London’s ULEZ expansion: where are the ULEZ cameras?

    To manage the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), Transport for London (TfL) uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras across the capital to monitor the vehicles that enter and exit the city.

    These cameras snap your vehicle’s plates to check if your car is compliant – or if you should be charged for entering the ULEZ.

    A new interactive map has now been published which shows the location of the ULEZ cameras. However, now that the ULEZ has expanded to encompass the whole of Greater London, TfL plans to install many more cameras to improve their coverage.

    The ULEZ cameras never sleep. Save for Christmas Day – when ULEZ charges are paused as a sign of goodwill – they’re active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

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    Why has ULEZ been controversial?

    On 29 August 2023, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was extended to encompass the whole of Greater London. This was done by the London Mayor’s office and Transport for London, in an effort to combat poor air quality in the nation’s capital.

    However, the policy has been controversial – and has been met with significant resistance by many drivers who have been negatively impacted by the imposed charges. Many MPs and news agencies have subsequently claimed that expanding the ULEZ during the cost-of-living crisis was tantamount to a ‘tax on drivers’.

    Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has hit back at criticism, and accused MPs – including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – of creating a ‘bogus war on the motorist’.

    Though the Prime Minister has criticised the London Mayor over the ULEZ expansion for ‘hitting working families’ in a time of economic uncertainty, he appears to have ruled out central Government support for those affected by the expansion of the scheme.

    How can I avoid the ULEZ charges?

    The only way to avoid the charges is to drive a compliant vehicle. You can use our free ULEZ checker to find out instantly if your car or van is ULEZ compliant. Just enter your vehicle’s reg and tap the ‘Check Compliance’ button.

    Non-compliant vehicle drivers face a £12.50 fee each time they drive on London’s streets. The ULEZ cameras located throughout the city use Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to snap vehicle plates. If they discover non-compliant cars and vans that have not paid the requisite charge, TfL responds by sending a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the postal address of the registered keeper – as shown on the vehicle’s V5C logbook.

    However, to make the transition easier for London residents, provision has been put in place by TfL to aid households in trading up to compliant vehicles – and, thus, avoid fines.

    In August 2023, a new £160m ULEZ scrappage scheme was introduced by Transport for London, making any Londoner with a non-compliant car eligible for a £2,000 grant. This grant can be used to replace non-compliant vehicles with eco-friendly alternatives. 

    ULEZ expansion guide
    Non-compliant vehicle drivers face a £12.50 fee each time they drive on London’s streets.

    How do ULEZ cameras catch non-compliant vehicles?

    Any non-compliant cars and vans entering Greater London from 29 August 2023 should be aware that the ULEZ cameras are watching. These cameras are Transport for London’s eyes all over the city – they snap licence plates and cross-check them with their ULEZ compliance database.

    If you don’t pay your ULEZ charge within three days of your journey, you’ll be sent a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) – and, if the DVLA database does not have your current address, then your fine could increase over time without you even realising it. 

    Cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds, caravans, and minibuses can all receive a £180 penalty, payable if they have not paid their ULEZ charge correctly or on time. However, if you pay your PCN within 14 days, the charge is reduced to £90.

    When are the ULEZ cameras in use?

    The ULEZ cameras never sleep. Save for Christmas Day – when ULEZ charges are paused as a sign of goodwill – they’re active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

    At the time of the ULEZ expansion in August 2023, London had 1,775 ULEZ cameras across the city – though TfL is planning to add a further 975 cameras within the next few years.

    What has been the response to the ULEZ cameras?

    Though many Londoners have embraced the expanded ULEZ and see it as an important effort to provide clearer air in London – which has reportedly had illegal levels of air pollution since 2010, others living in Greater London regard the ULEZ expansion as little more than a tax on motorists.   

    The scheme has been seen as controversial and there has been considerable protest from many London residents. Since they’ve been introduced to watch the city streets, one in four ULEZ cameras has been subject to vandalism.

    Some areas of London have seen much higher levels of camera vandalisation than others, with Bromley topping the list – where 100 out of 120 cameras have been tampered with or damaged. Other areas that have seen high instances of ULEZ camera vandalisation by disgruntled drivers lashing out against the zone expansion are Lewisham, Sutton, and Bexley.

    Where are the ULEZ cameras?

    Transport for London keeps the exact locations of the ULEZ cameras a closely guarded secret. However, the website provides an interactive camera map that displays where the known ULEZ cameras are currently positioned.

    Currently, ULEZ charges are based on petrol vehicles that do not comply with Euro 4, an earlier emissions standard, and diesel vehicles that do not comply with Euro 6d. Check our guide for more information on which cars are currently exempt.

    As the original London ULEZ area mirrors the Congestion Charge Zone, it means that the majority of the cameras are situated around the parameter. However, with the recent expansion, more cameras are set to be installed around Greater London soon.

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