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There are many different ways to sell your car but the second-hand car market can be a difficult place to navigate. This is why Motorway exists. Motorway is the UK’s first comparison site to sell any car. By comparing prices from online buyers and specialist dealers across the UK, every used car owner can choose their best offer and sell quick for free, with zero hassle.

Finding a fair amount of money for your car can feel like a daunting process. As there are so many different ways to sell, the road to a good deal can seem long and complicated. Savvy owners and those with experience know that having detailed knowledge of their car will help get them the highest possible price, but few of us are experts.

Even if you’re not a car fanatic, it’s likely your vehicle will be one of your most valuable assets, and getting rid of a vehicle can feel emotional. Motorway understands all of this and is here to help.

Which kind of car buyer does Motorway compare?

We work with every type of instant used car buyer who will buy your car – from specialist car dealers, car buying websites and online scrap buyers. We give you a full price comparison experience for selling any vehicle. Whatever type of vehicle you own, you can compare car buyer offers and find your best offer in seconds.

With Motorway, the process of selling a car is easy, transparent, 100% free and most importantly, fair. We do all we can to make the car selling process quick and simple, so you can sell fast in as little as 24 hours!

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How do I sell my car?

When you first decide you need to sell your used car, you are immediately confronted by the question of “who will buy my car?” The choice can often seem complicated and incredibly overwhelming. It can also be hard to figure out how much your car is worth. 

For many sellers, the first route they consider will be selling privately. The most common way is through classified websites like Auto Trader, eBay, Gumtree and where you post a listing.  These sites allow you to advertise your car and let buyers get in touch directly. However, you’ll often need to show your car to potential buyers from home and may get ‘time wasters’ on your doorstep. There’s also the risk that you’ll be unable to find a buyer, meaning a potential waste of time and energy, with no sale at the end of the process. It’s also not always free to list your car for sale.

The other traditional way is to sell a car to a professional car dealer, either outright or for part-exchange for a new one. This can often mean a good price if you find a dealer who genuinely wants to buy your vehicle to retail, but this isn’t always the case. When part exchanging, car dealers sometimes offer low trade-in prices for cars they do not want to place on their forecourt, which they’ll need to sell on later. They do this solely to get vehicle purchases to go through smoothly.

There are also online car buying websites like The Car Buying Group, Best Car Buyer, CarConverter and (who do not work with Motorway). They offer to take all the hassle out of selling your used car by buying it fast, but prices can sometimes be lower than other routes.

Which selling option is right for you? 

The best way to sell your car often depends on the situation you are in, and what your priorities are when it comes to speed and price. It’s all about comparing your offers. And your offers will vary wildly.

Motorway presents online car buyer and dealer options for you in a comparison format, allowing you to compare offers while weighing up the pros and cons of each type of buyer. If you are ready to sell your used car now, it takes seconds to start, it’s free and it’s always fast to sell.

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Best ways to sell

With so many routes to sell available, what is the best way to get cash for your used car? Well it depends how much your car is worth and what your priorities are. Often the choice is about choosing between achieving the highest possible price, and getting your car sold as swiftly as possible. 

Selling your car privately both online and offline may get you the best deal – especially if it’s a high value, premium vehicle. Advertising your car on a classified site can get you a good price, but it’s rarely free and the process can take time, with no guarantee of success. So, if you would rather avoid the hassle, then going private may not be the best way to sell, especially if you want to get cash for your car quickly.

If you’re looking for quick cash for your car (especially if your car is worth £8,000 or less), car buying websites may be your best option. The main reason being that online car buyers offer a very fast service designed to be simple.

There are also car dealers to consider. Going to a professional buyer to either sell your car for cash or as a trade-in, has long been a traditional method for selling your car, most frequently as a part exchange. However, some dealers may give you a low car valuation if they do not want to buy your vehicle. The trick is finding a car dealer who actually wants to retail your car. 

How does my valuation change my buyer?

When you value your car on Motorway, if your car is eligible, our Premium Service automatically connects you with specialist car dealers in our network who are actively looking for cars like yours. 

You can enter a few details on Motorway to get an online valuation, select an instant buyer, then arrange an appointment to either drop it off or have it collected. Money is usually transferred into your bank account the same day.

Free home collection is also becoming more popular every year, with ‘home pick-up’ becoming the norm for many online buying services. 

Ready to sell? You can value your car on Motorway to compare many of the options above.

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Online car valuation

When selling your car, it’s useful to gain a good understanding of how much your car’s worth. The wealth of free car valuation services online will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your car’s value. Getting a car valuation from various website is a simple process, and can even help you get a better deal on the day of sale. There are several popular online car valuation calculators in the UK, including Motorway’s at the top of this page. Other popular valuing tools are available from Parkers, WhatCar? and Regit. Be careful though – all online valuations are estimates and should be treated only as guide prices when selling your vehicle.

As well as these services, online car valuation tools are also to be found on many car selling websites, and the majority of these are free to use too. However, the way each work varies. For instance, before setting up your advert on Auto Trader, you can use a valuation tool that gives you a guide price to expect from your listing, based on the private sale prices from their website. Motorway meanwhile provides valuations and offers from instant online buyers and specialist dealers which may be vastly different.

Fundamentally, valuations will vary enormously depending on what kind of prices you are looking at – whether a retail price, a price to sell on a private classified site, to a car dealer or via an instant online buyer. But as most online car valuation tools are free, it’s always a good idea to value your car using a number of valuation tools to set your expectations. This costs you nothing and will give you a decent “target price” to aim for. Having a great  understanding of your car’s value when you start selling always pays dividends later.

Need an instant car valuation from online car buyers? Simply enter your car’s reg along with your mileage at Motorway to compare prices and valuations from many of the best online car buying services in the UK. 

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