WeBuyAnyCar alternatives

Note: We Buy Any Car is not a commercial partner of Motorway. 

The WeBuyAnyCar.com website launched in 2006 with the UK’s first online car-buying service providing instant online valuations and the ability to sell your car within hours.

The site introduced a new level of speed and convenience to the process of selling your car. The concept was an overnight success and quickly became popular UK-wide. 

WeBuyAnyCar alternatives
Drive your car to a drop-off point, get it inspected, agree a price, hand over the keys, get paid: the instant online car buyer model in a nutshell.

Whilst it remains the biggest instant-buying service in the automotive space, many alternatives are available for sellers. This page gives you some background to We Buy Any Car and other car buyers offering similar or alternative services.

We Buy Any Car alternatives explained:

  1. We Buy Any Car
  2. We Want Any Car
  3. Money 4 Your Motors
  4. The Car Buying Group
  5. SellCar
  6. Best Car Buyer
  7. Evans Halshaw
  8. Arnold Clark

1. We Buy Any Car Review

Buyer background

WeBuyAnyCar.com is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

we buy any car logo

WeBuyAnyCar is the UK’s largest instant car buying service. It was the UK’s first nationwide company for selling any car at a price determined initially by an instant online valuation.

Customers could then simply drive their car to one of WeBuyAnyCar’s branches to complete their sale.

We Buy Any Car’s service offered a very fast, convenient way of selling a car without the need to sell privately or through a car dealer.

We Buy Any Car pay money straight into your bank account, the payment process is quick and designed to be fuss-free

Since they launched, they have become one of the UK’s most recognisable car selling brands and, according to their website, have helped over a million customers to sell their car.

Company history

Started by brothers Darren and Noel McKee in 2006, the company’s headquarters are in Farnham, Surrey and it now has a network of over 200 ‘drop off centres’ for anyone looking to sell their vehicle. The company employs over 400 people across the UK.

In recent years, We Buy Any Car launched a sister brand, WeBuyAnyVan.com to better cater for the van market, and expanded into the US market with a head office in Pennsylvania, USA.

In 2013, the company was acquired by stock market-listed British Car Auctions (BCA Marketplace Plc).

We Buy Any Car are famed for their catchy TV and radio ads, and in 2018 they launched their biggest ad campaign yet, with a series of ads featuring TV presenter Philip Schofield. The ad campaigns with Schofield have continued and adverts featuring him are still airing in 2022.

How it works

Customers first need to go to webuyanycar.com to enter their car’s mileage and registration details. They’ll get a valuation for their car which is valid for 7 days, and will then be directed to make an appointment at the nearest branch to drop off their vehicle.

They then need to drive their car to the branch where a representative will meet them to perform an assessment of the vehicle. Once this is completed, the customer will receive a final quote to buy their car.

If the final price is agreed, the customer can then hand over their car and payment is made.

There are no obligations, and customers are free to drive away if they’re unhappy with the final offer.

Admin fees and payments

Last checked November 2021

There is no transaction fee if you choose not to sell your car through We Buy Any Car at any point. However if you do decide to sell your car, then a transaction fee may apply at the point of sale. This fee varies and is dictated by the final price you receive for your car.

There are no fees for cars valued below £99.99 (subject to a minimum valuation of £50). A transaction fee of £49.99 is applicable for cars valued at £100 to £3,999.99. A transaction fee of £59.99 is applicable for vehicles valued between £4,000.00 to £4,999.99. Where the price is £5,000 or more, the transaction fee is £74.99.

There are also fees if you want to receive your payment faster than the standard processing time of 4 working days. You can opt for ‘next day’ for £24.75 or £29.75 for a same-day service which takes a few hours to receive funds.

We Buy Any Car’s full terms and conditions can be found here.

2. We Want Any Car Review

WeWantAnyCar.com is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

we want any car logo

Buyer background

Set up as a very similar service to We Buy Any Car, and one of the most popular of the many alternatives, WeWantAnyCar.com are one of the largest online car buying services in the UK.

Part of the Cox Automotive Group, the company’s head office is situated in Birkenhead and covers the whole of the UK with other satellite offices based in strategic positions throughout the country.

