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    How to scrap your car

    If your car is past its prime, you might be thinking of scrapping or recycling it. Selling your car for scrap can seem a whole new source of stress, but it’s a perfectly good way to make money on an old vehicle and with our scrap buying partner, we make it just as easy as selling your car.

    Traditionally, you would need to drive to the car breaker if you wanted to get quoted the scrap value of a car or find a scheme with criteria that matched your car,  but not with Motorway. Simply input your reg and mileage and we’ll connect you to our partner who will recycle your car stress-free.

    Cars depreciate and degrade with time. Recycling a car may be the best choice for vehicles that:

    Why scrap your car with Motorway?

    There are lots of reasons you might want to consider scrapping a junk car:

    • Running and maintenance is too expensive
    • You can’t find a private buyer
    • Dealerships do not wish to buy it

    If this is the case for your vehicle, then recycling is a great way to get some cash for cars that are fated to simply sit outside your home forevermore.

    Ready to scrap your car?

    Motorway works with a scrap partner that guarantees to take your vehicle off your hands, no matter how damaged, even if it’s unroadworthy. Plus, you can enjoy:

    • Free home collection
    • Money paid direct to your bank account in as little as 24 hours
    • It’s 100% free

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    What to do before you scrap your car

    Scrapping is one of the quickest ways to dispose of a car at the end of its life. Before you decide to scrap, ask yourself: does the cost of repairs outweigh the value of the vehicle and its condition? If so, clear all of your personal items from your car. This includes your V5C logbook, service history documents, and any other relevant paperwork in your glovebox. Notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of your scrappage plans, either online or by updating your V5C and mailing it, and cancel your insurance policy.

    Don’t forget to cancel your vehicle’s road tax to avoid unnecessary future payments. You may even be eligible for a refund on any remaining tax, but only if you inform the DVLA of your plans! Next, find an authorised treatment facility (ATF) licensed by the Environment Agency in your area. ATFs are legally permitted to dismantle and scrap vehicles, and they prioritise the recycling and recovery of materials. Check that the facility’s scrappage terms work for you and book a date and time to bring your car in.

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    How much to scrap your car?

    The cost of scrapping your car in the UK depends on a variety of factors including location, vehicle condition, size, if additional services need to be done before it can be scrapped, and whether it can be delivered to the scrapyard or needs to be collected. However, you can generally expect to earn between £100 and £500 for scrapping your passenger car or van. Should you have mechanical experience, you may be able to earn even more by stripping your car for parts.

    Certain scrap yards and authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) compensate customers for their cars based on weight and the current market value of scrap metal. ATFs also often offer free vehicle collection services if you’re within a certain distance of their location. If your car needs to be towed to the scrapyard or if extra work, such as draining fluids or removing hazardous materials, is required before it can be scrapped, you may incur costs for scrappage. It’s therefore essential to contact facilities in your area for quotes and understand the specific costs involved.

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    What forms do you need to scrap your car?

    Having the proper paperwork is important for scrapping your car. Maintain your car ownership documents, including the V5C vehicle logbook and insurance paperwork, to prove that you are the registered legal owner of the vehicle. Some scrap yards may also require identification to confirm your identity and ownership of the vehicle before they proceed with scrapping. A driver’s licence or another form of government-issued ID work here. Additionally, make sure you have your insurance and road tax documentation on hand and that you make note of cancelling both.

    While not always required, it can be helpful to provide the authorised treatment facility with any service history or MOT certificates you have for your car. These help the scrap yard assess the condition of your vehicle and may affect the value they offer you for scrapping it. Once your car has been scrapped, ATF will issue you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). This document proves that your vehicle has been legally disposed of and relieves you of any further responsibility for it – keep it for your records.

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    Sell my car frequently asked questions

    Commonly asked questions about scrapping a car

    How can I scrap a car or other vehicle?

    Traditionally, to recycle or scrap your junk car you would have to drive it to a scrap yard, agree on its scrap value and make your own way home. With Motorway, our partner comes straight to you, collects your car and pays your money within 24 hours. 

    What is a car breaker?

    A car breaker is just another term for a scrap yard, making it a self-explanatory name for the place where old cars are broken down.

    What is my scrap car value?

    The value of a car that has reached the end of its life can be a difficult thing to figure out. You can get different car prices depending on the route you choose, such as:

    Depending on how much effort you’re willing to put in, your car may sell for more in parts than it will as a whole — but not without a bit of elbow grease — or help you get some money off your next car purchase, provided you can find a scheme that will accept it. For a stress-free way to part with your old car, choose the Motorway.

    Where can I scrap my car near me?

    You can’t get much nearer than your home! Motorway works with a partner who will collect your car right from your door, so you don’t have to worry about driving your car to the scrap yard or making your way home. Plus, payment is quick and simple, too.

    How do I notify DVLA about a car sold for scrap?

    When you scrap your junk car with an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), a document called a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be given to you as proof that your vehicle has been recycled. The ATF will tell the DVLA that you have sold your car and that you are no longer responsible for it.

    Remember, even if you break your car down for parts, the DVLA will not acknowledge it as recycled until it has been taken to an ATF, and expect you to continue paying road tax or declare it off-road (SORN).

    What documents do you need to scrap a car?

    Taking your end of life vehicle (ELV) to be scrapped does require a bit of paperwork. Before you head to an Authorised Treatment Facility to get rid of your vehicle, make sure you have the following with you:

    • Photo ID
    • Proof of address
    • V5C (also known as a logbook or V5)

    In some cases, like if you can’t provide a V5C or the keys of the car, the scrap dealer may request proof of purchase to make sure you are the vehicle owner.

    Can I scrap my car without a V5C?

    Yes, you can, although parting with a car without its V5 can make the process a little more complicated. You’ll need to write to the DVLA to notify them that you have sold your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATR) with the following details:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • The car’s reg
    • The sale date
    • Details and signature of the ATR

    You’ll need to have your letter prepared and ready for the day you head to the ATR so someone there can provide you with a signature.

    If you do have your V5C, all you have to do is fill out the correct section. For V5Cs issued after April 2019, that will be section 4, for all over logbooks, it’s section 9 — just fill it in and send it to DLVA.


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