 

    Delve into our guide for a concise breakdown of what to expect when looking at a car door replacement cost.

    Car door repair vs. replacement

    infographic of car exterior
    Car door replacement usually runs between £200 and £1,000 in the UK.

    Does your damaged door need to be repaired or replaced altogether? Car door repairs Coffer a budget-friendly solution for minor issues, like scratches or dents. Car repair costs for surface defects generally fall between £50 to £300. 

    However, if the damage is extensive or structural, you’ll need an entire door replacement for your vehicle’s structural integrity and long-term durability.

    Does a damaged door affect my car’s value?

    Whether they’re scratches, dents, dings, or greater structural issues, damage to your car door can impact the overall value of your car. The severity of the damage influences just how much your car’s worth will devalue; a small scratch may lower the price of a luxury car by hundreds of pounds, but only slightly decrease the value of a more modest vehicle, usually up to 5%.

    Structural damage affects both resale and trade-in values – so broken or damaged car doors are going to cost you, no matter how you sell your car.

    Average replacement costs

    On average, car door replacement in the UK ranges from £200 to £1,000.

    On the lower end of this spectrum, standard door replacements for common car models usually run from £200 to £500. These replacements use basic materials. 

    Mid-range costs, falling between £500 and £800, include replacement doors for mid-range to premium vehicles with enhanced features. 

    High-end costs exceeding £800 can be expected in the case of luxury or high-performance vehicle doors that use premium materials and intricate designs.

    Factors impacting costs

    a car door wide open
    The extent of the damage to your car door determines whether the part needs repair or replacement.

    Damage severity

    The extent of damage to your car door is a pivotal factor in determining replacement costs. 

    Minor scratches and dents are likely repairable, decreasing your overall expenses by avoiding the need for a full replacement. Moderate damage, such as larger dents or deep scratches, can run a few hundred pounds, while severe damage from accidents or extensive rust often necessitates complete door replacement. 

    Car door type

    Is your car door standard, sliding, or gull-wing? More intricate door designs, such as those with unique features and high-tech mechanisms and designs, tend to incur higher replacement costs.

    Car brand and model

    Different car manufacturers use distinct materials and components in assembling car doors. As luxury or high-performance vehicles often have specialised and premium-quality doors, replacement parts for these vehicles can be more expensive, driving up overall repair expenses.

    Material costs

    The price of car door replacement includes individual door parts and additional components. 

    Standard doors for common car models most likely use basic materials, while doors for luxury or high-performance vehicles often incorporate premium materials and advanced features. 

    Opting for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts also impacts pricing. While aftermarket components offer robust customisation options and are typically more budget-friendly, quality can vary among manufacturers. 

    See below for a breakdown of average costs per door part:

    Door componentAverage cost
    Car door shell£200 to £800
    Window glass£50 to £200
    Locking mechanism£50 to £150
    Handles and trim£30 to £100
    Electrical components£100 to £300

    Painting and colour matching

    Painting a new car door typically ranges from £100 to £500. For a seamless look, have the mechanic working on your repair or replacement match your door’s colour exactly to the rest of the vehicle.

    Window replacement

    Replacing damaged door windows usually runs between £50 and £200, depending on the type and features of the window glass.

    Labour and service charges

    Skilled technicians charge for their expertise as well as the complexity of the car door replacement and installation processes. 

    Choosing reputable service providers ensures quality workmanship, but may come at a higher cost. However, keeping hold of all the service history will help you get a better price for your car once you’re ready to sell – so you can see quality repair work as an investment into your future value.

    Additional repairs and replacements

    Have a mechanic conduct a full diagnostic screening of your car to catch any additional issues, such as problems with the door’s locking mechanism, a faulty car door handle, or other components, before embarking on repairs. Additional repairs may add extra costs – usually £50 to £300 – to the overall replacement bill.

    Professional vs. DIY door replacement

    Should you have your car door replaced professionally or do it yourself? We break down the pros ✅ and cons ❌of both options: 

    Professional replacementDIY replacement
    Expertise – With expert knowledge and mechanical skills, trained professionals ensure precise and secure car door installationRequires expertise – replacing a car door is a sizeable project that should only be undertaken by those with previous automotive repair experience
    Quality and safety assurance – Professionals use high-quality materials and follow industry standards, guaranteeing a durable and reliable door replacementLack of quality and safety assurance – Lack of professional training may pose safety hazards to yourself and your vehicle during installation, potentially impacting your car’s overall value and functionality
    Parts selection – Ability to choose specific parts of aftermarket options for your replacement door, depending on garage availability.  Parts selection  – Ability to choose specific parts of aftermarket options for your replacement door, depending on market availability.  
    Efficiency – Professional services streamline the car door replacement process, minimising downtime and ensuring a prompt return of your vehicleTime intensive – DIY replacement may take longer depending on your level of car expertise. However, DIYing your car door replacement allows you to work at your own pace
    Warranties – Professional garage repairs and replacements often include warranties for their workLack of warranties – DIY work most likely does not come with professional warranties on replacement – and, in fact, may not be covered by your insurance policy
    Cost – professional replacement can run a higher fee than DIYCost savings 

    Money saving tips

    ✅ Explore aftermarket options: Using aftermarket car door parts for your replacement keeps costs down, without compromising quality. Research reputable manufacturers to ensure part durability and compatibility with your vehicle.

    ✅ Consider used parts: Investigate the availability of high-quality used parts, especially if your vehicle allows for compatible replacements. This environmentally friendly option can significantly reduce costs.

    ✅ Get multiple quotes: Compare service provider costs by asking for quotes from multiple providers in your area. This provides a comprehensive overview, allowing you to choose a provider that offers competitive rates without compromising on expertise.

    ✅ Bundle services and negotiate: Ask your mechanic about bundle deals or discounts for additional services. Some providers may offer cost-effective packages, enhancing the overall value of your investment. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with service providers to combine deals and maximise the overall value of your investment in your vehicle. 

    How can I track the value of my car?

    Damaged car doors can decrease the value of your vehicle. If you’re not sure what your car’s value is to begin with, it’s hard to know how much money a faulty or replaced car door might take off the price.

    All vehicles depreciate at varying rates, with no rule of averages accurately describing any one car’s changing value. Motorway’s Car Value Tracker provides a free, reliable monthly price alert for up to six vehicles at once. 

    Follow changes to your car’s value to choose the best time to sell, and make informed choices about investments in your car’s maintenance.

    car value comparison
    Track the ongoing value of up to six cars for free with Car Value Tracker, to stay on top of what your vehicles are costing you in maintenance versus depreciation.


    How long does it take to replace a car door?

    Car door replacement times vary, with simple replacements typically taking a few hours in a repair shop to complex installations lasting a full day or more. Consult a professional for a personalised estimate.

    Does insurance cover the cost of car door replacement?

    What your insurance covers depends on your car insurance company, your specific policy, and the cause of the damage to your car door. While comprehensive insurance often covers door replacement, check your car insurance policy for details.

    Can I replace a damaged door with a used one?

    Yes, one cost-efficient solution to a broken car door is replacing it with a used door. For a reliable replacement, ensure compatibility with your vehicle, inspect the door for any issues, and consider professional assistance if you need help installing.

    Need to sell your car?

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