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Sell your car with TruePrice

Put yourself in the driving seat and find out what your wheels are really worth.

What is TruePrice?

When car buyers provide an online guide price for your car, it’s just that: a guide. TruePrice compares guide prices against final sale prices that buyers have paid previously, giving you a better estimate of what your car is worth.

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How it works

When customers sell their car through Motorway, we send them a survey asking what they were actually paid for their car.

Our partner car buying companies also share their final purchase prices with Motorway to give us a full set of data.

Calculating the TruePrice

We compare the purchase price for each vehicle with the original guide price the buyer gave.

By looking at prices over thousands of historic transactions we can then work out the average adjustment for each buyer. Clever huh?

Coming to a screen near you

When you value your car on Motorway, we can then show you our estimated final price that you are likely to receive from each buyer. That’s TruePrice.

Smarter car selling

TruePrice helps you make a more informed decision and makes for a smoother sale, for both buyer and seller.

Smarter car selling. That’s the Motorway.