The company deploys a versatile mobile team of vehicle purchasers who can visit your home, workplace, or other agreed location to buy your vehicle.

They offer an instant and free bank transfer of funds, when you sell your car and free car collection if using the mobile service.

Rapidly expanding since launch, We Want Any Car have a growing network of branches around the UK, making it easy for sellers UK-wide to drop their car off locally and complete their sale if they wish.

One of their most famous openings was a flagship office at Bolton Wanderer’s Macron Stadium.

WeWantAnyCar's branch at Bolton Wanderers
Their are numerous places to sell your vehicle – this is WeWantAnyCar’s branch at Bolton Wanderers football stadium

We Want Any Car pride themselves on offering the best prices, with a promise to match any confirmed online quote.

They’re also renowned for excellent customer service, with personal consultation and advice available throughout the car buying experience.

Company history

Since being founded in 2009, the company has seen consistent year-on-year growth in transactions and was acquired by Cox Automotive in 2013.

As a result of this acquisition, the company’s network , making it one of the top car buying services in the country.

WeWantAnyCar now employ people at Cox Automotive branches across the UK with customer service operations run from Birkenhead.

How it works

Selling your car with WeWantAnyCar starts with a straightforward online valuation through their website. Simply add your vehicle registration number, your mileage and your contact details to receive an instant online valuation.

Then you can choose an office or home appointment, where their vehicle purchaser either visits you in the comfort of your own home to inspect your vehicle or you can book an appointment at one of their many nationwide branches. The decision is yours!

Admin fees and payments

Last checked January 2021

If you do decide to complete your car sale through WeWantAnyCar, for vehicles with a purchase price of up to £100 there is no Administration Charge.

However, an administration charge of £58.75 is applicable for vehicles with a purchase price of £100 – £4,999.

Where the purchase price is £5,000 or more, the admin charge is £78.75.

Money transfers are free and are instantly paid via bank transfer.

We Want Any Car’s full terms and conditions car be found here.

3. Money4YourMotors Review

Money4YourMotors is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

money4yourmotors logo

Buyer background

Money4yourMotors.com is another one of the WeBuyAnyCar alternatives that will come to you wherever you’re located to buy your vehicle, saving you time, effort, and money.

The company has a large network of vehicle purchasers who are located nationally covering every area of the UK mainland. You can book a home visit, workplace, or any other location that fits your needs.

As well as offering home collection, they also operate a network of drop-off points for your car sale if you’d prefer to drive to a collection depot.

They have a large network of ‘on the road’ car buyers, and it’s a common sight to see their branded vans travelling across the country to visit UK addresses.

The company is headquartered in Birkenhead and employs more than 200 members of staff.

Money4yourmotors collection van
A Money4YourMotors collection van. They drive anywhere in the UK to collect vehicles

Company history

The company was launched in 2010 by Patrick Mooney, which quickly grew into a nationwide mobile vehicle purchasing operation and has become one of the best known and largest car-buying services in the UK.

The company became part of The Manheim Group in April 2015.

How it works

It’s quick and easy to obtain an online car valuation through Money4yourMotors – simply type in your vehicle registration number with its mileage and your contact details, you’ll then receive an instant online valuation.

If the pre-inspection price offered is acceptable, you can arrange an appointment over the phone for a vehicle purchaser to come to your home or place of work for the appointment. There are no charges for the inspection of your vehicle.

Following this inspection, you’ll be offered a final price. If you choose to accept this price, the vehicle buyer will be able to perform a free instant bank transfer before they leave with your vehicle.

Admin fees and payments

Last checked November 2021

Unlike some other services, Money4YourMotors do not charge a fee for fast, same-day bank transfers – these are offered as standard free of charge. Money is paid before they leave with your car.

For vehicles with a purchase price of up to £100, there is no administration charge. However, they do charge an administration charge of £58.75 for vehicles with a purchase price of £100 – £4,999.00, when the sale is complete.

Where the purchase price is £5,000.00 or more, there will be an admin charge of £78.75. This amount will be taken off your final agreed amount.Money 4 Your Motors’ FAQs that details their fees can be found here.

