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Car buying sites

There are now a large variety of online car buying sites in the UK. Companies and services include The Car Buying Group, Car Converter, Best Car Buyer and CarTakeBack. Motorway work with many of these buyers and there are many more who all offer a hassle free way to sell your car fast online.

Each buyer has different requirements, but most car buying services allow you to sell almost any car, whether used, new or at the end of its life. You can compare prices from many of these sites on Motorway. The process is simple – enter your reg and your vehicle’s details and mileage online, then compare offers from these sites instantly.

After you have entered your info on Motorway, you will be presented with offers to compare for your car – these prices can vary wildly between different car buying sites. This is because each different company will have their own way to value cars and provide an offer. For example, one could give an offer based on a car in ‘average’ condition for its age and mileage, while another site’s offer may be based on a car in ‘excellent’ condition. We use something called TruePrice to help compare prices more effectively here. Enter your reg to see how it works.

After comparing offers, you can select an offer to go ahead with a buyer. Some car buying sites provide free home collection and some will require you to drop the car off at a collection point.

No matter which service your chosen buyer provides, the car will always be inspected for any material damage on the day of sale. Things like scratches, dents and scuffs will be taken into account, as will the general condition of the car, its cleanliness and interior condition. All of these elements will affect the ‘final price’ the online car buyer provides, it’s always worth being upfront about your car’s condition in advance to avoid any price drops.

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Compare car buying sites

Given there are a myriad of different car buying sites to choose from, how do you know you’re selling your car to the right one? How can you know which can be trusted and which can’t? That’s where Motorway comes in. We allow for careful comparison – not just on price, but on service, payment, review score, even distance from a drop-off centre and whether the buyer can collect from home or work. Everything we do allows for an informed decision. No more guesswork required.

On Motorway you can compare offers from many instant car buying sites. You simply need to enter your reg, mileage and contact details and you’ll then be presented with a list of offers from car buying sites – but it doesn’t stop there. We even work with specialist car dealers who will buy your vehicle as well as scrap, recycling and local buyers who will buy your car.

Compare car buying sites

Best car buying sites

The best car buying site for you will depend on your personal situation, as well as many other factors like price, ease and speed. For example, some buyers want to sell as quickly as possible to a buyer who is quick and makes it easy, irrespective of price. Maybe they have found a new car they want to buy and they simply need their old car gone and the new car on their driveway as quickly as possible.

In other situations, price may be the number one factor for determining your best car buying site. Price comparison is key here. When you value your car on Motorway, your comparison table will sort by price, so you can easily find the best deal for your car in seconds.

For many people, trust is the major factor and reviews will be the best way to compare here. Reviews are often a good indicator as to who is the best, most trusted car buying site for you.

At Motorway, we aggregate review scores from a number of platforms including Trustpilot, Feefo and more. We also list our own verified reviews for every car buying site on Motorway, so you can be sure your buyer is dependable and trustworthy.

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Car buying site valuations

When you enter your details on Motorway, our car buying site partners try and provide a price online for your car if they can. However, while every online car buying site on Motorway is able to value cars instantly, not every one will be able to provide a competitive valuation for every car. Each buyer’s criteria for valuing a car will be subtly different and your final offers between buyers will therefore also vary. This is where price comparison steps in, compare prices carefully on Motorway!

But don’t just use us in isolation. Before deciding on a buyer, we recommend you get as many car valuations as possible from a broad range of tools such as Parker’s free car valuation calculator and Regit’s too. As every valuation tool works in different ways, it’s important to get a ballpark range of valuations to understand what money you can expect in your bank from a sale. Never take an online valuation as a final offer.

Online valuations are notoriously inaccurate when compared to final sales prices as the valuation tool cannot physically see your car or assess its condition. Vehicle service history and car condition will affect sale prices. It also matters how well the vehicle has been looked after.

At Motorway, we offer something called TruePrice to help in this area. We look at the price provided by the car buying site and compare that with all the other sales completed on Motorway to calculate what you are actually likely to receive when you sell. You can compare TruePrice offers alongside guide prices provided by the buyer themselves for a better insight.

But always remember, TruePrice or not, online valuations are just estimates and any damage or faults with your car will likely reduce any price you see presented online.

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