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How to sell your MINI

We can buy any MINI here at Motorway. All models, whether a 3 or 5-door hatchback or a larger MINI Countryman can be sold through us. Whether your MINI is a brand new car or a tried and tested vehicle, we are interested in buying it.

We can offer you an immediate and indicative purchase price estimate right off the bat. In order to receive this, simply enter your MINI’s registration into our online car valuation calculator and we will get a price for you straight away. Following a brief discussion in order to confirm the specifics of your MINI, we can provide you with a guaranteed purchase price to buy the car you are looking to sell.

We have a wide network of buyers who specialise in buying the MINI brand. Their technical know-how ensures that you will always be presented with a great price for your car. Our buyers are specialists in buying MINI cars and you the seller will benefit from the high premium they can pay. MINI is a proven car brand on the resale market and old or new, most MINI models sell well. That said, the very best performers for price are always the newer models. The likes of the MINI Clubman and Convertible go for great prices in the present climate.

In fact it is cars like the Clubman and Convertible that grants MINI its place among our most popular brands at Motorway. As such we are interested in buying all MINI cars regardless of age or model. One of our main aims is to always give you a great valuation in addition to a guaranteed price match promise for your MINI.

Services such as We Buy Any Car, Autotrader, eBay, Wizzle and We Want Any Car make the online car buying and selling market highly competitive. However we aim to provide you with quote that will not only compete with them, but also your local dealer. Add to that our much-loved free UK-wide collection service from your home or workplace coupled with same day payment - and there is more than a few reasons to How to sell your MINI through Motorway.

How to get an online valuation and sell your MINI through us:

  1. Value your MINI car – type the registration of your MINI into our online car value calculator and we can access information from the DVLA. This will provide us with the necessary details concerning your car to be able to offer you an immediate and highly competitive valuation
  2. Get a price promise – when you have got your valuation, enter in your personal contact information and our car buying partner will give you a call shortly thereafter. The partner will talk through some of the details of your MINI before giving you a price match promise* to buy the car. This is valid for seven days and we can come to collect your MINI within 1-3 days
  3. Collection of your car – the next step is to agree on a day to have your MINI collected. We aim to make this process as convenient as possible for you the seller and as such we can collect your car from your home address as well as your workplace. On the arranged date, we will perform a quick inspection involving checking through the details discussed on the phone. Assuming all is as described, we will be able to put the money for your car into your account with an instant transfer. Your MINI has then been officially purchased and we will take car of the rest
  4. Money straight to you – unlike other services which can delay payment for up to a week or more, we never make you wait for your cash. With Motorway the transfer will usually be complete in under an hour and before we drive away with your car

MINI models we buy

Below we have listed a variety of the most recent MINI models sold via Motorway, however we can buy older MINI models too:

  • MINI cars: MINI 3 Door Hatch, MINI 5 Door Hatch, MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible, MINI Countryman 2014 and MINI New Countryman.

We can buy and can help you sell all MINI hatchbacks and convertibles.

More about MINI cars…

MINI managed to squeeze inside the top 20 best selling cars in UK in 2016, ranked at a very respectable 19th. The British brand is hot on the heels of Mazda and comfortably ahead of SEAT in 20th place. MINI experienced a considerable increase in new registrations in sales over the course of 2016, going up from 51,000 to 56,000. 2016 was also the year that saw MINI reach 3,000,000 cars produced and manufactured since May 2001 (when BMW relaunched the brand). British-made cars have enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years, and MINI is clearly among those seeing their fortunes rise.

MINI’s new car lineup for 2016 includes a host of familiar faces. The 3-Door Hatch and 5-Door Hatch, as well as the MINI convertible are at the front of the queue at the compact end. If you are in the market for something larger, the two primary choices include the Countryman 2014 and the New MINI Countryman. The MINI Clubman bridges the gap between these two choices as your best bet for a medium-sized saloon car.

However, 2016 also saw the MINI Hatchback fall out of the top 10 best selling models. Unfortunately for the company, a rise in popularity for the Nissan Juke and Kia Sportage saw the highly sought-after Hatchback take a hit in sales. More positively, the MINI Clubman has a enjoyed a rise in sales towards the back-end of 2016.

Ironically, it is MINI’s larger cars that have had the best increase in sales in 2016. The Countrymen proved a big seller early in the year, and with a new model planned for 2017, the company is looking to continue their upward trend in sales.

The very first MINI was launched in 1959. The idea behind their first car was to offer an economic and fuel-efficient alternative to the typically gas-guzzling vehicles of the time. This proved to be an excellent marketing strategy, as the MINI managed to capture and become synonymous with the rise of youth culture in 1960s. No longer were cars reserved solely for the rich, suddenly everyone could be driving around in their very own automobile.

It was in the same decade that he British car manufacturer laid down its roots in motorsport. 1961 saw the introduction of the Classic MINI Cooper 997. The car’s quick acceleration and nimble handling took it to victory in the Monte-Carlo rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

By 1967 MINI was well established and cars were being produced on a large scale. The year saw the production of 429,000 of their new range of MK II MINIs. By 1968 the Authi company was producing a wide variety of MINIs in Pamplona, Spain, ensuring MINI’s place among the global giants of the industry. The introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S saw this rise in provenance continue up to the turn of the century.

2001 saw the end of forty-years of production. BMW bought MINI in May of that year and the company was rebranded to become the company we see today.

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