4. The Car Buying Group Review

The Car Buying Group is a commercial partner of Motorway.

The Car Buying Group logo.

Buyer background

Having launched in 2014, The Car Buying Group is one of the later entrants to the online car buyer space, but they’ve grown fast.

Their service has proven extremely popular, thanks partly to their free collection, no fee model, and excellent customer review scores.

Their car buying team operating from offices at Aston Barclay (who own the business) in Wakefield.

The company specialises in a free UK-wide home or work collection service, as well as offering free same-day payment for your car with a best price guarantee and price match promise.

The Car Buying Group prides itself on its open, transparent customer service – offering a dedicated call centre who are always on-hand to take you through their simple car buying process.

Company history

Launched by entrepreneur Tom Marley (now CEO of Aston Barclay Group), The Car Buying Group quickly built a network of drop-off centres across the UK, by 2016 there were 58.

Customers could drive their car to a branch and get £50 extra for their car on top of their final quote to purchase, or opt for free home collection, providing a very flexible car buying service.

The company has since capitalised on the huge popularity of its free collection service, offering this as a standard product to its many customers with no fees attached

In late 2018, The Car Buying Group were acquired by car auction group Aston Barclay, but continues to operate as their own-branded, standalone instant car buying division.

The company continue to buy many thousands of vehicles every month directly from car sellers across the UK.

How it works

To start selling your car with The Car Buying Group, enter your reg details to get an online valuation on their website. From there you’ll get an instant valuation price that’s valid for 7 days.

If you want to proceed with the price given, you’ll need to discuss your car sale with a member of their buying team over the phone, who will check a few details regarding your car’s history and condition, before giving you a final quote with a price match promise.

The Car Buying Group guarantee all their offers on the phone in advance (to reduce the chance of any price reductions on the day of sale) and will match any finalised offer from any rival car buying services.

They’re able to arrange collection of your car within 24 hours from your home or work address.

Admin fees and payments

Last checked November 2021

Payment is instant and free on the same day The Car Buying Group collects your car and there are refreshingly no hidden fees or admin charges.

Thanks to their guaranteed offers, assuming your car is as described on the phone, the final price you’ve been quoted on the phone will be the amount you receive before they drive away with your vehicle.

5. SellCar Review

SellCar.co.uk is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

SellCar logo.

Buyer background

Launching in 2007, SellCar ( SellCar.co.uk ) was one of the UK’s very first WeBuyAnyCar alternatives, arriving soon after WeBuyAnyCar.com with one of the UK’s first home collection services.

The company has it’s head office in Nottingham, but their network of buyers will travel to any UK city to collect your car.

SellCar specialise in buying cars younger than 8 years old that haven’t travelled more than 80,000 miles. This doesn’t mean they’re a ‘high end’ car buyer, but it does mean that owners of older, high mileage models will need to look elsewhere.

Company history

SellCar was launched by Mark Rogers and is part of C4-UK Ltd. The company has grown fast since launch and is one of the most established online car buyers in the market.

How it works

You can start selling with SellCar by entering your reg on their homepage and answering a number of questions about your car.

Unlike some other services, your valuation isn’t instant. Once your details are submitted, these are manually processed by their car buying team who will consider buying your car if its end valuation is £2,000 or more.

If you fulfil their criteria, they’ll speak to you and confirm a quote over the phone and with an email response. If you agree to the price offered, they’ll send a representative to collect your car from your home or work address.

Admin fees and payments

Last checked November 2021

Like The Car Buying Group, SellCar do not charge any admin fees or fees for fast payment. The money will be transferred via bank transfer before they take your car away.

Visit SellCar.co.uk for a valuation >

6. Best Car Buyer Review

Best Car Buyer is a commercial partner of Motorway.

BestCarBuyer logo.

Buyer background

Best Car Buyer (BestCarBuyer.co.uk) are a car buying company who offer a collection service for your vehicle. They can make visits to locations nationwide to buy cars.

The company is run via Motor Depot dealerships and is part of the Motor Depot Ltd group which has showrooms for cars in Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Birmingham, and Hessle.

