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    How to sell your used car with Motorway

    Selling your car online for free, on a car selling site, can require a bit of effort on your part.

    Depending on the site, you sometimes have to write out a compelling advert with key vehicle spec details.

    Luckily, Motorway even makes the admin of selling your car as easy as possible. To sell with Motorway:

    • Confirm your reg and mileage for an instant, free valuation.
    • Profile your vehicle from your phone.
    • Place your vehicle in front of thousands of verified dealers.
    • Get your best price.
    • Enjoy free home collection with instant payment, straight in your bank account.

    Motorway is all about being fair and transparent for everyone, that means no lowball prices for you, the seller, and no low-quality stock for our dealers.

    We connect sellers, just like you, to dealers who have been carefully checked and vetted so that everyone gets a deal they can be happy with. It’s the more money way.

    Why is Motorway the best free car selling site?

    When you sell your car with Motorway, you benefit from an instant, free valuation, easy car profiling, and showing your car to over 5,000 car dealers in our daily online sale. But don’t just take our word for it.

    • We’ve been trusted by over 250,000 customers since 2017.
    • We’re recommended by AA Cars, WhatCar?, Parkers,, Octopus Electric Vehicles, and Moneysupermarket.
    • We have over 45,000 Trustpilot reviews, with an overall rating of ‘Excellent’.
    • The UK’s top dealership groups are represented in our nationwide network, including Evans Halshaw, Sytner, Jardine, Vertu Motors, Inchcape, and many more.

    Ready to sell your car online?

    Selling your car on Motorway is quick and simple to do on our app or website.

    Create a vehicle profile and more than 5,000 verified dealers from across the UK will compete to give you their best price to buy your car.

    Approve your highest offer, and the winning dealer will collect your car for free and make a fast payment.

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    the best car buying sites

    Car buying sites

    Car selling sites are a great alternative to classifieds sites, and instant car buying sites. You’ll have a fast, easy, online experience, without missing out on getting your car’s best price from a verified dealer.

    If you have a used car you’re ready to sell, there are plenty of car selling sites out there that will happily take it away for you. But, if you’re looking for a free car selling site, that’s easy to use, where you get the best price from dealers, then look no further than Motorway! You can confirm a sale in as little as 24 hours, all from your phone.

    value your car

    The site to sell your car

    Some car buying sites will happily give you a quick sale, but they may insist you drive your car to a hub, and give you a low final offer on the day of sale. If you choose Motorway, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

    Motorway offers:

    • Accurate car valuations based on live buying trends.
    • A marketplace that puts your car in front of 5,000+ verified dealers.
    • A sale agreed in as little as 24 hours.
    • Free home collection.
    • A 100% free service from beginning to end.
    car sold online

    Complete your sale fast

    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours – with fast payment. With the sale agreed, the dealer will arrange to collect your car from home or work, at a convenient time.

    You can even sell your car if it’s on finance, such as PCP or HP. If you’re selling with outstanding finance – don’t worry, your buyer will settle your balance with your finance company, and pay you the surplus.

    Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with over 50,000 reviews

    Sell my car frequently asked questions

    Commonly asked questions about car buying sites

    What is the best car-buying site?

    Finding the best site for your car will depend on what your priorities are, whether that’s speed, price, or convenience — and Motorway can deliver on them all! 

    • Our car valuations are based on market intelligence and our 5,000+ vetted dealers to be accurate and up-to-date.
    • Our network of dealers compete to give you their best price.
    • Agree a sale in as little as 24 hours.
    • Dealers will collect your car right from your home.
    • It’s 100% free!

    How can I sell my car fast?

    There’s more than one way to sell a car, including:

    Some methods are faster than others, and some are certainly easier as well. For the perfect balance of convenience, speed and value, try the Motorway. You can agree a sale in as little as 24 hours and our car valuations are based on live industry trends so they are always accurate and fair. 


    What is the best used car website?

