ULEZ exempt cars

ULEZ exempt cars

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expanded in October 2021. It will now affect not only central London but the areas up to (but not including) the South and North Circular roads. All cars driven in this area, that are not exempt, will have to pay the daily ULEZ charge of £12.50.

Before you drive into London and run the risk of paying the ULEZ charge, you can check if your car is compliant with our ULEZ checker. If your car is exempt, you won’t have to pay the charge. You may have to inform Transport for London and provide proof that your car meets the rules for being exempt.

What cars are exempt from ULEZ?

Cars that meet certain emission standards are exempt from the ULEZ charge. This is because the charge was designed to lessen the number of high-polluting vehicles on the road and improve air quality. It serves as a penalty for those who continue to drive heavily polluting cars, lorries, bikes, and buses through London.

If your vehicle is one of the following, it will be exempt from the ULEZ charge:

When driving through the Ultra Low Emission Zone, ULEZ charges will apply unless you are in one of the above vehicles. However, you may still be charged if you have failed to inform TFL that you are driving a ULEZ-compliant vehicle.

What petrol cars are exempt from ULEZ?

Petrol cars must meet Euro 4 standards. Generally, this means any petrol car made after January 2006, but be sure to check before driving in London.

What diesel cars are exempt from ULEZ?

Diesel cars that meet Euro 6 standards are ULEZ compliant, this generally applies to any car made after September 2015, but again, you should always double-check.

ULEZ compliant cars
Electric cars are ULEZ compliant and exempt from the charge

Other ULEZ exempt cars

As mentioned, electric cars, as zero-emission vehicles, are exempt from the ULEZ charge.

ULEZ exempt cars list

ULEZ compliant cars are any cars that meet the emissions standards outlined above, but some popular models which are ULEZ compliant include:

Any car model that is full-electric is exempt, but you should check if you are using any other type of car, including semi-electric hybrid cars.

ULEZ exempt classic cars

Classic cars may be exempt from the ULEZ if they fall into the historical vehicle tax class. This generally applies to any vehicle built more than 40 years ago. Be sure to check for your vehicle to see if this exemption applies to you. You may also have to register your vehicle in order to make sure it is not charged. This exemption also applies to any vehicles used for commercial purposes that are over 40 years old including food trucks and coffee vans.

Where can I do an ULEZ exempt cars check?

TFL host their own ULEZ checker online, which will tell you if your car is due to pay the ULEZ charge or is exempt. It will also tell you if you need to pay the congestion charge or LEZ charge.

My car isn’t ULEX exempt — now what?

Any car that is not ULEZ exempt will need to pay the charge of £12.50 per day. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you are driving through London on the way from Luton to Wandsworth, or if you live in Brent and were simply driving to the shops, the charge applies every day you use a non-compliant car within the ULEZ zone.

This fee can become extremely expensive — if you drive in London every day, that’s almost £100 a week, almost £5,000 a year! The best ULEZ exempt cars are electric vehicles, and now might be the perfect time to switch. As well as being exempt from the ULEZ charge, electric cars are also exempt from road tax and the congestion charge.

ULEZ Charge October 2021
The daily ULEZ charge can quickly add up.

Sell your car

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