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How it works

1. Profile your car

1. Profile your car

Enter your reg to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through making a profile of your vehicle.

2. We get to work

2. We get to work

We alert our network of 3,000+ verified car dealers about your vehicle, and invite them to bid for it in a daily online sale.

3. Get your best offer

3. Get your best offer

We’ll present the best offer from the sale for your approval, then arrange a convenient date for your car to be collected.

4. Complete your sale

4. Complete your sale

Receive fast payment† in your bank account before your car is driven away. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car like a pro!

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How to sell your Audi Car like a pro

Motorway can help you How to sell your Audi and get you an excellent price for your vehicle. We are highly experienced buyers of Audi cars and are able to use our network of contacts to ensure our offer to buy your car is competitive and often higher than elsewhere.

Audis are known to hold their value as they are made superbly and typically perform well, even after 5 or even 10 years of continued use. For that reason they are very popular used cars and fetch a very healthy price at auction or through local dealers. Audi sits alongside other premium brands like Porsche, Mercedes and BMW for holding value as durable, hardy and therefore re-sellable machines.

Whether a classic Audi, an early Audi TT model or the latest Audi A4, Q2 or Q3, we can help you How to sell your car and strive to offer you the best online price for your vehicle. We do not have a preference for a specific model of Audi, and peg our offer price at the amount that specific car is selling for in the UK at the moment. We buy any Audi old or new.

How to value and How to sell your Audi with Motorway

  1. Value your car – enter your Audi’s registration details and mileage on our homepage for your FREE online valuation
  2. Get a final quote from our partner – we will be in touch to ask a few more questions about your Audi before offering a final price to purchase your car with a price match promise. We can then arrange the collection of your Audi and settle any queries you may have about the process or price
  3. Inspection and collection – we will come to a place of your convenience (home or work) to complete a final inspection of your Audi. We will then make an instant payment to your bank account with the money we agree before we drive away.
  4. Money in the bank – you’ll have the cash from the sale of your Audi in less than an hour to spend on what you wish!

More about Audi cars…

One of the most popular car makes in the UK, there were approximately 1,500,000 Audi cars on the road in the UK as of October 2016. Erring towards the luxury side of the car market, Audi’s premium legacy in high-end motors, makes it a default option for many auto enthusiasts looking for a premium car to drive beyond the more budget likes of Citroen, Vauxhall and Fiat.

Audi is a truly iconic car brand, with the four rings in its logo as instantly recognisable as Coca Cola or McDonalds. But those 4 rings – while iconic – actually mean something to Audi owners (and aspiring audi owners!), they mean luxury, quality and expert, precision engineering.

The German company’s slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik” which roughly translated means “Advancement Through Technology”. There has rarely been a more apt title for a company as Audi strives to offer advanced, next-generation perfection in its vehicles.

Beyond the iconic slogan, there is perhaps less known about the company’s origins. Those 4 rings are not just there purely for visual effect, each ring symbolises each of the four companies the company originated from to become “Auto Union”.

The name is actually originates from Latin and is a spin on the founder’s name, and that founder was August Horch – one of the forefathers of the automobile industry. Horch actually means listen, which when you translate it in Latin becomes “Audi” – a neat, instantly recognisable brand name if ever there was one. Audi was merged with the Volkswagen (VW) group in 1966.

Audi cars are popular worldwide in every market and are sold in great numbers across all continents. Audi runs its worldwide operations from its HQ in Ingolstadt, Germany. The VW-owned Audi manufacturing plants that make Audi parts or assemble Audi cars are located in Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, China, India and Indonesia. Audi will be opening an assembly plant in Puebla, Mexico to serve the North American market – the plant is expected to open in late 2016. The iconic Audi A3 is currently made in Hungary.

Audi models we buy

We can help you sell the following modern models of Audi (as well as all the other older models):

  • Audi saloon cars: Audi RS 3, Audi A4, Audi A5, Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8
  • Audi SUV cars: Audi Q2, Audi Q3, Audi RS Q3, Audi Q5, Audi SQ5, Audi Q7 or Audi Q7 e-tron.
  • Audi Coupe cars: Audi A5, Audi S5, Audi RS 5, Audi TT, Audi TTS or Audi R8
  • Audi Sportback cars: Audi A1, Audi S1, Audi A3, Audi A3 e-tron, Audi S3, Audi RC 3, Audi A3, Audi A5, Audi S5, Audi A7, Audi S7 and Audi RS 7.
  • Audi Cabriolet cars: Audi A3, Audi S3, Audi A5, Audi S5, Audi RS 5, Audi TT, Audi TTS or R8 Spyder.
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