How much does it cost to replace a windscreen?

    Windscreens protect you from the elements while driving. These glass barriers shield drivers from wind, debris, and dust, helping you see the road and ensuring a safe driving experience. 

    Maintaining your windscreen is an essential part of vehicle upkeep and helps you get the best price for your car when you decide to sell. Even for the safest drivers, windscreens risk serious damage over time. Hairline chips and cracks can threaten to spread and make driving unsafe.

    Read on for more about windscreen damage assessment, replacement pricing (typically in the £100 to £400 range), and additional factors influencing the total windscreen replacement cost.

    Damaged windscreen risks

    Driving with a damaged windscreen poses serious risks. Cracks and chips can compromise visibility, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Plus, a weakened windscreen is more prone to shattering upon impact, posing severe safety hazards to the driver and passengers.

    Don’t wait: replace your damaged windscreen immediately to ensure your car’s safety and structural integrity.

    Assessing windscreen damage

    a vehicle infographic

    Your windscreen (#3 above) shields you and your passengers from wind, dirt, dust, and other road debris, and enhances visibility.

    Common types of damage

    Recognising the type of damage your car has sustained is essential to finding the right solution and preventing further issues. 

    The three most common types of damage are a chipped windscreen, cracks, and scratches. Chips appear as small nicks in the windscreen’s glass whereas cracks manifest as lines running across the glass. Scratches are visible marks on the surface of the windscreen.

    Together, these small issues can develop into more serious defects and transform your windscreen into a spider’s web of cracks. 


    Determining the severity and repairability of the damage is crucial. Small or minor chips may be repairable through DIY kits, preventing escalation. 

    However, cracks and extensive damage, especially those impairing visibility or located near the edges of the windscreen, often require professional replacement rather than windscreen repair.

    Replacement cost factors

    someone driving a toyota
    Damage to your car’s windscreen should be addressed immediately.

    Vehicle specifics

    Your vehicle’s make, model, and manufacturing year impact windscreen replacement costs. Luxury or recently released models may require specialised and potentially pricier windscreen components.

    Damage location and severity

    The size, extent, and location of damage significantly influences overall windscreen repair and replacement costs. While smaller chips or cracks can be fixed at a lower cost, extensive damage, particularly near the edges of the windscreen, often demand a replacement.

    Desired glass type and quality

    Replacement over repair gives you the option to upgrade your windscreen for a better experience. Advanced glass options, which include enhancements like UV protection, acoustic insulation, and smart technology features, can elevate your driving experience. 

    However, these often come at significantly higher prices. Opting for the tried-and-true basic glass windscreen is a more cost-effective option. 

    Installation costs

    Windscreen replacement should be handled by professionals. Skilled mechanics and garages ensure quality installation services, furthering both the longevity and reliability of your replacement windscreen.

    This expertise contributes significantly to total replacement expenses, but can be justified as an investment in your vehicle’s lifespan. And, if your car is still under warranty, replacement may be covered anyway with an in-network mechanic.

    Insurance coverage

    What insurance group is your car in? Insurance coverage is critical in mitigating replacement costs. Comprehensive policies often cover windscreen replacements, reducing your total out-of-pocket expenses. 

    However, your insurance provider may set a compulsory excess, or the amount that you must pay upfront before insurance coverage kicks in. Check your policy details before proceeding.

    Windscreen repair

    Choose a replacement provider

    Selecting a reputable windscreen replacement provider is paramount, so study up. Research customer reviews, certifications, and industry reputation.

    Consider mechanics and garages with a track record of quality windscreen repair service, transparent pricing, and adherence to safety standards when in the market for a full windscreen replacement.

    Schedule an assessment 

    Book an appointment to have a mechanic professionally diagnose your damage and see if you need a windscreen repair and replacement. Don’t wait – addressing windscreen problems and replacing damaged glass as soon as possible prevents further deterioration. 

    Remove damaged windscreen

    Proper removal and disposal of the damaged car windscreen are integral to the repair process. Reputable mechanics follow environmentally responsible practices, ensuring safe disposal.

    Installation via industry-standard practices

    The installation of a new windscreen should adhere to industry-standard practices. Mechanics should follow detailed procedures in setting your windscreen, including precision fitting the new glass onto your car frame to ensure a secure and airtight seal.

    Before you leave the garage, make sure you keep formal copies of service history. You should aim to show as much certified service documentation as possible to your future buyer, to get a strong price for your car.

    Average UK costs for windscreen replacement

    rain on a windscreen
    The cost of windscreen repair depends on the features of your vehicle.

    Basic replacement

    Basic windscreen replacement costs, without additional features or sensors, typically range from £100 to £400. This straightforward solution involves standard glass without extra functionalities.

    Advanced features recalibration

    Does your vehicle have advanced features like sensors, cameras, or lane departure warning systems? If so, recalibration may be necessary after the car windscreen replacement to ensure the proper functioning. 

    Adding to higher overall windscreen replacement costs, the price of recalibrating these additional features hinges on: 

    • Vehicle specifications: Make, model, and year influence parts prices.
    • Vehicle type: Luxury and newer models may incur higher expenses.
    • Availability of windscreen parts: More advanced windscreen types may impact overall cost.
    • Service provider: Providers have varying pricing structures.


    Can windscreen replacement be claimed under insurance?

    Yes! Comprehensive insurance packages often cover windscreen repair and windscreen replacement, minimising your out-of-pocket costs.

    What factors impact the cost of windscreen recalibration?

    Factors that affect windscreen repair costs include vehicle make, model, and the complexity of features.

    Are there any alternative options for windscreen repairs besides complete replacement?

    Yes, depending on the damage, alternatives like chip or crack repairs may be viable without complete windscreen replacement.

    Can I legally drive with a cracked windscreen?

    Driving with a chipped or cracked windscreen may violate road safety regulations. This depends on the location and severity of the crack, and if it covers the entire windscreen or is in the driver’s line of sight.

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