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There are many different types of used car buyer in the UK. You can part exchange, sell to a dealer or online buyer, list your car on a classified website to find a private buyer, or sell it back to the manufacturer. You can even scrap a car with a scrappage scheme. The best car buyer for you will depend entirely on your individual vehicle and how fast you want to sell it. 

The main questions you’ll need to ask yourself before choosing a buyer will concern speed and money. Do you want a quick, hassle free cash sale today or do you want to try and maximise the amount of money you receive? You’ll need to think hard about this and consider all the various routes.

Selling to an online car buyer could be a great option if you want a speedy transaction. They offer hassle-free selling solutions and you can often get a sale agreed in as little 24 hours. However, you might not get as much money as selling your car privately, or to an independent or franchised dealer who really wants to retail your car themselves.

Motorway works with online car buyers and specialist dealers, allowing you to compare offers from different types of professional buyer, all in one place. Whatever car you own, we’ll be able to find you a range of instant offers and it takes seconds to start.

By comparing different types of buyer, Motorway makes it easy, transparent and fair to sell your vehicle. We do all we can to help you choose your most suitable car buyer in our comparison table and sell your car as quickly as possible at a great price.

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Online car buyers

There are now many companies that buy any car online. Some like The Car Buying Group buy all vehicles, while others like Car Converter buy scrap vehicles. These are just a couple, however there’s a lot of car buyer options out there to compare online.

But is an online car buyer the right option for you? Well, if you’re looking for a hassle free, quick way to sell your car then the answer is likely to be “yes”. The process is simple on Motorway. We let you compare prices from a number of different online car buyers to find our best price.

You can also compare reviews, fees and even the distance the buyer operates from away from your home. Many online buyers will offer free home collection – this is enormously convenient for many busy sellers, as we all know – time is precious!

With online car buyers, you can often sell your car in less than 24 hours but you may get a lower price than selling privately. This is because instant buyers take on more risk by offering to buy any car even if they expect to find it hard to sell on – for this reason, they may offer a lower price than you may see elsewhere on classified sites like Auto Trader.

That said, every car will have a buyer. You can even find and compare online scrap buyers on Motorway which are useful if your car is approaching the end of its life. 

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Car dealers and dealerships

If you are looking for the best car buyer, a car dealer is certainly a popular option and they can often offer more than online buyers. Many people will simply take their old car to the dealer they purchased it from or another local dealer, and either part exchange their car or sell it direct. 

Selling to a dealer can mean more money for you, but it can come with some complexity. The main issues arise if a local dealer does not actually want your vehicle and is therefore only able to offer a low price. As an example, if you take a Mercedes to your local dealership, and that dealership specialises in BMW, then this may affect the price they can offer. You may not be presented with a great deal as the company would have to sell the Mercedes on to another specialist dealer or take it to auction. This can mean time and money for the dealer, forcing them to offer you a lower price. 

You’ll likely get the most cash for your vehicle from a dealer if you find one that specialises in your car’s brand. For many people this could be miles away and there are also no guarantees, the dealer might already have a few cars of the same model as yours on their forecourts, meaning they’ll likely pay less than expected. This is where Motorway comes in. If you sell your car through our Premium Service, we automatically match you with a dealer who actually wants to buy your car and this often means a better price than an online car buyer.

It’s always worth shopping around to get offers from different types of car buyers before going straight to your local dealer. Compare offers on Motorway to start!

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Private car buyers

Another option is selling your car privately cutting out any professional buyers in between. This is one of the most popular options in the UK but involves listing your car with a lot of info and it can take a while to sell. Sites like eBay, Auto Trader, Gumtree, Motors and many more offer sellers the ability to create an advert and advertise it through their classified listings.

It’s important to get your advert right and looking great. A bad advert will lead to less interest for your car. You need to ensure you take great photos of the car and it’s helpful to know the specifications and features inside out. It’s also worth giving your car a thorough clean inside and out so it looks as good as possible. No one wants to buy a dirty car.

Once you have paid any listings fees for your advert to go live on a classified sale website, interest in your car should follow. You will then need to organise viewings of your car with any private buyers or purchasing dealers.

It’s worth vetting callers to make sure they are serious before having them come to look at your car. This could save you time and money. It’s also good to have a decent idea of your car’s value in advance of listing. And make sure to watch out for dealers trying to snap up a bargain by assuming you don’t know the true value of your vehicle.

Choosing a private car buyer could be a great option if you have time on your hands. But it can be hard work and involve some patience. It’s certainly not instant!


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