How to sell a car at auction the Motorway way

    how to sell a car at auction

    Selling a car couldn’t be easier when you sell the Motorway way. Traditional car auctions are one of the many ways you can sell your car, though not necessarily the easiest. We know a thing or two about selling cars. We looked at all the old ways of going about it, and created something better, it’s called the Motorway way.

    What is the Motorway way?

    The Motorway way is the 100% free way! We don’t charge you a penny to sell your car with us, and we let you do it all from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how:

    1. Get a free valuation

    We don’t need you to drive your car to us to get it valued. Just provide your reg and mileage and, using very clever data, we’ll give you an accurate valuation of how much your car is worth.

    2. Make a car profile

    Don’t worry, we don’t need you to be a pro photographer or a wordsmith. We don’t ask for essays about your car, just easy answers to even easier questions. We cover off everything dealers need to know about your vehicle, we make it easy to create a concise profile in minutes. We’ll guide you through the exact photos we need, too, so you can easily capture all those key angles.

    3. Sit back and relax

    And that’s it from your end! Now it’s over to the dealers. Our dealer network is made up of over 5,000 verified dealers and they’ll be alerted to your car when it enters our sales platform. All you need to do is relax and wait until the sale is over. Because the Motorway way is about making it dealer vs. dealer, not dealer vs. seller, you don’t have to worry about negotiating with dealers or even talking to them at all! If a dealer wants your car, they have to make their best offer, one they think won’t be out-matched by another dealer.

    We’ll be in touch after the sale to let you know the highest offer your car received, if you approve, it’s time to sort collection.

    4. Have your car collected for free

    Yes, you don’t have to go anywhere even when you’ve agreed a sale (which can take as little as 24 hours, by the way). The winning dealer will come to your home to collect your car totally free of charge. They’ll inspect your car, make sure everything is in order, and you’ll be paid by secure bank transfer.

    selling your car at auction
    Getting your car to an auction house can involve a lot of travelling.

    Is Motorway a car auction?

    We don’t think of it like that, because what we’ve created is so much more than a traditional car auction, it’s a car-selling revolution that’s win-win for everyone. Sellers don’t pay to list their car, dealers don’t pay for stock that might be anything but quality. When you sell the Motorway way, you get dealers who are prepared to make their best offer for quality cars, so there’s zero stress about negotiating a deal.

    How to sell a car at auction traditionally

    In a traditional car auction, you would need to enter your car by travelling to an auction house. The process may vary slightly from place to place, but generally follows the same structure:

    Take your car to an auction house to be valued

    You will need to contact and auction house and let them know you want to sell your car. If they like the sounds of your vehicle, you will be invited to bring your car in for a valuation. Your car will be photographed so potential buyers can see it and a valuation will be made. Of course, if the auction house decide that they can’t sell your car then you’ll have to drive back home having wasted time and petrol.

    The car enters the auction

    On auction day, people will bid for your car in the traditional way of raising their hands as bid prices are suggested. A bid is considered legally binding, and the bidder cannot easily back out of the agreement. The exception is if you have set a reserve price i.e. a minimum price you want to make. If no one bids high enough to meet your reserve, you can dismiss any lesser bids that were made. You may find yourself being forced to negotiate a lower deal, though. Ultimately, the auction house probably doesn’t want to be forced to store your car, and the dealer doesn’t want to leave empty handed, so if your reserve hasn’t been met, you might have to strike a deal.

    Wait to be paid

    Payment and handling of documents (you will need to hand over your V5C and any other key documents like service history) is dealt with by the auction house. As you’re waiting on both the buyer and the middle man, this can sometimes take longer than you may like.

    sell your car in an auction
    Quality isn’t always assured for dealers who buy cars in traditional auctions.

    How much does it cost to sell a car at auction?

    Traditionally, you would have to pay admin fees to get your car entered into an auction. This could range from £15 to a significantly heftier amount, it really depends on where you plan to sell your car. There might also be other commission charges on top of this, and don’t forget the cost of petrol to drive your car to the auction house in the first place (and the taxi fee to get home!). If you car doesn’t sell the first time round and you want to re-enter it, you may have pay some of these fees all over again. Some auction houses may also charge you a storage fee for keeping your car on site between auctions. All in all, traditional car auctions can get very pricey, very fast.

    So, how much does it cost to sell your car at auction with Motorway? Zero. Yep, we offer a 100% free service to our customers, we think it’s the better way.

    Can I sell any car with Motorway?

    We can help you sell your car no matter what it’s brand or model, but we do have some restrictions on the cars we can list. Before you start the process of selling your car the Motorway way, make sure your car:

    • Has a valid MOT and V5C
    • Has not be written off or stolen (may be referred to as CAT A/B/C/D/S/N)
    • Is not under 6 months old with no proof of purchase from a dealership
    • Was not previously used as an uber, taxi, rental car, or track day car
    • Is not on a lease agreement
    • Runs properly and is without substantial mechanical faults
    • Does not have negative financial equity the seller cannot afford to clear
    • Is not being sold by motor traders or bodywork shops

    Most well cared for cars should easily make this criteria, and you should find that most car buying sites and auction houses will abide by similar rules. You’ll also need to have the following documents ready to hand over to the buying dealer, which would also be required by traditional auction houses:

    • V5C
    • Service history
    • Finance settlement letter (where relevant)
    • Book pack and general documentation for the car
    car auction
    Among other fees, auction houses may charge you for the storage of your vehicle.

    Can I sell on behalf of someone else?

    Yes, you can, but we do require permission to be given from the registered keeper. This can either be provided by:

    • The registered keeper being present when the car is collected
    • A probate/copy of death certificate being presented
    • A signed letter of permission along with a copy of their driving licence and key documents

    Is it time to sell your car?

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