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Sell my car like a pro

Find your best offer from 3,000+ verified car dealers. You could get up to £1,000 more*

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  • Instant valuation

    Our valuation tech uses live market data to estimate your car’s value accurately.

  • Get your highest price

    We’ll find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car, with no haggling or hassle.

  • Free home collection

    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours, with free collection & instant payment.

  • Oh, and it’s 100% free

    Dealers pay a fee to buy your car. That means it’s completely free for you.

Just sold like a pro 😎

How it works

1. Profile your car

1. Profile your car

Enter your reg to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through making a profile of your vehicle.

2. We get to work

2. We get to work

We alert our network of 3,000+ verified car dealers about your vehicle, and invite them to bid for it in a daily online sale.

3. Get your best offer

3. Get your best offer

We’ll present the best offer from the sale for your approval, then arrange a convenient date for your car to be collected.

4. Complete your sale

4. Complete your sale

Receive instant payment in your bank account before your car is driven away. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car like a pro!

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3,000+ verified dealers ready to buy your car

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Sell your car fast online

There are many ways to sell a used car, but the car market can be a difficult place to navigate when looking for a great price. This is why Motorway exists. At Motorway, you can sell your car fast by finding your highest offer from 3,000+ verified dealers in our nationwide network. You could get up to £1,000 more from the comfort of your home. 

How does Motorway work with dealers ?

We connect with every type of car dealer who will buy your used vehicle today – from big franchised dealerships to local independent dealers. We’ll find your best offer from a trusted buyer, with zero haggling or hassle involved. No matter what make or model you own, we can get your car sold, leaving you feeling like a pro. It’s completely free and all done online. 

How can I find the best price?

Finding the best price for your car isn’t always easy – with so many buyers to consider and multiple ways to sell, the road to a good offer can seem long and complicated. Savvy car owners experienced in selling second-hand cars privately may have the market knowledge to find a competitive deal by themselves, but not all of us are experts.

Why does your car valuation matter?

The value of your car is important to understand before selling it. Even if you’re not into cars, it’s likely your vehicle will be one of your most valuable assets. Maximising your final sale price is absolutely essential for the health of your bank balance. Motorway can help steer you in the right direction by quickly valuing your car before finding your highest offer from our network of trusted, verified dealers UK-wide.

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How can I sell my car?

When you first decide you need to sell your car, you can quickly become confused by the sheer number of options. The choice can feel incredibly overwhelming. It can also be hard to work out what your car’s worth. 

What private selling options exist out there?

For many sellers, the first route they consider will be a private sale – and this is where many people start. The most common way to sell privately is through a classified ad website where you can post your own advert. There are many classified sites who specialise in used autos, as well as general ones who offer all kinds of items to purchase.  

With any classified site, you’ll often need to show your vehicle to strangers from home and may get ‘time wasters’ on your doorstep who may not proceed with a sale. There’s also the risk that you’ll be unable to find a buyer at all, with no guarantee of a reasonable amount of money at the end of the process. 

What about car dealers?

Another way is to sell your car to a professional dealer in the trade, either outright or as a part exchange. Selling to a dealer is quick, easy and can often mean a good price if you find one who wants to buy your vehicle to retail it themselves, but these can be hard to find. 

And instant car buyers?

There are also instant car buyers who will offer you an on-the-spot price or valuation online. They usually offer to take all the hassle out of selling your used car by buying it fast, but prices can sometimes be reduced on the day of sale and can be lower than selling direct to a dealer.

The right car buyer for you will depend on how speedily you need the money, and how long you can hold out to find the best possible price. It’s all about weighing up your options, as offers will vary wildly depending on where you look.

Motorway works with a UK-wide network of verified dealers to find your highest offer, so you always get a great price from someone you can trust. We make the selling process easy, with step by step instructions and support. If you are ready to sell your used car now, it takes seconds to start, it’s 100% free and it’s always fast.

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Best ways to sell

With so many routes available to sell cars, what is the best way to get money in the bank for yours? Well it depends how much your used car is worth and what your priorities are. Often the choice is about choosing between achieving the highest possible price, and getting your car sold as swiftly as possible. 

Can I sell my car easily myself?

Selling your car privately can get you a great deal if someone is willing to pay you directly, but it’s rarely free and the process can take time, with no guarantee of success. So, if you would rather avoid the hassle, then going private may not be the best way to sell, especially if you want to get money for your car quickly from a professional buyer.

What if I just want to sell my vehicle quickly?

If you’re looking for quick cash in the bank for your car (especially if your car is worth £1,500 or less), instant car buying websites may be your best option as the speed in which they complete the sale may outweigh the benefit of spending your precious time to eek out a little bit more money selling to a dealer or in a private sale on a classified website.

What about selling to a car dealer?

There are also car dealers to consider – either as a part exchange, but also directly as a straight sale. However, a lot of dealers don’t really want your vehicle unless they can make a good profit margin at their dealership by selling it directly on their forecourt. If not, they will need to sell your car on to another dealer or take it to a car auction. The key is in finding a car dealer who actually wants to retail the car themselves. Motorway does this for you, automatically.

So how does Motorway bring it all together?

When you value your car on Motorway, we connect you with verified car dealers in our UK-wide network. Our smart technology matches your car with a nationwide network of verified dealers looking for cars just like yours. They’ll make competing offers for it and we’ll find the best price for you. 

You can enter a few details on Motorway to instantly value your car, proceed with your best offer, then arrange an appointment to either drop it off or have it picked up. Free home collection is available from most dealers on Motorway. And for peace of mind, payment is usually made the same day before your car is driven or transported away. It’s quick, easy and there’s no guesswork required.

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Online car valuation

When selling your car, it’s useful to gain a good understanding of how much your car’s worth. The wealth of car valuation sites online in the UK will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your car’s value. Getting a range of valuations online is a quick, simple process.

How can I get an online valuation?

To start valuing online, just enter your reg and mileage on a few different services to get an idea of your potential sale price. Be careful though – online valuations given are always estimates and they should be treated as guide prices for selling your vehicle rather than final offers. You can also try valuing your car at the top of this page to get an instant idea of your estimated sale price if you proceed with Motorway.

Can I value my car for free?

Free car valuation tools are to be found on many different types of car selling websites, and most are free to use. You can also value your car online for free on many classified sites with standalone tools, as well as on specialist valuation platforms that can give you a value breakdown across private sale, part exchange and retail routes. Motorway’s free valuation provides an estimated price using our own data from thousands of previous sales via our nationwide dealer network. 

Do car valuations vary?

Valuations will vary enormously depending on what kind of prices you are looking at – whether a retail price, a price to sell on a private classified site, to a car dealer or via an instant online buyer. But as most online car valuation tools are free, it costs nothing to work out a target price to aim for from your sale. Having a great understanding of your car’s value when you start selling always pays dividends later when selecting your buyer.

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