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Who will buy my car?

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Who will buy my car?

There are many ways to sell your car, from private car selling websites like Auto Trader and eBay, to franchised car dealerships specialising in certain brands. There are also instant online car buyers who will buy your car via a process that starts online with a valuation. The concept of an instant, online car buying website was started by We Buy Any Car (who Motorway do not work with). This part of the car selling market is the newest and fastest-growing.

WeBuyAnyCar* entered the car buying market in 2006 with an instant way to sell your car online. For the first time in the UK, customers could simply go to, enter their reg and receive an instant online valuation to sell their vehicle. They were the first company in the UK to offer to buy any used car, whether old, used or nearly new. With a three step process (value online, drive to an inspection point and agree a final price), they changed the car buying market overnight.

While WeBuyAnyCar are still the market-leading instant car buying site, there are now many other companies who offer a similar service. Motorway do not work with We Buy Any Car, but you can use our comparison service to compare prices from many other companies who operate in a similar way. From Fiat to Ferrari, Volkswagen to Volvo, enter your reg on Motorway  to compare offers from multiple companies who will buy all types of car.

* are not a commercial partner of Motorway.

who will buy my car?

Which companies buy cars online?

There are now many instant car buying sites who operate in a similar way to We Buy Any Car.* Many of these companies offer a high level of service and provide different benefits depending on the seller’s needs. For example, some buyers provide free home collection UK-wide, instant payment and guarantee their prices on the phone.

Meanwhile, other companies require you to drive to a dealership,  branch or ‘drop off centre’ to complete a sale involving a physical inspection from the buyer. This final purchase process does vary between companies in its complexity. Some buyers require large amounts of info in advance, while others are happy to hammer out the final details in person on the day (with prices finalised at the last minute). It’s worth exploring how each buyer works.

Car buying companies that Motorway work with include:

  • Arnold Clark
  • The Car Buying Group
  • Best Car Buyer 
  • Car Converter
  • Car Take Back


Motorway allow you to compare instant offers from all these companies in one place as well as offers from specialist dealers. If you are looking to sell your car and are ready to sell now, it only takes a few seconds to get started on Motorway and get money for your car today.

* are not a commercial partner of Motorway.

which companies buy cars?

Choosing a site to buy my car

There are now many car buying websites that allow you to sell your car instantly, the same day., taking away all the hassle associated with selling privately on Auto Trader, eBay or Gumtree – or directly to a dealer. But how do you know which buyer one to choose? Is it just about price?

Well, each online car buyer provides a slightly different level of service and will likely offer a slightly different price because of that. Some offer free home collection for example, while others will require you to drive to a drop-off point to finalise the sale. Most online car buyers buy cars in order to sell them on for a profit at auction or to a network of smaller car dealers. Each buyer uses different criteria to price cars and will have their own unique network of car dealers they sell to. Each buyer will naturally have brands, models and specs they prefer and will price accordingly for every vehicle.

It is also worth looking carefully at review scores for all buyers from online review websites like Trustpilot and Feefo. Motorway collates these reviews for every car buying partner we work with so you can compare prices as well as the level of service you are likely to receive.

Some online buyers also show inflated offers and valuations online, so we developed something called TruePrice which is technology to give you a more accurate estimation of the amount you will actually receive on the day you sell. TruePrice improves the accuracy of online offers by comparing them against the final prices received by 1000s of previous sellers on Motorway.

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Value any car

At Motorway we provide online offers from various online car buying websites and specialist dealers. By comparing prices, you can quickly get an idea of how much your car is actually worth to a professional buyer. With one simple valuation, you’ll quickly get an idea of the amount you will actually receive when you sell – no guesswork required! But there’s a few caveats…

Valuations you receive are only ever estimated and will always vary depending on the condition of your car. Prices vary between instant buyers – but If you combine valuations from online car buyers with prices seen on other sources (such as eBay and AutoTrader) you can quickly get an accurate picture of your used car’s likely value.

Things like age, mileage and the condition of the car will affect its value dramatically. For example, there will sadly never be a case where higher mileage will mean a higher valuation, but age doesn’t work in the same way for ever brand. Some cars age better than others – for example, some premium brands like Audi, Land Rover and Porsche depreciate in value much more slowly than budget brands like Renault, Ford or Dacia.

But there are also some things that will always help your car’s eventual sale value. Things like good condition, having a full service history, a low number of previous owners and two sets of keys will always improve the final offer you receive.

And if you want to increase the value of your car on the day of sale, make sure to get the car in tip top, showroom condition. Polish it up with wax and make the wheels look nice and shiny. Take advantage of any quick fixes. See a minor scratch? Get it polished up. Some buyers are pickier than others, but don’t ever give a buyer a good reason to ‘chip you down’.

value any car

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