Car Buying Sites: Websites To Sell Your Car On

Thinking about selling your car online, but not sure which car buying site or service to choose?

Perhaps you’re wondering “how much is my car really worth”?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide we run through some of the best car buying sites in the UK, and give you the lowdown on:

  • What they offer
  • Their advantages
  • Their disadvantages

Car buying sites explained: 

Disclaimer: Some of the companies listed below are commercial partners of Motorway, some are not. For transparency we have clearly noted under each company whether or not we have a commercial relationship with them.

But first…

Motorway: The Smart Way To Compare Car Buying Sites

Enter your reg at motorway

As you will see in a moment, there are a lot of online car buying sites in the UK.

And there is some serious variation in the prices they will offer online for your used car.

So if you want to find the best deal and get the most cash for your car what are your options?

You could: visit sites individually, enter your details, and compare offers.

But that’s going to take time. And let’s be honest, it’s also a bit of a drag.

Fortunately, there’s a much simpler way to do it.

Motorway is the UK’s first online car buyer comparison site. Just enter your registration number, mileage, and postcode, and we’ll instantly compare offers from online car buying sites.

Like this:

compare car buying sites
What you’ll see selling on Motorway: car buying sites compared

You’ll find everything you need to know (offer, fees, collection details) on one page. Much easier right?

You can start comparing prices here, or read on a run-down of UK car buying sites.

Online Car Buying Sites

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the best and most popular car buying sites on the web.

: WeBuyAnyCar is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

We Buy Any Car
We Buy Any Car advertising features the face of Phillip Schofield.

We’ll start with the market leader. has become synonymous with selling your car online over the past 10+ years. You’ve probably seen and heard the adverts. You probably know the jingle. You probably know what they offer.

But is it the best car buying site?

As far as valuing your car goes, it’s simple and fast. You’ll get your offer in seconds and they really will buy any car. We explain the full WeBuyAnyCar process here. is a commercial partner of Motorway.

We Want Any Car
We Want Any Car – yes, they want any car are not linked to WeBuyAnyCar, despite a similar name.

Their service is similar too, as like We Buy Any Car, you can take your car to one of their branches.

They claim to buy any road worthy car.

Any disadvantages?

You’ll need to take your car to one of their depots to get a final price.

car drop off points
How far will you have to drive to sell your car?

WeWantAnyCar claim to have around 70 branches UK wide, while WeBuyAnyCar have over 200.

The Car Buying Group

The Car Buying Group is a commercial partner of Motorway.

The Car Buying Group
The Car Buying Group? No driving required to sell your car. Free collection is a mighty win!

The Car Buying Group’s site is simple to use.

They guarantee their offers over the phone, there are no admin fees, and they will collect your car from any address of your choice for free.

They also send payment instantly to your bank account on the day they collect your car.

Something else to point out is that on their homepage they guarantee to beat any like for like online purchase price.

It may be worth giving them a call and seeing if they will bump up the offer price a bit based on other valuations.

We Buy Cars Today is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

We Buy Cars Today

You’ll get free collection anywhere in the UK and instant payment.

Also good: they’ll pay you when they collect your car, and there are no additional fees.

Any disadvantages?

Their offers are only valid for 72 hours. Most sites give you 7 days to make your mind up. Review scores were also not as high as others in this list.

Evans Halshaw

Evans Halshaw is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

Evans Halshaw Website

Evans Halshaw make a big play on their homepage (and on the TV) about beating rival online car buyers by cutting out the middlemen.

How can they offer a higher price?

In theory, it’s because they themselves are car dealers.

They’ll take your car in, clean it up, and sell it on the forecourt, whereas other car buying sites will probably sell your car at auction. In other words, they have more margin to play with.


We did find a few forum discussions talking about how the final offer was lower than the price offered on the web. So make sure you are honest about the condition of your car – including any dents, dings, or scratches.

Although to be fair to Evans Halshaw, that same advice does apply to all the car buying sites in our guide. There’s no point trying to hide anything when you get your initial valuation, all cars will be inspected prior to final offer.


Tootle is not a commercial partner of Motorway.

Tootle Website

Tootle’s service is a little different to the other car buying sites on our list.

You list your car, set a guide price, and you’ll get offers from dealers who are interested in buying your car.

The first thing you’ll notice is that they ask a few more questions that the other car buying sites, and they also ask you to set your asking price.

tootle forms
Tootle need a fair bit of info to get going, but you’ll get plenty of dealer offers for sure

Any disadvantages?

They don’t buy cars over 10 years old. If you would like to sell one of these cars you can often go straight to your local dealer to negotiate a price.

Car Take Back

Car Take Back is a commercial partner of Motorway.

Finally, we’ve got Car Take Back.

They are a little different to the other car buying sites in our guide, as they are really a ‘car buyer of last resort’ for scrap cars.

Generally, this is the site you should go to if your car is  a ‘non-runners’, junk, a write-off or simply scrap.

That’s their speciality and they can truly claim to ‘buy any car’.

Any disadvantages?

Clearly you’re going to get a lowball offer for your car. But as I mentioned, this is where you’re going to go if you want to scrap your car, so we can’t really hold that against them. It is what it is.

If you just want to get rid, and can’t be bothered going to a scrapyard, then Car Take Back is a great option.

See our guide to scrapping your car for ways to squeeze out some extra £s when scrapping your vehicle.

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