    If you have a used vehicle you no longer want, then the internet can come up with all sorts of ways to sell your car, including:

    • Classified car selling sites
    • Social media marketplaces
    • Instant car buyers

    There are pros and cons to them all. For example, a private buyer may be willing to pay more, especially if they happen to be particular fans of the make or model you’re trying to sell, but think of all the extra admin:

    • Paying listing fees on selling sites
    • Fielding calls, messages and emails
    • Dealing with time-wasters
    • Arranging viewings
    • Welcoming strangers to your home (especially during a pandemic)
    • Making sure you have all the insurance in place for test drives
    • Finding a mutually agreeable method of payment
    • Making sure you get paid

    Once you’ve weighed out the extra effort it takes to be your own used car salesman, you might find you’ve certainly earned the extra money you got in asking price, and wish you hadn’t bothered.  So, remove the possibility of seller remorse and choose Motorway instead. You can go from selling to sold in no time! 

    Which website is best for selling a second-hand car?

    There are plenty of car buying websites to choose from, and they all offer different experiences. You can use a social media marketplace or other free advertising site, or a free or cheap car-specific listing site such as AutoTrader – in both of these cases, the platforms help you find interested buyers, and you handle the actual sale of your car yourself, including taking safe payment.

    If you prefer to sell very quickly, you can try an instant car buying site. You’ll get an instant quote, and drive your car around to a hub to sell it directly to the company. 

    To sell your car online directly to a dealer, use Motorway. You’ll get an instant, free valuation using just your reg and mileage, and if you want to proceed to profile your car for sale, you’ll find that confirming your vehicle’s details and uploading photos are both quick and easy steps. When you get your car in our daily online sale, more than 5,000 dealers will compete to give you their best price. This gets sent to you at the end of the sale, and when you approve it, you can expect free home collection with instant payment straight into your bank account.

    Which app is best for selling used cars?

    When you sell your car with Motorway, you can use our app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store) for a quick and easy experience. Value and profile your vehicle directly from the app, and use it to take great photos of your car, thanks to templates we’ve designed to help you get the best angles. 

    Once your car is profiled, a Motorway agent will confirm a few last details and put your car into the daily online sale. All that’s left to do is wait to hear your best price, at the end of the sale.

    Is it a good time to sell a second-hand car?

    In the 2020s so far, used car pricing has been generally high, so it could be a good time to sell your car. For the best insight into changes to your car’s ongoing valuation, try our Car Value Tracker. It’s free to follow the changing values of up to six vehicles, so you can choose the best time to sell.

    Have second-hand car prices gone up or down?

    Used car pricing in the 2020s has been very high in general, due to shortages in the supply chain for new cars, as well as high inflation. Some cars even saw their values increase to higher than original purchase price in 2021 at the height of shortages. 

    In 2023, used car prices have largely stayed high. However, bear in mind that there are many variables for car values, so some vehicles may not have benefitted from this trend.

    As is always the case, cars that hold their value best – especially within the first few years of ownership, when the default is for prices to dip substantially – are ones with low mileage, good condition, and full service history.

    How to sell my car online?

    When you’re looking to sell your car 100% online, it’s important to check for free home collection. When you sell your car with Motorway, you profile your car on the app, and wait to receive your best price at the end of the daily online sale. When you approve the price, your buyer will organise free home collection, and instant payment straight into your bank account.

    Where can I sell my car online for free?

    There are several ways you can sell your car online for free, from a classifieds site or free advertising site to find individual buyers, or an instant car buying company to sell your car for resale, or a marketplace such as Motorway, to sell directly to a dealer. Selling with Motorway is fast, free, and can be done 100% from your phone. 

    What is the safest payment method when selling a car?

    The safest method of payment when selling your car is having your buyer transfer funds directly into your bank account. You should be able to see these come through instantly, or at least within 24 hours. Read our guides for more information on safe payment, and avoiding scams when selling your car.

    How long on average does it take to sell a car privately?

    Depending on how you find your buyer for your car, it could take days, weeks, or even over a month. Some platforms you can use to sell your car, like Motorway, will use automations to make profiling your car extremely quick and easy. Not to mention, once your car is in our daily online sale, 

    However, if you’re looking for an individual buyer on a classifieds site or free advertising site, you’ll more likely have to write out your own original advertisement and list out all the key details about your car, as well as arranging several home visits and test drives, managing negotiations, finalising a sale, and organising safe payment. It can be a lengthy and overwhelming process.

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