How to get cash for cars… FAST

We Want Any Car, Best Car Buyer, Money 4 Your Motors or The Car Buying Group? The list of car buying sites that will pay cash for cars is lengthy and is growing all the time.

But which of these buyers above can you trust? And which company will give you the most money for your car? If you are ready to find out and sell your car for money, you can compare prices from cash buyers now right here at Motorway.

Here at Motorway we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve built a car selling comparison website that lets you compare prices from instant cash car buyers in one place. It’s an easy way to assess your car’s selling value. But you may want to find out more…

If you need more info before you get started, below is a full, in-depth guide to getting fast cash for your used car.

Cash for cars explained:

cash for cars
Selling your car online = cash in the bank. This guide will help you get cash for your car.

Your car is an asset, but as it ages it can sometimes feel like a liability. We want to help you get cash for cars and we’ll explain exactly how to get money for your car in this guide.

With your MOT, repair costs, taxes, maintenance, washing, waxing and more, keeping a used car on the road can quickly eat away at your bank balance especially if you want to keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

As the annual MOT date creeps up on you, it can be tempting to take it for one last drive to the scrap yard. Or even pay someone to take it off your hands!

But put the brakes on those thoughts. There are many companies that will buy your car outright with a cash payment.

These days there are a huge amount of cash buyers who can swap your used car for money in your bank account. A simple search for ‘cash for cars’ on Google will throw up some 23,400,000 results! In minutes you can find multiple websites offering instant cash for any type of car.

With a host of dedicated car buying sites online who openly advertise their cars for cash service, turning your vehicle into crisp new pound notes is easier than ever with just a few clicks.

Why Sell Your Car For Cash?

When it’s time for a new car, your first thought might be to trade in your old one as part exchange. But as we discuss in our car buyers guide, that’s not necessarily the best way to maximise your return.

Because in most cases, you’ll get more value by selling your existing car for cash.

Car dealers will often offer a trade in price that’s below the cash value of the car. Why? Because they may look to move it on cheaply themselves – and they certainly won’t want to take a hit!

So how about a private sale?

It is definitely a way to raise cash for your car. But while you have a chance of getting a good return – often close to full market value – it’s not guaranteed to work and it is also the method of sale with the biggest hassle factor.

You have to weigh up the potential for some extra money against the time it will take you to:

  • photograph and list the car
  • deal with potential buyers
  • negotiate
  • wait for the money to come through

Certainly if you’re looking for quick cash for a car under £5,000, a private sale is probably not the way to go.

For a quick, no fuss sale, which can get cash into your bank fast, your best bet is to use a dedicated car buying site who pays cash into your bank account immediately.

Who Offers Cash For Cars?

Online car buying sites have been around for the last decade, with several on the market offering an online valuation and quick way to sell any vehicle.

This means consumers now have a lot of choice when looking to sell your car this way.

At Motorway, we compare many online car buyers and specialist dealers to find customers the best price we can from our partners.

There is no need to browse multiple sites and fill in multiple forms. Just enter your registration number and mileage, and we’ll instantly show you offers from many car buying sites in one place.

In just a few clicks you can find out exactly how much your used car is worth to our buyers.

As we compare multiple buyers, we really can find a buyer for any car.

So whether you’ve got a Peugeot that’s past its best, or a beaten up BMW, the fact we work with so many sites means we will find you a deal. We can even help you scrap your car.

How Quickly Will You Get The Cash For Your Car?

Most of the car buyers featured on our site offer same-day payment. Which means you’ll get the money in your bank account the very same day they pick up your car.

Some specific offers however have 3-4 day payment terms, so be sure to check this when comparing deals.

For each buyer we’ll show you:

  • payment terms
  • independent review score
  • collection/drop off details
  • their cash offer

Everything you need to make an informed choice on the right deal for you.

Ready to sell your car for cash? Find out how much your car is worth right now, using our free online car valuation.

Who Will Buy Cars For Cash Near Me?

If you are looking for fast cash for your car, then selling locally to a buyer near you may be the answer.

There are many options to find a local buyer for your car ‘same-day’. One option will be going to an instant buyer with a ‘drop off’ or collection point.

Drop off points are essentially offices or dealerships you can drive your car to and sell your car for cash same day.

You will need to book an appointment and have the car undergo a final inspection to check condition, but you can usually get a slot within 24 hours to complete a cash sale.

So where can you find a cash buyer near you? Well, a good place to start would be our comparison service here at Motorway.

We work with a number of cash buyers who will buy cars from £0 to £500,000. There is a cash buyer for every car. And there will likely be one near you.

Simply click here, enter your reg, postcode and details and you will be presented with a list of cash offers for your car like below:

local cash buyers
Find drop off points near you using our car selling comparison service

As you can see from above, I was able to find a drop-off point 0.8 miles away from my postcode location in Liverpool.

I can even click on ‘Map’ to see exactly where it is and how long it will take to drive there.

who will buy a car for cash near me?
Who will buy a car for cash near you?

If I am happy with their online offer, I can simply click ‘sell now’ to book in an appointment time to drop off my car same day.

My car would then undergo a final inspection to secure cash in my bank account. Bank transfers are usually instant and the cash will reach me (the seller) the same day.

Cash For Cars vs. Part Exchange

One question we get asked a lot here at Motorway is: should I sell my car for cash or should I part exchange it?

Well it can vary and there are no hard and fast rules. That said, a lot of the time you may be better off selling your car for cash rather than part exchanging, especially if you will be using the money to buy a new car.

A lot of part exchanges suffer from confusion where the cost of the new car is ‘reduced’ because the amount being used to purchase the used car is lower than it should be.

If you find the right specialist dealer or cash buyer, they will often beat any part exchange price you may have received.

We cover the issues in more depth in our guide to part exchange but to sum up, being a cash buyer will make negotiation more straightforward.

Like they say, ‘cash is king’ and if you approach the purchase of a new car with cash in the bank ready to go, you will know where you stand. Dealers can’t play tricks with a cash buyer or seller.

How Do You Scrap Cars For Cash?

If you are looking for fast cash for your car but it’s a ‘non-runner’ or won’t pass its MOT then scrapping the car might be your best option.

There are plenty of local scrap dealers around the UK but your local scrap dealer may not be the best option.

The fastest way to get cash for cars is, you guessed it…An instant car buying website!

You’ve come to the right place, some buyers at Motorway will buy scrap cars for cash and it’s a super quick way to get some cash for your car. You can get offers today with our free online valuation tool.

Some of our buyers will even come and collect your car, saving you a trip to the scrap yard!

scrap cars for cash

If you’d like to read more about your cash for scrap options then take a read of our recent 2019 guide on How To Scrap A Car.

In it we provide tips on how to get up to 20 x more for your scrap car. YES. 20 times more cash.

We also ran experiment to try and get the best cash offer for our 2006 scrap Ford Focus. It’s well worth a read!

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