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1. Profile your car

1. Profile your car

Enter your reg to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through making a profile of your vehicle.

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2. We get to work

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3. Get your best offer

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4. Complete your sale

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Scrap my car

When a car approaches the end of its life, it may not be possible to sell it via a traditional route, for example selling it privately on a classified website, to a dealer or to an online car buyer. The cost of owning and maintaining the car may just outweigh keeping it, as repair bills add up with potential mechanical or technical problems. Does this sound like your car? It may have reached junk status and it may be time to scrap it.

Unfortunately, once a car reaches around 120,000 miles on the clock or more than 15 years of age (this varies on the model), the car has often degraded so much that it’s entirely lost its value as a sellable asset directly to another driver. As the car gets older and older, it may also be hit by taxes if it’s not compliant with Euro 6 standards. It may even have been written off in an accident and become a category A, B, C, D, S or N write-off (often labelled simply a ‘Cat D’ or ‘Cat N’ vehicle). In these cases and in many others, scrapping it may be your best option, but you can still get money for it. Try valuing your car at Motorway at the top of this page, we may be able to help.

Scrap my car

How much is my scrap car worth?

Determining the value of a car that has reached the end of its life is no easy task. Many cars have sought-after parts and components that can be used for spares, while other vehicles will be eligible for car scrappage schemes that may entitle the owner to some serious money off a new car. Whatever the case, all junk vehicles will retain some form of value, even if it’s just their weight in metal.

If you are trying to maximise the amount of money you receive for your scrap car, and you have plenty of time to get your hands dirty and get stuck in with some hard work, a good option could be to break up your car into parts and sell each item privately. This route will obviously take up a lot of your time and if you don’t have the relevant expertise, you could end up wasting hours only to find the parts you recovered were worn out and worthless. But there could be value there. Things like wheels and wing mirrors are relatively easy to take off your car and can fetch £100 online alone. Steering wheels for some makes can be worth more than £200.  But taking a steering wheel off? Things can get tricky if you’re not a mechanic.

For the reasons stated above, the value of a scrap car can vary significantly depending on the amount of effort you are willing to put in. If you just need to ‘get rid’ of your junk vehicle, then most scrap buyers will buy any car, and simply base the valuation of the weight of your car for scrap metal. This is the way to think about the value of your scrap car if it’s a standard, non-prestige vehicle from the likes of Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot and Renault. You can enter your reg at the top of this page to see if we can help.

How much is my scrap car worth

Scrap any car today

If getting your scrap car sold is a priority, then Motorway can certainly help. We work with a scrap buyer that will buy any car, no matter how damaged or unroadworthy. The traditional route to getting fast cash for a car was to take it to the local scrap yard, but doing it this way can mean less money. Our partner will collect your car from your home which  may mean a quicker, easier sale for more money.

You can sell any junk car fast and have all the hassle taken out of the selling. Our scrap buying partner will come to your home and you’ll have the money paid directly into your bank account within 24 hours with zero fees or admin charges. 

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Scrap a car near you

It’s important to remember that selling your car to the nearest scrap yard to your car’s location, will more likely than not, result in a lower price for your vehicle than selling it to a specialist buyer online. This is because scrap yards often just pay for the recyclable metal alone while online buyers tend to value your car for the parts it can obtain by breaking up your vehicle. It’s always worth shopping around to find the best price online for your junk wheels.

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to scrap your car, then you can scrap any make and model with our partner on Motorway. The scrap buyer we work with will purchase any car and can collect within a few days. Our partner has purchased thousands of scrap cars through us since we launched in 2017, and they offer extremely competitive pricing, based on the make, model, weight, specification and features of your car. Enter your reg at the top of this page to start.

Scrap a car near you