I want to sell my Jaguar – the ultimate guide

    Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors Limited, is one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, and for good reason. When you hear ‘Jaguar’, you probably think of iconic sports cars, James Bond chase sequences, and British Royal warrants for Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III’s custom fleets. Jaguar now produce a range of sports cars, compact and crossover SUVs, saloons, executive cars, and convertibles, and have launched some all-electric models.

    Whether you’re looking to sell an iconic E-Type or an innovative I-Pace, read on for our guide to selling your Jaguar.

    sell my Jaguar
    Jaguar is an iconic British brand, giving them a lot of interest within the used car market.

    What is the lifespan of a Jaguar?

    While new Jaguars come with a five-year/60,000-mile warranty, it’s rare to see Jaguars with over 100,000 miles on the market. Their cost to repair is a major factor — and, if there are lapses in a seller’s service history, it’s hard to have trust in their used Jaguar.

    In particular, Jaguars are known to have issues with their ignition coils, brake pressure accumulators, and transmissions. Since 2019, though, Jaguars have seemed to drive more reliably. This is a great sign, and coupled with their new all-electric models such as the I-Pace SUV, this may lead to more used Jaguars on the market that are desirable and hold their price better.

    Do Jaguars hold their price?

    Jaguars are not known for withstanding depreciation particularly well, for the reasons outlined above. As a brand known for sports cars, Jaguar models are more closely aligned with speed and style than endurance. Although Jaguar make much more than just sports cars, this historically has played into how their cars perform in the used marketplace. 

    More importantly, though, Jaguar cars are often made with parts that are very hard to source. Some of their high-spec models contain parts by their high-end sister-brand Land Rover. The costs associated with replacing and repairing these parts are very high, so some of this risk is absorbed by a low resale price.

    The best way for any car to withstand prevailing depreciation trends is to keep the condition as high as possible. Service history documentation and regular maintenance will help to keep the value as healthy as possible. It also pays to list your car with plenty of good photos and relevant details, and to sell before the mileage creeps up towards 80,000-100,000.

    Do jaguars hold their price?
    Jaguars are often made with rare parts, which has a detrimental effect on resale value as mileage increases.

    How to sell your Jaguar

    When you’re ready to sell your Jaguar, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possible routes. Jaguars are good-looking, exciting, and make a bold statement on the road — but they’re not known for being reliable. This does affect their resale value somewhat. Read on for our top recommendations of where to sell your Jaguar and get the best possible price.

    Selling your Jaguar privately

    Chances are, if you have a high-end Jaguar and consider yourself a car hobbyist, you’ll know fellow enthusiasts. If you believe your Jaguar should fetch a particularly high price with the right buyer, selling privately could be the answer.

    The biggest contributors to a good price, in this case, include the rarity or desirability of the specific model, as well as its practicality on the road now. For instance, is it compliant with emissions regulations and is the service history as complete as possible?

    Even with a known network of potential buyers, when you’re selling privately it’s on you to market your car as accurately and effectively as possible. You’ll have to set up viewings and test drives with interested parties. Since Jaguars are so desirable there may be a few thrill-seekers who don’t intend to buy, but do want to drive your car!

    Having a rarer model is a double-edged sword: it means the car will be harder to service and maintain, since spare parts will be scarce. However, it can also drive up the value for collectors. If your model is old or out of production, but not a collector’s car, you will find it hard to get a good price selling privately because other drivers won’t be attracted to the cost of maintenance.

    How to sell my Jaguar
    The desirability of Jaguars can attract a high price but also a lot of time-wasters.

    Selling your Jaguar to a collector

    A truly classic Jaguar is an ideal listing for a high-end collectors’ auction or private sale. You could start by getting in touch with auction houses, or looking for an expert’s guidance. Try the classifieds in motoring magazines or see if any Jaguar-specific dealerships can put you in touch with anybody. There may also be groups or message boards on social media sites bringing collectors together — this could be a great place to start some research.

    Selling your Jaguar to a dealership

    The question isn’t whether a dealership will buy your Jaguar. Unless it’s in very poor condition, a sale is likely — but the question is whether you’ll get a decent price. When you’re selling to one dealership, your negotiation power is going to be minimal. The dealership will need to turn a profit, and used Jaguars don’t fetch high prices in the used car market. You’ll be the one absorbing the loss on your sale price. Although this will be a quick and easy way to sell your Jaguar, you might be disappointed with the deal.

    Sell your Jaguar the Motorway way

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    Thinking of selling?

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