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Sell Your Ford Car – FREE Online Ford Valuation

Motorway can help you sell your Ford for an excellent price. We are expert, specialised Ford buyers and we regularly buy Fords aged 1-3 years old as well as older cars aged 3-5 years plus or more. Ford is one of the most popular car makes on the road and regularly tops the bestseller lists in both used and new car markets.

We use our network of contacts in the car market to sell cars for as much as possible, so as experienced, trusted Ford car buyers, we are able to offer you a compelling, highly competitive price to purchase your motor. Try us, you might be surprised!

If well cared for, a Ford car can hold its value well and second hand Fords are always popular at auctions and car dealerships. Whether a recently-purchased Ford Fiesta (the UK’s most popular car), a nearly-new Ford Focus or a well-cared for older Mondeo, we can help you sell your car. We will always aim to give you the best possible quote to buy your used Ford, often beating trade-in, Autotrader or local car dealership quotes.

How to get an online valuation and sell your Ford through us:

  1. Value your Ford – enter your car’s number plate details on our homepage for your FREE, instant valuation with no obligations
  2. Get a final price from our partner – our car buying partner will call to ask a few more questions about your Ford before offering a final price to purchase your car with a price match promise. We can then arrange the collection of your car and answer any questions you may have about the process or price
  3. Collection day – we will come to a convenient place (home or work) to complete a final inspection of your Ford car. Assuming no issues, we can then make an instant payment to your bank account for the guaranteed amount before we drive away.
  4. Money in your bank account – you will have the money from the sale of your Ford car within an hour to spend on whatever you need to!

More about Ford cars…

Ford is by far the most popular car brand in the UK, with more than 5 million Ford cars on the road (as of 2016). Ford is well known for offering solid value, with great performance and reliability. None epitomises this more than the Ford Fiesta – as mentioned before – the UK’s most popular car model.

However, there are numerous iconic Ford models that have come out over the last 30 years that have been hugely popular in the British market – from the Ford Escort in the 1980s to the evergreen Ford Focus models. In recent years, Ford has become well known for its iconic Mondeo model with ‘Mondeo man’ being a modern phenomenon.

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and is an America-based multinational with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan (Detroit). Ford were pioneers in mass-producing cars on a global scale via assembly lines, in fact this process became so important for the evolution of manufacturing that it became known as Fordism.

Globally, Ford sell cars and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, with luxury cars with a US focus under the Lincoln brand. Ford is also a shareholder in Mazda, Aston Martin and Jiangling. Other brands linked to the Ford name include Jaguar and Land Rover who were former subsidiaries up until acquisition by Tata Motors in 2008. Ford also owned Volvo (1999 to 2010) as well as operating the Mercury brand name since 1938.

Now the 2nd largest automaker in America after General Motors, Ford is currently the 5th largest manufacturer in the world. Ford manufacture around 5-7 million vehicles a year on a global basis. Ford cars are assembled all over the world with large manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Canada, Slovakia, Thailand, China, South Africa, India, Taiwan and USA.

Ford models we buy

We can buy the following recent models of Ford (as well as all the other older models):

  • Ford cars: Ford Ka+, Ford Fiesta, Ford Fiesta ST, Ford B-Max, Ford Ecosport, Ford ST-Line, Ford Focus, Ford Focus ST, Ford Focus RS, Ford C-Max, Ford Grand C-Max, Ford Kuga, Ford Kuga Vignale, Ford Mondeo, Ford Mondeo Vignale, Ford Galaxy, Ford Edge, Ford Edge Vignale, Ford Tourneo Connect, Ford Ranger, Ford Tourneo Custom and Ford Mustang
  • Ford vans: Ford Transit, Ford Transit Courier, Ford Transit Connect and Ford Transit Custom