Company history

The business started buying cars in 2008 and has been consistently trading as a WeBuyAnyCar alternative ever since.

How it works

Best Car Buyer offers a valuation online, from here you can enter a process to sell your car. They typically only buy cars that are under 6 years old with low mileage, but can make exceptions for high-value cars as well as all classic and prestige marques and models.

When you have a valuation on their website, you can accept the offer and they’ll typically get back to you within an hour to discuss your car and arrange collection if a price can be agreed. The offer on the phone may be subject to change after a physical inspection.

Admin fees and payments

Last checked November 2021

They don’t charge any admin or payment fees of any kind. Money is transferred into your bank account ‘same day’ before the sales representative leaves your address.

7. Evans Halshaw Review

Evans Halshaw is a commercial partner of Motorway.

Evans Halshaw logo.

Buyer background

Evans Halshaw (EvansHalshaw.com) traces its roots back to the early 20th century. PJ Evans was founded in the Midlands during the 1920s. It continued to expand for the next fifty years. In 1978, it acquired the Halshaw Group, and thus began trading as Evans Halshaw.

In 1999, it was snapped up by Pendragon. They have continued their growth ever since. They now have 10 brand partnerships, including Ford, Vauxhall, and Renault.

Company history

One of the most recognisable names in the automotive industry, Evans Halshaw is part of the Pendragon PLC, the second-largest motor retailer in the country. The group also operates the Strastone and Car Store brands.

With their headquarters in Nottingham, they have a huge network of franchised dealers across the UK, covering over 130 different locations.

They now provide their customers with the option of booking appointments to sell their cars online. As they’re a group of franchised dealers, they pride themselves on cutting out the middlemen often associated with instant car buyers. As a result, they claim to be able to higher prices than you might find elsewhere online.

How it works

In order to sell your car with Evans Halshaw, you’ll need to simply enter your details on their website. They’ll then email you a valuation confirmation email. In order to provide an online valuation, they make certain assumptions about the car. 

You’ll then need to book an appointment and take your car to your nearest drop-off centre, as they don’t currently have a collection option. Don’t worry though, they have more than 80 locations across the country, so they’re never too far away.  

Once you’re there, they’ll check the car over before giving you the final price. You’ll be paid by means of a bank transfer that is processed within three working days – though you can pay £15 in order to receive same-day payment. 

Evans Halshaw are now on Motorway! Simply enter your details on our website to see offers from them and other leading online buyers.

8. Arnold Clark review

Arnold Clark is a commercial partner of Motorway.

Arnold Clark logo.

Company history

Arnold Clark (ArnoldClark.com) is a true Scottish success story. Started by Mr. Arnold Clark himself way back in the 1950s, it quickly grew from one showroom in Glasgow to a nationwide chain of dealerships, and turned its founder into the first billionaire car dealer in Britain in the process. 

The company gained its first franchises in the 1970s, with brands including Jaguar, Land Rover and MG. Renault was acquired a few years later, and to date, the company now has 24 franchises. 

In more recent years, they have moved into the digital world. ArnoldClark.com was awarded Automotive Dealer Website of the Year in 2010, and has launched an online valuation and booking system for those looking to sell their car.

Buyer background 

Founded back in the 1950s in Glasgow, the company has become one of the most recognisable brands in the UK car industry. The Arnold Clark Group is in fact Scotland’s largest private company, with over 200 dealerships and 24 franchises.  

Still based in Glasgow, they have dealers spread across the country. They also offer a wide range of services, including car and van rentals, and vehicle leasing options. 

When it comes to selling, they have in the last few years launched a valuation and booking tool on their website- meaning you can go through the process of selling with them online in three simple steps. 

How it works 

Selling your car with Arnold Clark is a three-step process. Firstly, you complete a simple online valuation. 

If you wish to proceed after the online valuation, you’ll be able to book an appointment at your local collection centre. 

You will then receive a call from one of their representatives- to take you through any questions about the process. 

You’ll then take it as arranged to your local drop-off centre, as they don’t currently offer a home collection service. Once they have checked over your car, payment normally takes about 1-3 working days to reach your account.

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